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Oops! Haha…

13 April , 2019

So my manager has been feeling a bit flu-ish all week. Subsequently he mumbles a bit and his train of thought derails from time to time, but he usually snaps out of it fairly quickly so we just push through.

Yesterday he was expressing his unhappiness about something that went pear shaped on one of our projects.

What he said was, “I am a bit angry about it”.

What I heard was, “I am angry bird about it”.

I may also be a bit flu-ish, and apparently my ears have stopped working along with my filters!

I looked at him…saw he was wearing a maroon red top and piped up with, “The red guy with the eye brows! Mwahaha! From now on when you’re upset I’m going to ask you if you’re an angry bird today!”

He told his wife I said he was an angry bird. I said no, you said it…I just adopted it…more laughing. Eventually it dawned on me that I misheard him.

It was still funny. I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m actually still giggling about it.



Still alive!

27 March , 2019

So, remember when I told you my left side was cursed?

I eventually relented and went to see a doctor. Turns out I was being attacked by a flesh eating bacteria. Not likely to resolve on its own I guess. My doctor got so worked up about my home remedies that he had to throw down his gloves to lecture me for a bit during the examination…and then crack a fresh pair to resume after for obvious reasons. I have been thoroughly scolded for toughing it out.

They had to do a small operation on me last week Monday and I’m still low level limping.

Just so you know…I don’t consider myself a pansy. In fact I’d say I probably have an above average pain threshold, but I almost learnt how to levitate during that procedure!

I spent the rest of last week in a drug induced stupor. Lots of antibiotics and lots of painkillers. I should be very well rested by now, but I still feel dead tired all the time.

Mostly, I think I’m out of the woods but guess I’ll only know for sure after a month or two. If they didn’t get everything it might flare up again.

Andy was an absolute saint during this whole ordeal. From changing dressings to taking care of Nicola, myself and the whole house. He’s definitely there for the gory as well as the glory. For better or for worse.

This thing definitely fell under the worse category in my opinion.

Anyhoo, send healing and anti-bacterial thoughts my way…I’d like some smooth sailing for at least the next two weeks if possible. 😉😊


Protected: I. Can’t. Even.

3 March , 2019

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Protected: I’m going to miss your red soil

14 February , 2019

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Protected: For sh#ts and giggles…and tears

10 January , 2019

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Finding my feet…and foot

28 November , 2018

Now THERE are some words of wisdom! Remember this one kids. It’s so true…

These two, thick as thieves and getting more so every day. I just love watching them together.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it in my last post, but Nicola has blossomed into a full on Daddy’s girl…guess she was just waiting for the right father figure.

It’s “a bit” of an adjustment not being my pink terrorist’s favourite parent anymore,or at the time being anyway. Haha, I’m not complaining, mind you…just adjusting. What makes it infinitely easier than my previous attempt at white-picket-fenceness is that Andy is just as attached and invested in Nicola as she is in him.

Lots of love all round…

Look at our beautiful Hibiscus. Definitely summer now. I wish I had leave and some cash, I could totally pretend to be a beach bum for a week or two.

This has been one hell of a year…

Of course at a braai, even a McGuyver one, you can have a little drink. Only thing is my wine glasses are in storage, so I had it in a cooldrink glass. Andy giggled at me about my choice of receptacle until I pointed out that he was having a beer out of a flower pot, haha! (Not really, it’s a German Beer mug made of pottery – but it really looks like a flower pot).

A good time was had by all… 😀

My happy…

Some lovely words on Time that I spotted at the Slow Lounge in Sandton.

I have a proper boo-boo.

You may or may not remember that I broke this bloody foot a few years ago? Well it’s been fine since then, and then all of a sardine it felt like I had a bone sticking out under the skin. You can sort of see the knob on this photo, below the pinky toe halfway between the toe and the heel. And it is sore! Look at my poor puffer foot!

I would have probably left it, but the pain became a bit unbearable so I dragged my sorry self off to the doctor for X-rays and a diagnosis.

Good news…sort of…it’s not a bone sticking out.

It’s something called Capsulitus, which is apparently quite common although I have never heard of it before. There’s a membrane around the bones, especially in joints, filled with liquid that helps movement, and when you spring a leak this is what happens (amongst other things, seriously don’t google this, it’s gross!). So in a nutshell, I’m leaking hydraulic liquid and it’s causing this hard bone like thing to stab me, and a fair amount of pain and inflammation.

I have been stabbed in the but with anti-inflammatory and cortisone, and I got a script for more of the same (I would have had the tablets by now, but the current medical aid and I are having some artistic differences around my day-to-day cover now that I’ve given them notice that I plan to move to another medical aid – so I’ll go get the meds after pay day).

The long and the short (and the puffy) of it is that this treatment has a not so spectacular 20% chance of sorting out my issue, and in the likely event that it does not I will have to go for a small operation on my foot to sort it out.

Good times…Maryna reminded me that should this end up needing an operation she would pray for the safety of those around me. I get very aggressive from anesthesia. Hahaha, I almost forgot about that! *Note to self* Remind them again that it would probably be best to strap me down while I’m asleep, they won’t be able to once I wake up, and I don’t want to hurt anyone or rip my stitches.

In case you just thought I had canckles in general, here are some reference shots of what my feet usually look like when I’m not leaking vital fluids into odd bone-like bubbles.


Eep! I almost died…

19 November , 2018

Of fright!

If you know me, you know that I am not scared of spiders. I am terrified of them!

So just imagine how traumatic it was for me when I was putting out fresh towels yesterday, and one leaped out of my towel and ran up my arm. I almost shat myself.

As it is, I screamed in a fashion that not even I knew I had the vocal range for. Towels went flying everywhere and I did that weird karate-breakdance-run out of the bathroom. Everyone came running cause they thought there was an intruder or I was under attack.

I was under attack…and if it was an intruder I wouldn’t have screamed…I would have punched them in the face.

Still not over it. Bloody traumatic!

Other than something bad happening to my people, this was my worst nightmare!

And to think, it must have been lurking in our linen closet for at least 2 weeks. Waiting to pounce! I feel so violated! Hahaha. No really…