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New things – Growth

19 February , 2017

So I don’t know about you, but I like to get into a bit of growth after a break up and really 3 days is more or less how long I allow myself to wallow in self pity before I put my game face back on. 

How hard did I wallow? Considering I made the cut myself? Well…I wallowed sufficiently, I guess. For the first 2 days I was only seen in puffy eyes and by the third day I was still pretty sad but at least I didn’t burst into tears every time someone asked me how I was doing.

I guess it also helped somewhat to see him look absolutely unbothered by it all. And you know, remembering how it started. How we used to chat almost through the night in the beginning…and then seeing that he’s been online until the wee hours of the morning. This from a guy who hardly saw 20:00 in the last year and a half. Well, I guess he’s back on the horse then…and it’s fine. Why wouldn’t it be? Just adds a bit of perspective for me.

I reckon in the next week or so the last of his stuff will have been carted away and then it will feel more like the clean break it is.

Anyhoo, back to new things…

The first “new” thing I’ve been tackling is a case of the bants. Techically I have now been banting for almost 4 weeks and it’s been mostly awesome. 

So far I’m down just over 4kg and 11cm round my waist. Ironically this is something Steve and I were going to do together, but all he gave up was Play energy drinks. 

Oh well, it’s all mine now then. πŸ˜› (And I’ll grab it with both grubby little paws since I still want/need to shake somewhere between 10 and 15kg). 

Hats off to those of you have been on this band wagon for years. Turns out, you were on to a fabulous thing and I should have jumped on ages ago. Thanks for sharing your journeys.

And as you may or may not be aware, I have been unemployed since last year July. Economy is in the crapper and my contract just didn’t get renewed. 

So in November, after sending out enough CVs to really be sick and tired of it, I started doing some work from home. It’s not exactly what I saw myself doing to be honest, but it’s work. And I seem to be doing okay at it.

In February I started doing it permanently. It’s kind of killing me now, but there are parts of that I enjoy. I put in a bit of time in the mornings when I get up at 4. Then lots more after I drop Nicola at school. In the afternoons at 15:00 I pick her up again and then we chill and homework and dinner a bit. And by 21:00 I’m back at it untill somewhere between 00:00 and 03:00. Then up again at 4, rinse and repeat. 

Seriously, I am working my ass off and I can hardly keep up. I am hoping with my new drama free homelife, my focus will be a bit better and things will fall in place with a little less blood, sweat and tears from my side.

I do love the lack of traffic, and the super flexibility of this job.

Anyway, I am happy to be working again. It has suckef big time being dependent on the kindness and support of family and friends. But that too, I have appreciated greatly. I really feel that at this stage in my life, I shouldn’t need bail outs as often as I do.

And then lastly (for now at least), a stroke of luck (or destiny), has crossed paths with me. 

For SOoooooome time now, I have known that the little engine that could a.k.a Blue Tazz, needed replacing. But you know, unemployed people aren’t generally in a great position to go car shopping and really my head space was so full of shit that I didn’t really worry too much about it. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

Out of the box isn’t really an option for me at the moment, but second hand I may be able to pull off. Only, I have a bit of a trust issue with second hand cars after what I went through with my first car (that tried to kill me!). 

So imagine how the heavens opened and angels sang on Friday, when I saw a friend who’s leaving the country advertised her car on fb! I know her, and I know her car, and I’m completely okay with it. 

So if all goes according to plan I will have a newer car by the end of this week! With aircon!!! And one whose roof doesn’t flap in the wind like a flag when I open the windows. 

You have no idea how exciting this for me! I have driven my trusty blue for close to 17 years. We have been PLACES, I tell you. Honestly, I’m going to miss it.

But this newer car feels like it’s been sent. It just feels right. I really saw myself in a red car next, but it turns out I was wrong. Because the one that finally spoke to me is silver. 

I can’t wait to see what adventures and new roads we hit first. πŸ™‚

So, all things considered, I am doing just fine. How the heck are you?

Ps! Thanks and sorry to anyone who’s pics I’ve nicked off Pinterest for this post. 


Happy birthday Nicola!

19 December , 2016

Happy birthday my baby!

You bring adventure, love and laughter to every single day. You have a beautiful heart and I couldn’t be any prouder of you. 

I am the luckiest mom alive and I love you with all my heart. Thank you for being you! 




Nothing earth shattering

12 October , 2016

I am so tired…and EMOTIONAL! Lots of fun to be around at the moment as you can imagine.

I’m in between contracts (aka unemployed) at the moment. It’s not really how I envisaged my 2016 to go down, but oh well, you know. These are the punches that need rolling with at this stage.

Also this rental house, which has been on the market for mooooonths now, and had 6 different agencies all trying to flog it at the same time, has been sold. And we have to be out end November.

If I don’t sort out my work situation soon, we might be looking for a cardboard box for 5 soon.

Also my car (aka the little engine that could), looks like it’s had enough. If you drive with more than one window open now, the ceiling fabric comes loose and flaps excitedly in the wind. It’s different, I’ll say that…

So yeah, I’m a bit down. If you see me, don’t ask me know I’m doing please. That seems to be my water works button at the moment. It’s awkward. Let’s rather talk about the shifty weather we’re having, or the students torching the University they want to attend for free.

Just don’t ask me how I am…please. I am not fucking great. Let’s leave it at that. I know this is all temporary and at some point I will have a chuckle about how dramatic I felt about it. I am really looking forward to that!

Okay, now some photos.

This is a week’s washing for us. This (on me, that you can’t see) is my no comment face.

Emergency dental visit. Of course. I’m glad it wasn’t serious obviously, but you know I could have spent that R700 on something else. Like petrol. Or rent. Or box tape for the move. Or food. Or phone bills. Or credit cards.

Oh well…*shrug*…it is what it is.

This too shall pass.


Venterskroon 2016

8 October , 2016

Grr…so many photos and the app has chucked them in all out of sequence. Oh well…*shrug*

From the 30th till the 4th Nicola and I headed off to her 2nd big Voortrekker kamp at Venterskroon.

She did the Junior Cook badge and I threw my lot in with the kitchen again. You might be right if you’re wondering why I would do that to myself again after the previous camp where I worked like a galley slave, and you’d be partially right…only I still feel she gets more out of this experience if she doesn’t have me hovering around in her course, plus I had it on good authority that this kitchen was run considerably better than the previous one (it was).

Also I am currently operating under a personal amount of stress and pressure that might make cooking for 450 people seem relaxing. πŸ˜‰

Anyhoo, on with the photos!

The top one is of where the kids wash their own dishes (with varying levels of success).

My partner in crime at the kitchen and coffee station. We shared a lot of laughs and squeezed every last bit of fun out of this experience that we could.

It was an absolute hoot!

Nicola and her bestie. If you’re wondering about the hats, the camp allocates a specific colour to each group and you have to wear it. This way it keeps the sun out of your face, you write your name on it so it also serves as a name tag, and it’s easy to spot anyone who has wandered off from where they’re supposed to be.

I wore mine mostly strapped to my apron since I established in day one that hats give me head aches.

Dishing for the masses.

The easiest way to stir a giant pot of porridge is with a whisk attached to a drill!

Stirring…lots of that going on.

Andries – the master chef. Cooking in bulk can sometimes lead to bland, but I have to say every single meal was delicious!

Hats in action.

Bestie at our tents.

There is almost no signal in the crater (Vredefort dome), so if someone comes across some bars that spot quickly becomes very popular.

The Grade1s and some of the grown ups slept in dorms, everyone else pitched a tent.

As you can imagine that means a lot of tents. It can be tricky to navigate for the first few days until you pick some landmarks. πŸ˜‰


What we pack for one night away is more or less what we pack for 5. Obviously most of our stuff isn’t clothes.

Nicola’s group in action.

My pink terrorist…oh! Guess what?! She’s done with her pink phase. Her new favourite colour is black.

Pudding cups stampede.

The girls handing out apples.

This group of youngsters were called Taakmag. Shame, they worked very hard. It was nice to see them relaxing a bit too.

Anna, aka the hat pimper. Every morning she handed out a new hat embelishments for the adults.

In search of signal, not actually taking a selfie with the loo in the background.

The characters for the campfire concert. Shifo (skuifel), Po (poot) and the crocodile bandit (kwaai).

My smoking buddy. We have to smoke skelm on these camps.

Yolandi and I, making a vast amount of pudding…while having some ice lollies.


The camp leader and her grandbaby.

Love this shirt haha.

No drinking on this camp. When I got home, I jumped in the warmest bath I could stand…and then treated myself to a sort of nightcap before sleeping the rest of the next day and a half.

Nicola and myself.

The kids kept their room spotless for inspections. They got rewarded beans for any good behaviour, and the group with the most beans at the end of the camp won a trophy.


Nicola and L-bestie!

Poot and Kwaai.

The best potjie I have ever tasted…ever!

Other than working in the kitchen, Yolandi and I also took care of the coffee station – a very popular table in a place where everyone functions on little to no sleep. πŸ˜‰

On average the adults had 12 pots of filter coffee (1.7 litres each) and about 2.5 urns of instant coffee a day.

My cutie pie.

Yolandi and Chris’ tent turns into a spider when you take it down.

We named our tents (as you do). Theirs was Die Tabernakel, and mine was Die Driebeen Skilpad.

Some of the rice for a meal.


Silezia having her chin tickled.

Sticky vetkoek fingers. T kept all the kitchen stock in order, not a small task by any means.

First day selfie compared to last day selfie shows a bit of wear and tear. πŸ˜‰

One of the kichen geniuses made banana bread from some over ripe fruit. No bread pan? No problem! We Mcguyvered some from empty milk boxes.


Nicola and L at the Tabernakel.

All the banners!

Campfire concert…

Every group got 30 minutes a day at the pool.

Oh and some of Yolandi’s photos below. See, I was also there! πŸ˜‰

Oh and this photo! I love it…this is how I feel about chopping tomatoes with blunt knives. You might as well just beat them up with a spoon.


Share things you have pinned that you want to try before the end of the year

5 June , 2016


I think you’ve seen quite a few of my pins already, so I’ll show you a few I’m trying and have tried for today’s family lunch.

I should just point out that baking isn’t really my thing. When I do it, it’s a labour of love…and I expect people to eat it and enjoy it regardless of how it looks. πŸ˜‰
First up – Rasberry Chocholate Tart


Nailed it! Hahaha! (I was telling Nicola I don’t know how they get their rasberries to behave like that and she said, mom you only need 4 things…concentration, concentration, concentration and concentration).


Seconly, a Pear and Almond Tart.


Now mine…(someone used up all the foil between me seeing it, and me needing it. So I Macguyvered it used another pie dish to weigh it down with the poor beans, and it worked I guess, but it ripped a side off when I removed it. Soldier on I say!).


And my pears got halfway swallowed by the filling…

For my last trick I’m going to try these:


I don’t see how this could go wrong. They are meant to look lumpy. I’m pretty sure I can pull that look off.


Share some old family photos

22 May , 2016

Haha, okay…here goes.


My cousin, my gran and grandpa on my dad’s side, and me.


My gran on my mom’s side and me.


Me and my cousin Melanie, getting our Christening on.


My dad and I.


A few more of cousins and cake.


My mom and I.


My little brother and I…he’s the one sporting the family fuck you frown.


Birthday party with more cousins!


It’s kind of sad when you look at family photos and about half the people aren’t alive anymore…


Once upon a time…look at my little cousins! They are all grown up now.


My brother and I.


Mom and Dad.


My cousins and I, table mountain cable car.


In the actual car.


This photo really reminds me of Nicola!


My uncle, aunt and three of my many many many cousins.


Riaan and I, both looking super impressed at school uniform photos.


More cousins!


More cousins, my uncle and my aunt.


My brother and I, and an unlucky goat!


Awe…look at his chubby little legs!


Oooh, ooh wait for it…


We did a then and now! Same tree, same blankie, us and a slightly unwilling Diablo.


Making swiss toll with Ouma.


With another little cousin.


AndrΓ© and Riaan.


My dad and my brother.


Voortrekkers GLAS-kamp 2016

5 May , 2016


So now we’re in school…and with school come school holidays. I don’t know about you (but I have my suspicions), but I don’t have enough leave to take off school holidays (actually, now that I do contract work I have no leave whatsoever).

From my own childhood I remember my favourite holiday memories were going on camping trips with the Voortrekkers, and I desperately want those experiences for Nicola too.

There really is nothing better! New friends, new skills, seeing new places. All more or less safe and lots of fun. Plus a bit of independance…

So this past weekend I went with Nicola on her first camp. It was awesome! She is a natural and took to it like a duck to water. I reckon I’ll training wheel this for another 2 or 4 camps and then she’ll be ready to fly solo


Pretoria people, you don’t get to make snide remarks about Joburg traffic ever again, ‘kay?

We sort of convoyed to the camp site with three other cars. I say sort of since we lost the lead car to an e-tag gate that no one else could go though, and then lost the second lead to a red light that cut the last two off. And then the rest of us just got lost and had to separately navigate using locations that were sent through on Whatsapp.

Eventually we all made it there though…



The kids slept in dorm rooms but adults had to pitch their own tents. It was my tent’s maiden voyage (meaning I had no idea what I was doing). Still managed to more or less get it up before dark, even though Nicola was trying to sword fight with the parts, I ended up with an extra pole and the top sail probable back to front and or inside out, and not bothering with tents pegs because I forgot a hammer and it seemed windstill enough to chance it by weighing it down with my luggage instead.


Where the kids slept.


I had the choice of where I wanted to volunteer, but since I wanted to see how Nicola did on her own I didn’t sign up to help with a course and volunteered in the kitchen.

The kitchen is usually the heart of the camp. Hard work and lots of laughs. A great place to meet new people yourself too.

It was all that…and then some. This kitchen was a little bit understaffed to see to the 215 campers, so we all worked like slaves! If I never see another breadroll in my life, I wouldn’t miss it one little bit.

Pic above it about 60 liters of bolognaise sauce for Friday night’s spagetti.


Everyone washes their own dishes…




This bucket was filled with about 360 eggs for Saturday’s breakfast.


Hot chocolate!


This particular camp is musically themed, so all the courses are music related and so are most of the games.

I sang some songs I haven’t heard in 14 years and heard a lot for the first time too. πŸ™‚


Campfire concerts and kuiers – the best!




This is what the kitchen looks like clean and empty. I want a double dry rack like that at home haha!


Stunning sunrise!


10 kg of bacon.


My sad looking tent, that decided it wanted to be a kite later that day. Thank goodness for heavy luggage and angels with hammers and storm pens.


Something tells me I may have been better off sleeping outside, rather than with the children. πŸ˜‰




A few pieces of boerewors.


This is how you braai in bulk.


My visitor for a few minutes. I mainly saw her at meal times.




I had to walk quite a bit to go have a smoke…so my feet were soooo filthy!



Fellow kitchen slaves.


Saturday night’s fire lighting ceremony.


This moment right here, is what makes it all worthwhile.


Storm pen…need some of that! Also I will definitely be packing a hammer next time.


Breakfast line up.


Uhm…I was a bit unprepared for the massive cold front that rolled in. At least I packed us each one set of warm clothes.

I was also unprepared for hearing LIONS ROAR Saturday morning. I kept thinking that it must be one helluva snorer in the tent section, but no, it actually was lions! About 3km away apparently, but they sounded like they were in the tent next door. And there I was, nursing my coffee and chilling on my camp chair at 4 in the morning.(I can’t sleep late, don’t know how *shrug*).


Another sign of a weekend well spent. πŸ™‚

So how does it compare to way back when? It’s the same, but it’s all different…as it should be, since the kids are all different too.

The uniform has changed
There was not one single flag raising parade
Some of the traditional songs still have the same words, but they’ve been retuned! And they are now sung in different voices! (very pretty)
The camp is run almost exclusively by women now – in the past the split was more or less even but most camp leaders I ever saw were men. I hardly saw any men even leading teams this past weekend. Maybe it’s just this camp? Not sure. I asked a few people and they said that generally it goes this way. Interesting. I wonder why this might be the case?

Anyhoo, we had a blast and I can’t wait for the next one!

Fire lighting ceremony on Saturday…

Sorry, the beginning’s focus is a bit eratic. The girl in front of me kept moving her head and getting my auto focus excited. Got it right a few seconds in though. πŸ™‚