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6 April 2019 – Our wedding day

9 April , 2019

You asked for photos, and boy do I have photos! We obviously haven’t received the official wedding photographer photos yet but luckily we received quite a few from our guests in the meantime.

I’ll show some more when the official ones come through, but you’ll get a pretty good idea of how our day went from these.

How was it? Perfect…exactly what we wanted. And we were even blessed with excellent weather in a week that was miserable and rainy otherwise.

Us, busy prepping…

Poor Andy. Of all the days to develop a tooth abcess and have half your face swell up like a hamster cheek!

I did the flowers. We kept it pretty straight forward like everything else. 😉

Andy made the GARLIC bread. I can say with absolute certainty that none of our guests were in danger of being jumped by vampires.

My mom made our wedding cake cupcakes. Yumm!

Our wedding officer, in the first meeting, asked if we wanted to include a unity ceremony like candle lighting, soil mixing or wine blending.

When you happen to have wines with your names on it, it feels like a sign, right?

Haha, I didn’t even realise I did this foot thing.

We included Nicola in the ceremony as much as possible. She gave us the rings, blended the wine…and after we exchanged rings and I-do’s we gave her a little sunflower necklace.

Our wedding officer, Alison, told us at the first meeting…these are the legal things that you have to do…everything else is the love things, and there you can do pretty much what you want.

So we decided what we wanted was a celebration of our love under a tree in my parents’ garden.

If all goes according to plan we’ll also receive a video from the photographer and I’ll show you exactly what that meant to us.

Even Polka got a new outfit for the big day!


Karen an Riaan. We are so greatful for all their help with the wedding! And I’m so glad they could be here to share the day with us before they spread their wings for NZ.

My parents and one of my uncles. My folks also helped us loads by offering their house and lots of help on the day.

And so begins the first day of our happy ever after…❤


Still alive!

27 March , 2019

So, remember when I told you my left side was cursed?

I eventually relented and went to see a doctor. Turns out I was being attacked by a flesh eating bacteria. Not likely to resolve on its own I guess. My doctor got so worked up about my home remedies that he had to throw down his gloves to lecture me for a bit during the examination…and then crack a fresh pair to resume after for obvious reasons. I have been thoroughly scolded for toughing it out.

They had to do a small operation on me last week Monday and I’m still low level limping.

Just so you know…I don’t consider myself a pansy. In fact I’d say I probably have an above average pain threshold, but I almost learnt how to levitate during that procedure!

I spent the rest of last week in a drug induced stupor. Lots of antibiotics and lots of painkillers. I should be very well rested by now, but I still feel dead tired all the time.

Mostly, I think I’m out of the woods but guess I’ll only know for sure after a month or two. If they didn’t get everything it might flare up again.

Andy was an absolute saint during this whole ordeal. From changing dressings to taking care of Nicola, myself and the whole house. He’s definitely there for the gory as well as the glory. For better or for worse.

This thing definitely fell under the worse category in my opinion.

Anyhoo, send healing and anti-bacterial thoughts my way…I’d like some smooth sailing for at least the next two weeks if possible. 😉😊


Catch up: A few of my favourite photos over the last month

17 February , 2019

Our first babies to go to Aqua Empire!

We have a very tiny house, and half of it is full of fish tanks now. Andy is in Nicola’s words, a fish-genius! So they’re all doing very well.

It’s a bit of a sideline thing for us now. We breed mollies, guppies, swordtails, platys and german rams.

My heart…

Polka doing her daily impersonation of a cat…or a snake. We now call her a Yorkshire-python.

Photo-bomb by the psycopath goldfish. We thought this fish was pretty much indestructible, in the case of nuclear war it would be this fish and the cockroaches left.

Sadly he went to the big toilet bowl in the sky yesterday…so if I was a cockroach I’d start to worry now.

He ate the babies so he got himself booted to a vase.

Fearless Nicola.

Okay, to be fair, this dog follows her around with stars in his eyes whenever we go to Aqua Empire.

Oupa, Reghardt and Jessie.

My spiggy gets his eyes tested.

Special treat for Nicola. A night out and movies!

Lunch with Denise and family and the Zambezi Harley Club.

Polkie the yorkshire-python.

Can you believe how quickly this pink terrorist (who does not like pink at all anymore!) is growing up?!

I’m not ready…

What the sky has looked like most of this month.

I love rain, but it would also be nice to get the laundry dry for a change.

I tried to take a photo of the lights in the plane for Nicola, but a small airpocket gave me this gem instead.

My punks…German rams. They are so damn cute! Lots of attitude. I could sit and watch them for hours…if I had hours.

Our tanks. The last one is our general creche for the non-exotics. We’ve split them into small, medium and large. So that the bigger ones don’t chomp the new borns.

When they’re just born all you can see is eyes and assholes, and even their own moms think they’re perfect snack size.

Polkie cuddles. This one is a expert level blanket thief!

So, there you go…photo catch up done. 🙂

After my doom and gloom of no car January, I am again in a pretty excellent head space at the moment.

Slight wobble yesterday when I attended my great-aunt’s funeral. My mom’s cousin has three daughters. One lives in Australia and couldn’t come for her grandmother’s funeral. They read a letter from her after the service where she also explained the send of ceremony and goodbye they did for her gran there.

It really got to me. This will be us soon, when my brother goes. It sucks.

At the time I was a bit of a mess and I was a bit emo about it all day. Even had another snot-en-trane episode about it on Andy’s shoulder last night.

This morning, well rested and on my second coffee, I point out to myself that very often my brother actually doesn’t attend family funerals anyway. And Skype makes the world a much smaller place.

We will make our own new normal.


Protected: I’m going to miss your red soil

14 February , 2019

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Protected: For sh#ts and giggles…and tears

10 January , 2019

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Results are in!

8 October , 2018

I phoned and emailed and carried on with no results all day. The suspense was not great…

Eventually tracked down my GP in the hope that they maybe sent him a copy, and yay they did!

Not cancer – phew!

Something that can hopefully be cleared up with a SERIOUS dose of antibiotics and a follow up sonar.

My relief and thankfulness knows no bounds!

Thank you to each and every one who has messaged and or called and kept me in your thoughts and prayers.


RIP Daphne Louw 9.11.1954 – 11.9.2018

12 September , 2018

We woke up to terrible news this morning that has left the whole family reeling…

My aunt Daphne passed away last night. Out of the blue. In the most bizarre way. She fell and swallowed her tongue. My uncle, was with her instantly, but even with extensive first aid training could do nothing to help her or revive her. Did you even know this was possible?! I didn’t.

It’s really hard to process, it still feels so unreal. They were going to come up from Betty’s Bay next week to meet their two new grandsons. Now we’re waiting to hear when the memorial services will be.

What can I say about my aunt? Well, I think my gran probably said it best before she passed away. She said, Daphne has a really good heart. So true. She was always willing to help everyone. She could always share a giggle with you about whatever was going on. She genuinely cared. She gave…from her heart…she made things, from penguin soft toys to personalised handbags, she propagated plants, she made my uncle eat coconut oil and gave him lectures about eating too much sweets, she kept in touch with everyone. When they moved down to Betty’s she sort of went a bit hippy. She was determined to be healthy on her own terms. She’d read endless articles on facebook about what was good for your health, while peacefully puffing on after another of her cigarettes in the process.

As the sort of unofficial family historian, and persistent taker of photos when you least expect it, I went through all my photos to look for a suitable photo for this post. It wasn’t an easy task. My aunt was always somewhere in the background, but she was always there.

She was the quiet backbone of this family…

Rus in vrede Tannie Daphne. Ons gaan jou verskriklik mis. xxx

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