I never know what to write in “About” pages. I’d much rather you just stick around and find out for yourself who and what I am, but it’s occurred to me that some people at least would like to know is waffling on like this before they decide to keep reading or move on.

Now all I have to decide what could be relevant to your decision making. Some of the tips out there claim that you should say enough to establish yourself as an expert in your field (I’m assuming that this is the field that you’re blogging about that they’re referring to), but since my field is mostly personal it could hardly be of any use to you to know that I have been living my life 30 years now, could it?

So I’ll start off with some basic stuff and if you find that you want to know anything else, just make a comment on this page and I’ll try my best to answer your question.

My name is Louisa (you’ve probably already guessed as much). Louisa means famous warrior maiden, and my parents couldn’t have given me a more suitable name if they knew me before they named me. I was a problem child, but the worst of that seems to be over now. 😉 I love trying out new things, but I find it hard finishing them. I get caught up in rituals and habits and it gets extremely confining (OCD), so every now and then I like chuck it all out and to start with a clean slate and disappoint everyone’s expectations (it’s part of my routine as well).

My close family consists of my parents and my younger brother, and we’re all very close. I have an ENORMOUS extended family so if I say something about my cousin you can be pretty sure that it’s not always the same one.

At the moment I am studying law through UNISA part-time. During the day I work at a printing company in the accounts and HR departments…and in my free time I try to save/take over the world. Mwahahaha!

I am divorced…have been for a couple of years now. I celebrate Independence Day every year on the 8th of February. In general I try to find the positive thing when disaster strikes (even when it’s of my own doing), and privatising really gave me a chance to get to know myself. I lost the majority of my support network at that stage (my friends) and have since taken great care to have lots of little circles instead of one big one. That’s why I socialise with amazingly diverse people that have absolutely nothing in common with each other (except me). I can get along with almost anyone, with the exception of people who are unstable…I avoid them religiously.

I have claustrophobia, I am terrified of spiders, and I’m skittish round new roads (which is funny because I love to travel). Also I don’t like Pretoria…I don’t eat food that burns, or drink stuff that start with “S”. And I dislike pink, especially pink stuff with ruffles. I detest carnations…they smell like death. Oh yeah, and just thinking of oats makes me quezy…blergh! 😦

I love sunrise and in general just looking at the sky or being surrounded by plants. I have bonsai (some I have grown from seed). I love animals and I have the cutest cat in the world (also most photographed because I stick a photo of her onto the blog weekly). I enjoy ice skating (even though I can’t stop only stay upright)and walking, but I never run (except for spiders). When I’m sad or angry I write poems, and I read – A LOT.

Why do I blog? Someone introduced me to it and I got hooked. I love the idea that you can have a little corner to yourself where you can write whatever you want. I suppose I mostly talk about stuff that is of no real concern in the big picture, but which is very relevant to my life at the moment (my world has gotten a lot smaller since I started studying) and I get a kick out of knowing that people from all over the world are reading it, and coming back to read more. So maybe they’re not that interested in the stuff that I talk about – but they like the way I say it? I get to connect with people that I would never ever meet in my normal day-to-day life. I find it both extremely personal and public at the same time, and I enjoy walking that line in between.

I think that about covers it. If there’s anything I left out that you want to know about, tell me and I’ll see what I can do?




  1. nice to know theres another louisa out there lol – I blog and coffeeartandmore.blogspot.com if your interested…. have a great day!

  2. Hi lou,
    Nice to meet you. 🙂 Thanks for popping in – I’ll definitely have a look at your site, but i can already tell we have something in common by the name cause I am very fond of coffee myself.

  3. The part you said about people from all over the world reading your blog – I find that fascinating too, about blogging.

    I’m always amazed when somone leaves a comment and I visit there blog, read a little about them, and find that they are in Brazil, or Argentina, or Japan, or Singapore, or Hong Kong, or Egypt or wherever.

    But what really amazes me is how articulate, intelligent and thoughtful so many people are, particularly young people, by which I mean late teens and early twenties. I wonder, “Was I that wise when i was their age?”

    It gives me faith in the future.

  4. I have that little map thingy on the main page – so if you click on it you can see clearly where the visitors are from. I really get a kick out of that!

    You’re right about the writing, some of the blogs by very young people are thoughtfull and well presented. It’s probably best that I didn’t blog when I was that age…I had much unresolved anger, it wouldn’t have been fit for public viewing. 😉

  5. Do you know you’ve been stolen? I stumbled across this new addition on Amatomu: 123 Blog Myself. Based on the dull content, I’m guessing it’s not you?

  6. *gasp*

    It most definitely NOT me. Thanks for the heads up phillygirl.

    I feel so violated…

  7. I like your blog,please visit my blog



  8. Thanks 🙂

  9. Must add you to my blogroll before I forget. Ooh, and I love the snowflakes! 🙂

  10. I’d love to take the credit for it Rox, but it’s just a little something WordPress made available until the 2nd (when it will disappear all by itself again)…but it is cute. 🙂

    I’m adding you right away too!

  11. Nice blog — it’s got personality.

    I’m not a fan of spiders either. My sister used to beat them up for me 😉
    I heard that most people either fear snakes or spiders, but not both. I don’t fear snakes.

    Yeah, corp politics suck — sometimes it’s the players; sometimes it’s the game …
    and you don’t learn the skills in school. Recently though, I found a book called “get them on your side” and it’s an eye opener http://thebookshare.blogspot.com/2007/12/political-competence.html.

    Good luck on your study of law. I’ll be curious how your studies reshape your mind. Perspective is a powerful thing.

  12. Thank you jd, 😀

    It’s true what you say, perspective is something that is constantly changing. (Hopefully for the better, if there is such a thing?).

    I don’t fear snakes either! The fact that people fear either snakes or spiders but not both is something that I wasn’t aware of…I’ll have to take a little opinion poll about that to see if it holds water with the people I know. My mom is scared of both for sure, but she’s scared of lots of things so I’m not sure if that should count.

    Thanks for dropping by, hopefully you’ll do so again in future?

  13. You bet! I’ll be sure to drop by now and then.

    Don’t be a stranger either. I’m still learning the blogging ropes, but I’ve got my work blog http://blogs.msdn.com/jmeier and a focus blog (books) http://thebookshare.blogspot.com.

  14. Will do! 🙂

  15. Louisa,

    Nice blog. South Africa is one of my favourite destinations. Great country. Have been there many times on business.

    Happy New year
    Izzat Sajdi

  16. Thank you Izzat, glad you like it.

    I haven’t really traveled far from SA (yet), but even when I get round to it I know that this will always be home to me…I love this country. 😀

    Where are you from?

  17. Good morning Louisa … I am from Jordan in the Middle East. More details is on my profile.

    Have a pleasant 2008.

    Izzat Sajdi

  18. Hope you have a great 2008 too! 🙂

  19. Hi Louisa

    Would you mind sending me your email address? I would like to send you some interesting information.

  20. Mmmm, Wendy…what kind of interesting information? Are you planning on spamming me *looks at Wendy quite seriously* cause I don’t take kindly to that.

    Give me a clue what you want to send me and I’ll give you my email address. And if you stick me on a mailing list with amazing offers I will send an army of mosquitoes to torment you all through summer…(I can’t guarentee that they’ll get there – but I will certainly send them). 😉

  21. You have such a cool blog! Trying to figure out how you get all the ‘thingies’ on your pages – I’ve already stuffed up some pages. As I’ve said before: I’m one of the least technically minded people 🙂

  22. Oh thanks Sarah! 😀 It took a bit of time to get it just the way I like it – I actually think yours is coming along really well considering you only started last week.

    Let me know if you need any help? If I can, I will…

  23. hey louisa, how come you’re just unpacking? have you just moved from somewhere?

  24. If by “just” you mean six months ago, then yes Nursemyra I did. 🙂 I moved back to Johannesburg from Cape Town in August. I only unpacked my clothes and furniture (some), so it was time to get to the rest as well.

  25. Hi daar. Ek het op een van die blogs wat jy besoek gesien jy praat oor ‘n sekere program waarop mens off-line kan blog en ek het raad daarmee nodig. Kan jy my dalkies kontak op epos?

  26. Haai Sandra! Ek het vir jou die details gestuur per email en die link waar jy die program kan kry. Laat my weet wat jy daarvan dink. 😀

  27. Hi Louisa,

    I just wrote out an email and then realised you don’t give out your address! doh. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we wrote about 123 Blog Myself on our Blogs of the World, which tries to show life in different countries.

    Please have a look here if you’re interested to read more: http://pocketcultures.com/blogsoftheworld/2009/04/22/123-south-africa/

    Hope you like it! Please email me in case of any problem. And congratulations on the new job. All the best with it.

  28. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for the write-up and the good wishes with the new job! 🙂

    I don’t have my email address displayed here, but there are ways to get to it (for instance on the link to facebook), but I’ve left a comment on your blog now so I trust you have it?

    It looks like an interesting project you’ve got going there – how do you go about choosing which blogs to include?


  29. Thanks I have your email now. I will send you some ‘interesting information’ hehe

    Glad you found it interesting. In general we look for blogs which are well written (obviously 😉 and which show what everyday life is like for people in a particular country. Of course one blog cannot represent a whole country but the aim is to build up a collection over time that gives a good picture.

    I’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions!

  30. Liz, 😆 I see you’ve been reading some of the previous comments with the potential spammer? I wouldn’t have commented on your blog if I thought you were one of them, don’t worry: the army of summer mosquitoes rests. 😉

    If you’re looking for more SA blogs you can check out my blogroll, the majority are local. But I’ll send you a few links to my favs if you want.

    You’re obviously looking for a bit of variety? I have a few in mind that you might get a kick out of.

  31. Hi Louisa

    I was checking to see if people could find my 123 blog so I googled me and found YOU 🙂

    And you’re also in Joburg!!!

    Congrats on gorgeous Nicola

  32. Leigh, thank you!

  33. Where can I blog about myself?

  34. Nicole, there really are loads of sites that can host for you. I like WordPress myself. All you need is a rough idea of what you’d like to call your blog and yourself (if you’re planning on using a fake name) and off you go. The templates are all availble so you don’t need to know anything about coding either.

    Good luck! 🙂

  35. Hi Louisa. I do the PR for Huggies and we would like to send you a little something. Can you e-mail me your contact details.


  36. Hi Samantha, I’ve sent you an email with my details. 🙂

  37. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award and would love for you to take part. http://nanuschka.wordpress.com/2013/04/20/liebster-awards-2013/

    • Thanks! I saw…I’ll play a bit later when I have a gap.

  38. Hi Louisa
    Please could you send me your email address. I want to contact you about a review. Thanks.

    • Sure…I just sent you an email. On 02 Feb 2015 11:36 AM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


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