Doom : it might be useless on spiders but…

29 April , 2009


There is something that it is good for so don’t toss it out just yet.

Fatcat told me about this last year, but this is the first time I’ve tried it myself. Forget about Vanish, if you have a really tough stain what you need is a can of Doom.

Would I lie to you? (nope…I wouldn’t!)

I have this green-grey leather jacket that had a little stain on next to the collar. It’s machine washable and can be tumble dried (what will they come up with next?) but no amount of washing has been able to get that spot out. So I decided to try this Doom trick and see if it worked, if it didn’t this jacket was about to be dyed brown to suit it’s spot.


Look at that! Good as new. I am very impressed, cause honestly I didn’t think it would work. Just a word of caution : you need to hold the can about 20cm away when you do this – too close and you’ll have a Doom stain instead and the only thing that get’s that out is…you guessed it, more Doom!

I am hoping it will also have some sort of bug repelling side effect when I wear it in future. 😉

Of course you can never have too many spot free jackets when you work in winter time, and that’s just what I’ll be doing. 😀 It’s getting a bit nippy here at night and early in the mornings (+/- 10’C), but like I said to my mom: even when it’s at its coldest in SA it’s still equal to someone in the world’s idea of summer. Think about that next time you feel like you’re freezing your ass off.

I spoke to one of my new bosses yesterday – she says looks like the training will only happen next week. The company is busy moving offices so it’s chaos at the moment. I can live with that, guess I’ll be starting in May then – April has been one looooong weekend for me, I’m a bit sick of it really. I want to get started! 😆 (I am sure I’ll regret this attitude in a month or two when I’m snowed under good and proper, but at the moment I am thrilled at the end that’s in sight of the quiet month of April).

This actually works out perfectly (by this time I really shouldn’t be surprised at all), because today my car has gone in for a much overdue service and it looks like I need to go spend some quality time with the Receiver of Revenue tomorrow to get my future tax sorted out. Has anyone got any idea how provisional tax works? I have a vague suspicion, but I think it won’t hurt to go get some more information so I know what I’m letting myself in for. I do NOT want to be on the shit-list of Trevor and his SARS minions EVER.


  1. OMG! I so have to try that out! Although I will probably end up asphyxiating myself! Ha ha ha!

    Good luck with the tax Lou… goodness knows it can be an enormous headache for some.

  2. If you do ever need to kill spiders with a can of poison…try Target Mortein..true, it takes a looooooot of it, but it works like a charm:)

    I’ve heard of this little trick before, but it’s the first time somebody i know has actually tried it:)

  3. Now that’s a good tip!!! Do you think it’ll work on the my voting ink spot on my thumbnail?

  4. Thanks for the Doom tip!!!

    Whahahahaha “The shit-list of Trevor” – that’s a new one!!!

  5. Hmm. Think it will work on suede? I have a boooooootiful caramel suede jacket, which unfortunately has ugly stains around the cuffs and collar. Think I should risk it?

  6. And why am I on your spam list? grrrrrrrrr.

  7. Hans, the trick is to use a well ventilated area and maybe odourless Doom if you have any. 😉 I’m not too worried about the tax thing, I’ve always kept my nose clean…I just want to make sure I keep doing that.

    Ruby, I’ll have to give that Target a go then when I next see a little monster. Usually I just vacuum them up that’s pretty effective too. 🙂

    Don’t believe, I’m sorry but I don’t think so. 😦 Remember how in the past they used to put a little sticker in your ID when you voted? Not this time, they collected all the stickers after they printed them – I think the mark will still be with us by the next election.

    Wipneus! seriously you have to try it. The spot I removed with it was a few years old and had been through the wash on numerous occasions with no success and it lifted it like it was nothing. 😀

  8. Spiders just really bug me.

    Way more than other creepy crawlies. Lately, I’ve found myself battling more spiders than usual. Maybe I need to add some Doom to some stains so they keep their distance.

  9. I have actually heard that doom thing before! Have never tried it tho!

    GOOD LUCK with SARS – I know nothing about provisional tax

  10. Miss P, this jacket has a suede finish too. You should definitely try it. Just remember to keep the spray can at a respectable distance and then into the machine with normal soap powder as always. No fabric softener though, and no hanger drying or it will go as stiff as a…well you get the idea. 😉

    JD, Doom has no power over spiders sorry to say. It hardly even slows them down. I’ve heard from a couple of people though that you can have some sort of treatment done on your house that will keep them at bay for three months at a time, but I haven’t tried it myself since my silly cat would most likely go round licking the stuff and getting sick. You say that you battle with them a lot these days? Mmm, looks like they’re not ALL out to get me then, some are obviously out to get you!

  11. Laura, turns out I had an demi-expert or at least a survivor of it in my very own house! My brother used to pay it when he was an estate agent. He explained it to me and recommended a kick-ass accountant.

  12. Hmmm. Not a suede finish on this one dear. It IS suede. And cost me an arm and a leg and my yet to be birthed first offspring. Perhaps I’ll pass. Stains give things character, right? RIGHT?

    • Okay…better safe than sorry then Miss P. 😆

  13. i am SO going to use this on jackson’s clothes

  14. Rebecca, let me know how it turns out. I can’t believe how many things I’ve thrown out for the same reason before. if it can get a stain out of leather it should work for almost anything (except voting ink). 😀

  15. LOL… nothing works for voting ink!

    I must try this. Although I’m not a fan of the smell of Doom (even so-called odourless) at any time!

  16. Kills spots dead, hey?

  17. Hey Tamara, welcome back into the world of online. We’ve missed you! (You’re right – nothing works for voting ink)

    Glugster, I think they should put that on the packaging somehow but maybe they’re not aware that there product is useless as a bug spray but very effective as a spot remover?

  18. Holy crap! Thats incredible! I have got to try that…

  19. Let me know how it works for you Angel. 😀

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