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Still alive!

27 March , 2019

So, remember when I told you my left side was cursed?

I eventually relented and went to see a doctor. Turns out I was being attacked by a flesh eating bacteria. Not likely to resolve on its own I guess. My doctor got so worked up about my home remedies that he had to throw down his gloves to lecture me for a bit during the examination…and then crack a fresh pair to resume after for obvious reasons. I have been thoroughly scolded for toughing it out.

They had to do a small operation on me last week Monday and I’m still low level limping.

Just so you know…I don’t consider myself a pansy. In fact I’d say I probably have an above average pain threshold, but I almost learnt how to levitate during that procedure!

I spent the rest of last week in a drug induced stupor. Lots of antibiotics and lots of painkillers. I should be very well rested by now, but I still feel dead tired all the time.

Mostly, I think I’m out of the woods but guess I’ll only know for sure after a month or two. If they didn’t get everything it might flare up again.

Andy was an absolute saint during this whole ordeal. From changing dressings to taking care of Nicola, myself and the whole house. He’s definitely there for the gory as well as the glory. For better or for worse.

This thing definitely fell under the worse category in my opinion.

Anyhoo, send healing and anti-bacterial thoughts my way…I’d like some smooth sailing for at least the next two weeks if possible. 😉😊


The ouch

16 March , 2019

My left side has packed up, due to what I can only assume is the large quantity and superb quality of stress I’ve been under.

Not to be dramatic, but 4 different people have urged me to seek medical intervention in the last two days. One has enquired if my will is up to date.

If I still feel this way on Monday, I definitely will (see a doctor, not update my will…got to leave something fun for next week).

Why is it that this sort of thing will always happen when you’re in (for instance) the last two weeks of a three month waiting period for medical aid cover? Anyhoo, I’ve experienced something similar before. Granted it was a good 20 years ago and at that point it was my right side that appeared to be temporarily cursed.

I will survive…and balance will be restored on way or another.

I told Andy that if this carries on much longer I’ll be hobbling down the isle on crutches with an eye patch, so you know…I’m quite a catch…haha. He said he’d marry me anyway, but we might need to drink rum at the reception.

Right…done feeling sorry for myself (mostly). I do actually feel a bit better today. I can walk (sort of), breathing doesn’t feel like someone is sitting on my chest (right now), the swelling round my eye has gone down a bit and I have stocked up on gauze, plasters and magnificent pain killers that have the ability to knock me out cold if needed.

For the last week the only position I’ve been somewhat comfortable in is in what Andy refers to as, “It looks like you’re praying”. I’ll just go ahead and take that as a sign.

How’s March treating you so far?😁

I actually have no complaints, I might be in enough pain to make me throw up but I have honestly never been happier. This might be a post traumatic stress thing? Oh well *shrug*


Catch up: A few of my favourite photos over the last month

17 February , 2019

Our first babies to go to Aqua Empire!

We have a very tiny house, and half of it is full of fish tanks now. Andy is in Nicola’s words, a fish-genius! So they’re all doing very well.

It’s a bit of a sideline thing for us now. We breed mollies, guppies, swordtails, platys and german rams.

My heart…

Polka doing her daily impersonation of a cat…or a snake. We now call her a Yorkshire-python.

Photo-bomb by the psycopath goldfish. We thought this fish was pretty much indestructible, in the case of nuclear war it would be this fish and the cockroaches left.

Sadly he went to the big toilet bowl in the sky yesterday…so if I was a cockroach I’d start to worry now.

He ate the babies so he got himself booted to a vase.

Fearless Nicola.

Okay, to be fair, this dog follows her around with stars in his eyes whenever we go to Aqua Empire.

Oupa, Reghardt and Jessie.

My spiggy gets his eyes tested.

Special treat for Nicola. A night out and movies!

Lunch with Denise and family and the Zambezi Harley Club.

Polkie the yorkshire-python.

Can you believe how quickly this pink terrorist (who does not like pink at all anymore!) is growing up?!

I’m not ready…

What the sky has looked like most of this month.

I love rain, but it would also be nice to get the laundry dry for a change.

I tried to take a photo of the lights in the plane for Nicola, but a small airpocket gave me this gem instead.

My punks…German rams. They are so damn cute! Lots of attitude. I could sit and watch them for hours…if I had hours.

Our tanks. The last one is our general creche for the non-exotics. We’ve split them into small, medium and large. So that the bigger ones don’t chomp the new borns.

When they’re just born all you can see is eyes and assholes, and even their own moms think they’re perfect snack size.

Polkie cuddles. This one is a expert level blanket thief!

So, there you go…photo catch up done. 🙂

After my doom and gloom of no car January, I am again in a pretty excellent head space at the moment.

Slight wobble yesterday when I attended my great-aunt’s funeral. My mom’s cousin has three daughters. One lives in Australia and couldn’t come for her grandmother’s funeral. They read a letter from her after the service where she also explained the send of ceremony and goodbye they did for her gran there.

It really got to me. This will be us soon, when my brother goes. It sucks.

At the time I was a bit of a mess and I was a bit emo about it all day. Even had another snot-en-trane episode about it on Andy’s shoulder last night.

This morning, well rested and on my second coffee, I point out to myself that very often my brother actually doesn’t attend family funerals anyway. And Skype makes the world a much smaller place.

We will make our own new normal.


Protected: I’m going to miss your red soil

14 February , 2019

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Protected: For sh#ts and giggles…and tears

10 January , 2019

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And then?

4 October , 2018


Yesterday I went for that mammogram I told you about. In the week of having this situation hanging over my head my boob has just been acting stranger every day and taking my freaked-out-ness to previously unknown levels in the process!

I found the actual mammogram process the least painful/uncomfortable of everything I went through yesterday. If you haven’t been for one yet, don’t let pancake talk deter you…it’s not that bad at all.

Nothing odd found on the mammogram, and they followed it up with a sonar looking at everything breast and in particular at the area that was worrying me.

Not great news unfortunately. There was an unknown spot of something behind the nipple, about 2cm in diameter. This part was uncomfortable, but more due to this thing than the actual sonar obviously.

My stress levels were OFF THE CHARTS at this point and I was working my way through their supply of tissues.

The doc said next step was to try and asperate (this means sticking a needle in there and trying to draw out fluid). If it was an abscess then they’d do this and treat with antibiotics. If not then she would proceed to do a biopsy of whatever it was with a different tool.

The asperation attempt was insanely painful and completely unsuccesful. Not an abscess, no liquid. I grabbed the doctors wrists in reflex, which really made the nurse very jumpy.

More local anesthetic and then on to the biopsy part of this nightmare…

I should have the results back by Friday or latest Monday. The boob is SORE, not only from my mystery guest but also now the incision and the bruising. The medical staff at Millpark Radiology are amazing though, they really took good care of me and tried to keep me calm and sort of comfortable throughout the whole 2 hour ordeal.

Keep praying for me please, not sure for what other than some sort of easily sorted out result.


Happy Birthday to me!

8 August , 2018


The big FOUR-OOOOOOoooh…

Can you believe it? I can hardy believe it myself. To be honest, for a large part of my life I was pretty sure I would never get here. Interesting things always happen to me, it usually doesn’t make for a long life. I don’t know why, but I was convinced I’d be dead before I hit 40.

I am glad I was wrong though, because I am really enjoying still being alive! I might be enjoying it more than most of what has come before it. Life is GRAND! I can’t wait to see what happens next. 😀

Interesting things still happen to me, but it looks like I have a knack for surviving them somehow – so I guess I’m here to stay.


What am I doing to celebrate this milestone?

Not much really – haha! I’m having my brother-bear and his peeps over for dinner tonight, and possibly playing a little hooky from work today (there’s no “possible” about this really – I’m definitely doing that!).

I did have plans to go to the forest and surround myself with green and peace and quiet for a couple of days, but it didn’t work out the way I wanted to so I’ll have to take a rain check on that adventure. It’s okay though, I’m not stressed about it in the least.

What I’m not doing is having a party. It’s not really my thing anyway, why should this birthday be different? Some of my friends are going to be really pissed about this. Love you guys lots, but enjoy you most in one on ones, not large crowds. 😉


It’s my day, and I am seizing it!

I am going to have some laughs and take it easy…and do whatever the hell I want to…


And take a few moments to count all my blessings…because I so have MANY!

Thank you all for being part of my journey.