I am not in a good space today

17 May , 2013

First off I found out someone I work really hates me. Okay…to put things in perspective she really hates everybody, but she definitely hates me too. I’m quite surprised by this. It’s not that uncommon for people to briefly dislike me if we have something we don’t agree on, but I don’t think there are a lot of people that genuinely HATE me. I’m not going to let it eat at me too much. I think it probably says more about her than about me. Hating me because you didn’t do your work and I had to point it out hardly seems like a grown up thing to do.

The second thing I’d rather not talk about.

And thirdly, secret place sent us out to go see nursery schools that need uplifting in the area. Each business function got a different school to look at and a very small amount of seed money that they have to make more somehow and then do something for the school to really make a difference.

Sounds like a nice idea, doesn’t it?

Ha! I’ve just come back from the visit to our allocated school. It’s a structurally unsound shit hole, and that’s putting it lightly. It is however spotlessly clean and the people who work there obviously care a lot and are doing the best they can with what they have.

Tonight I am going to spend a looong time on my knees thanking God that I don’t have to leave my baby in a place like that during the day.

We have R750. The place needs a new roof, new ceilings, at least one more toilet, a microwave, carpets, paint, three new windows, at least one gutter, mattresses, blankets, books, crayons, bookshelves, wall mounted white board, toys…it’s mission unlikely, but we’ll give it our best shot. You don’t need to be a bean counter to figure out that R750 isn’t going to cut it.

The roof is really the main concern. The beams run through the walls of the house, the leaky corrugated iron sheets lie on top of them and the beams themselves are mostly rotting from damp, the sheets are “secured” with a few big concrete bricks, the ceiling in the one class is completely rotten from damp and is covered in what looks like black mould.

We can’t do anything about them keeping almost 50 children in two 3m x 4m rooms all day with no outside area to even play in – but maybe we can at least fix the roof they’re under. As Steamcleaner pointed out (when I questioned how the department of education and or health can let something like this go on) – at least those kids aren’t left home alone or roaming the streets during the day while their parents go to work? Imagine if the safest and best option you had for care of your precious child during the day was a place with a unsound roof?

To put things in perspective for you guys with children in day care, the kids are looked after there for about R200/month. Nicola’s school fees a month alone is more than 11 times that! Gosh…I’m so depressed and horrified after that visit. (And grateful for what I have)

Ps! If anyone feels like donating building material or other things needed, even though I probably still can’t tell you where I work, please give me a shout.


  1. Hey louisa…I am on board…i will also talk to Brad. Let me know your deadlines

    • Thank you Melinda! That really means a lot to me. xxx

  2. Why have appeals not been made to the Lotto.?.. they are dishing out huge sums to sports institutions… try asking them for a donation..

    • We’ll certainly ask…thanks for the suggestion. I doubt if they will make our time lines though. We need everything in and functional by the 7th of June already.

  3. Things like that also affect me in untold ways… thank goodness they are off the street but the alternative also sounds quite miserable.

    What about clothes for toddlers? Can they use that? I have a packet about to go to the church that can just as easily go there. I will also declutter some toys and see what I can bring on Tues.

    Email me – you know i never check back.

    • Yes, please bring – thank you Marcia!

  4. PS I’m also horrified that she hates you. You are sassy and full of nonsense but your intentions are always for the greater good 🙂 🙂

    • I was very surprised by that too…I know I can get difficult at times, but really – exactly as you said my intentions are good. Not going to let it bug me though. *shrug* 😉

  5. How exactly does a place like this adequately provide? I spend 23times that in gas each month, in dollars that is. I’d love to donate.

    • Thank you Mandy! That would be really kind of of you to do. I’ll send you an email to organise. 😀

  6. I also feel bad when I find out that people hate me. Because really, there is no need for such a strong emotion. Sjoe. She’s probably quite sad in her life. And miserable.
    So horrible about that school. We have plenty of schools like that here too and to be honest, I can’t deal with. Hope you get lots of donations to help them.

    • I think you’re right – she must be quite sad…
      As sad as I was last week about this, that’s how excited I am this week. I just know that we’re going to be making a big difference here! 🙂

  7. Hubby is a remedial roofing engineer and knows a lot of people in the roofing industry. I’ll see if I can get anyone to come on board and help…

    • Thank you MeeA, that would be fantastic if you could help. 😀

  8. Hate is a strong emotion!!! Though my mama says if a few people don’t disike you, you are doing something wrong or not being yourself. And think on the bright side it’s her problem not yours 😉

    OMW so sad about the school, glad they are off the streets but still. And I’m surprised your office only provided R750 – it’s good but not great, I’m sure they can provide more in CSR (ok off the soap box now).

    I would love to help somehow, I’ll email you

    • Oh I don’t mind being disliked from time to time… 😉 Hate is a bit uncalled for though. That’s an emotion that I don’t wield around freely so it’s strange to me when someone else does. (play the game, not the player?)

      I mailed you back 🙂

      The secret place used an outside firm to select the 13 schools. They probably didn’t realise that we’d be getting involved in roof repairs. I suspect they thought we’d need some paint, toys and blankets.

      The whole school got R3000, but that was sub divided into four groups who each have a different area/need to look at. We just happened to get the building to look after with our R750.

      It might have started out as the short straw, but I prefer to look at it as the biggest opportunity to make a difference. The team is committed to make this work and those children certainly need the help.

      Thank you for caring and for offering to help. I really really appreciate it! 🙂

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