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Yeah…so this happened

12 February , 2017

I’m not going to go into the details of it…sorry, not sorry. Let’s just say we tried, hard, but we realised that we were never going to be pulling in the same direction. 

Or you could say I realised that…since I pulled the plug on it. And met no resistance, so you know…it is what it is.

It sucks, also hard, because obviously this is not how I saw or wanted this all to end up, but I’m sure with a bit of time and space we’ll all come through it.

Of course I will hopefully be writing more often. I have been a dreadful lack of  a blogger, but you know when you’re in the middle of a shit storm it’s probably a good policy to keep your mouth shut.

And that, I think, is all I have to say about this for now. 

Sorry Steve, I do love you…but it’s not enough for me to survive in these conditions.


Protected: 2016 – Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!

12 December , 2016

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Nothing earth shattering

12 October , 2016

I am so tired…and EMOTIONAL! Lots of fun to be around at the moment as you can imagine.

I’m in between contracts (aka unemployed) at the moment. It’s not really how I envisaged my 2016 to go down, but oh well, you know. These are the punches that need rolling with at this stage.

Also this rental house, which has been on the market for mooooonths now, and had 6 different agencies all trying to flog it at the same time, has been sold. And we have to be out end November.

If I don’t sort out my work situation soon, we might be looking for a cardboard box for 5 soon.

Also my car (aka the little engine that could), looks like it’s had enough. If you drive with more than one window open now, the ceiling fabric comes loose and flaps excitedly in the wind. It’s different, I’ll say that…

So yeah, I’m a bit down. If you see me, don’t ask me know I’m doing please. That seems to be my water works button at the moment. It’s awkward. Let’s rather talk about the shifty weather we’re having, or the students torching the University they want to attend for free.

Just don’t ask me how I am…please. I am not fucking great. Let’s leave it at that. I know this is all temporary and at some point I will have a chuckle about how dramatic I felt about it. I am really looking forward to that!

Okay, now some photos.

This is a week’s washing for us. This (on me, that you can’t see) is my no comment face.

Emergency dental visit. Of course. I’m glad it wasn’t serious obviously, but you know I could have spent that R700 on something else. Like petrol. Or rent. Or box tape for the move. Or food. Or phone bills. Or credit cards.

Oh well…*shrug*…it is what it is.

This too shall pass.


Rant…or RANT if you prefer

18 August , 2016

So, it’s come to my attention that my driver’s license needs urgent renewing. Let me just start off my tangent by reminding everone that once upon a time in the not too distant past, once you had your licence it was a done deal unless a court took it away from you for driving like an asshole, or someone liberated your ID book in a robbery.

Then they whipped it out of the ID book and on to a card…that had to be renewed every 5 years. 

And so off I go to the licencing department to go spend a day in the queue, as you do. (That was yesterday). 

My wait was short though, since apparently NOW the new and improved thing is that you have to have a proof of residence to renew. 

Explain this to me though. Where is the logic? You should strongly suspect that I’m not going to be at home when I renew my licence…since I’ll be driving around with it in a legal manner, right? 

Also, side rant, what the fuck is the point of this proof of residence business anyhoo?! It is the BANE of my existence in all things admin. As I understand it, the original purpose was to crack down on terrorism and scammers…I think we can all agree that in this regard it has been a monumental fail. 

Also, I have a really hard time proving my residence because a rental agreement doesn’t count, the utilities bill is in the landlord’s name and all my own accounts arrive at my house via email…yet someone who lives between two pieces of corrugated iron and an election poster will still manage to open accounts and do all manner of admin things without even having a street address or utilities. 

I have come to the conclusion that the whole requirement has been designed with the exclusive purpose of pissing people off and wasting their time. So mission accomplished I guess.

Right, so back to the licensing bit. I left (yesterday) in a huff. Got a utilities bill with a letter saying I stay there, and back into the fray I go. Second day in a row.

Only, still no joy. First off you also need a copy of your ID. You know, the one that now doesn’t have anything to do with your licence anymore. And NO, they can’t just make one if they need it. 

No problem. Some guy has set up a caravan with a copier outside. R6 a copy…only he hasn’t got paper. Eventually someone in a taxi delivers 10 pages and we’re good to go, right? Right?!

Wrong. Nope, proof of residence rejected. It has to have a sworn statement attached, and probably needs to be kissed by a unicorn too – who knows?!

So I did actually say, “Fuck this shit!” this time round, and if someone pulls me over for being unlicensed I might unleash a storm of papercuts on them with my invalid proof of residence and R6 ID copy. After two days at the licensing office I am now in an extremely foul mood about this.

To add insult to injury, as you walk out of the door, there are at least 10 shifty looking characters who swear high and low that they can get you in and out and licensed in 10 minutes, with no supporting documentation…for R300. They’ll drop down to R150 if you don’t look keen. If you still don’t want to bribe your way through the bullshit…they’ll settle for a cigarette to stop traffic for you so that you can get out.

I didn’t go for it. *sigh* I guess I’m in for another day’s queueing once I get a sworn statement. 


PS! I see IDs are also going the card way now, so you can imagine how delightful this is going to be in future.

PPS! Whichever political party promises to abolish this proof of residence bullshit will get my vote in the next round of elections. I am so over it. Really!


Pet peeves

25 June , 2016

Haha…I have a “few”!

I’ll try to contain myself to my top button pushing ones, or we might be here for a while.

1. Messing with my people, especially my daughter
Look. We grew up learning to stand up for ourselves, a life skill that has proven to be very valuable. So even though I want to go charging in, sword drawn, for even minor infringements, I usually contain myself to the battles I consider BIG. But if you ever encounter me charging in on one of those…run and hide, or start furiously waving a white flag. It won’t end well if you don’t.

2. Self pity
I’m not going to feel sorry for you, if you have it covered already.

3. Micro managers
Didn’t know this was my pet peeve until I had to deal with one. If you get your kicks out of making people feel stupid and inept, I’ve got no time for you.

4. Being late
My dad always says, “Punctuality is the politeness of kings.” I’m usually about half an hour early for every thing.

5. Last minute plan changes for no apparent reason
It gives me a serious case of the grumps.

6. Whining
You can ask for something without being a pain in the arse about it. That kind of thing doesn’t wear me down either. I actively discourage it in the kids. The more you whine, the less likely I am to give in on something. Let your no be your no, and your yes be your yes.

7. Taking things or people for granted
I think this is pretty obvious. If it’s been done to you, it’s probably one of your pet peeves too.

8. Breaking promises and lying
Yes = yes
No = no
If you go around making commitments you couldn’t be bothered to keep, everything that comes out of your mouth after that has a “Yeah, right!” banner hanging over it for me.

9. Sexism, subtle or otherwise
Don’t tell people they can’t do something just because of what they have between their legs. Unless it’s something that you need that specific body part for, I don’t see the relevance.

10. Telling me, “You have to understand” when you’ve wronged me.
I don’t. Especially not when I’ve paid for something you didn’t deliver. See lying and yes =yes, no =no.

I am pretty straight forward actually. Just do what you said you would and don’t be a jack-ass and almost none of these get triggered.

T, who works with me…said I remind her of this fairy. Haha, yes I can see why.




What are your pet peeves?


Odin’s dirty diaper

20 October , 2015


Well, that’s what Nicola has named the smell coming out of the lush green swamp (usually a smallish river when we’re not in the middle of a never ending heat wave), two walls over from us.

Put on your dancing shoes and do a little rain dance please. That strip of stagnant water needs a proper flush!



Catch up of last week and a little ramble

16 March , 2015



So I ended up wearing a dress on Thursday last week. No big whoop for a lot of people, but I don’t really do dresses, so around here it is kind of a big deal. Let’s blame it on laundry day, shall we? 😉

The one guy at secret place had me in stitches with his comment though. He says to me that I have totally messed with his thinking again, so of course I asked why? he says he was just chatting to W the other day, about Steve and I, and they were wondering who would be wearing the pants in our relationship. He said his money was on me, because everyone knows I don’t do dresses, and since Steve is Scottish they figured he probably had a kilt…and then I turned up wearing a skirt and all bets were off again. Hahaha!

I don’t know why someone necessarily HAS to wear the proverbial pants, but on Thursday that definitely wasn’t me anyway. 😉


Uhuh…dream on buddy.



Nicola and N (son of my parents’ neighbours) having the grandest time ever Saturday night. If you’re wondering about the laundry basket, they were trying to cage a poodle – as you do.


Took this photo to use as a background some day…so fluffy!


On Sunday we went for lunch to celebrate my mom’s upcoming birthday – look! Actual photographic proof that I was there too! Thanks K. 🙂


The kids…


Nicola, getting some quality time in on Ouma’s lap.


Nicola decided to go for some princess face paint. Big surprise to me, since she hates face paint – and I had to find a way to GET IT OFF roughly 5 minutes later, but it was cute while it lasted. 😉


What fun would it be to have a birthday lunch at Spur without springing a Spur birthday song on the birthday girl? I wouldn’t be able to tell you, I always rat them out to the waiters for a sing song and a sparkler. 😉


Nicola decided to help Polka bury a bone properly. Apparently our dog lacks the needed know how in this field and Nicola felt that it was her job to show her how it’s done. Not long after that, she also trained polka on how to dig up a buried bone. 😉

Oh, yes – I wanted to mention that my current landlord (until next weekend anyway) is acting mighty shady. I’m pretty sure he is going to make off with my deposit in some way or another (I strongly suspect that he doesn’t have the money to pay me back). He’s switching the electricity off next week Friday, in what I assume is an effort to get me to move out sooner, he’s taking R650 off the deposit to do cleaning (as per the contract) but made it very clear that if he actually has to do any cleaning it will be more, and he’s installed cameras in my garden without telling me about it – right above my f-ing front foor! (If it wasn’t so nippy in the mornings I would be tempted to go and moon that camera one fine morning – I might still do that actually).  

I am working myself up into a richeous rage just thinking about it, but he told me that the previous tenant wanted her deposit back after she burned the carpet with cigarette butts and he threatened to shoot her in front of her child (this was obviously long after I found myself already contracting with the guy or I wouldn’t have signed at all).

I just want to be done with them to be honest. If I can move out effortlessly, that’s exactly what I’d like to do… but if he tries getting heavy handed with me, I’ll have to change my game I guess. *sigh* I’ll let you know how THAT plays out. There is a tipping point in this situation where I am not going to turn the other cheek anymore. I’d really like to not get there, if possible. If you’re into praying, pray for that please.

It’s not just me, right? This is a bit absurd as far as outlandish landlaord behaviour goes, right? Right?! What the hell is wrong with people?!

Ps! Did I tell you I was moving? Well, I am – or actually we are. 😀 I am sooooo excited about this! Now to make all of our furniture fit into one house will be the next challenge. Between the two of us we have just shy of 10 couches, hahaha! That seems a bit excessive to me.


Shitty photo, sorry…the plate says Dutchi and the sticker reads, Caution Mad Dutchman – haha, spotted in traffic this morning. 😉