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Did I say looking? I mean found…

7 June , 2007

HunterWhat a fantastic day!

I am happy to report that I already have a job. Whoohooo! How fast was that?! I got a call from my new boss this afternoon offering me a temp position as a bookkeeper. I’m not sure what bookkeepers do exactly, but I have a fair suspicion that there is no stock takes involved in it, and that’s A-okay with me! Also it does not greatly concern me that it’s a temp position since every serious job I’ve ever had has started out with me doing data capturing (I think I’ve mentioned this in my about page?). There’s that and the fact that I’m not really settling in for a long stay, once I’m done with my degree I need to start on my slave labour (2 year articles) so I’m really just passing through. (Thank to Simone’ for setting this up for me, you’re the best!).

By far it was the strangest “interview” I’ve ever had though (and I’ve had some pretty strange ones). She kept apologizing to me saying that she was sure that I would find it extremely boring there. I tried to reassure her as best I could that I don’t NEED to be entertained when I have work to do, but she was very nice about the whole thing. Afterwards I couldn’t help but wonder why she would feel that way…so I had a closer look at my CV again. Mmm…only thing I can think of that she might have found intimidating or identify me as a thrill seeker is the fact that I was the chief fire fighter at my previous place of employment. Some people would find that a bonus (I think)…a sign that I am handy to have around in a crisis…oh well, maybe not?

There are many positive aspects to having a job again as you can imagine, but it also has a few drawbacks. The one being that I’m not sure if I will have access to the internet and my private e-mail while I’m working there…it’s possible, but not guaranteed. So I might be a little bit slower responding, but don’t worry – I’ll be along shortly. Another downside is of course that I will have to get up early again. I will let you know how that plays out tomorrow.

In honour of my first day at work I have decided to put on the full battle paint (make-up) and so on. So no jeans, big adjustment for me there…suppose I better start getting used to more formal settings than factories? We’ll see what happens after tomorrow, it might be more casual than I suspect. It’s so weird that they would ask me to come. I’ve already crashed two of their Christmas parties, so I’m practically staff anyway right?

Amidst all the excitement today I did not forget. It’s poem day! Well I apologise that I have not in fact written anything new in the last week, but here’s a little something from my old stuff that I hope you will enjoy.


Stupid little moth girl

Chat soon!


Clicking on the image will take you to DeviantART where you can learn more about the art and the arist (Hunter by DeEtta)


Evolve! (and other every day chaos)

31 May , 2007

Today is poem day. I still have stacks of stuff from way back – but I decided to show you whatever I managed to write today…so here goes:



I’m not sure what to make of it yet – but I hope you like it. It’s not exactly what I was trying to write, but oh well… *shrug*. There is about 20 other lines and three pages of scrap that didn’t make it, even though it feels kind of unfinished to me now.

I’m not going to be online much today, and I’m looking forward to one action packed Thursday! First, I have to drag my sorry self out of bed at (or possibly even before) the crack of dawn because my buddy ol’ pal Tania (a.k.a. Lofty) has informed me that she simply cannot go one single day more without seeing me. And since the rest of the day is already fully booked we will be doing breakfast before she goes to work. The woman is obviously nuts! That’s probably why we managed to live so happily together as boarding school roomies for three years? Hehe…as long as there’s plenty of coffee I don’t foresee a problem. 🙂

PalmsAnother reason to celebrate this glorious day is that it is Palm Day! In fact it is the 4th anniversary of Palm Day (I can almost hear you saying Huh?). On the 31st of May 2003 my brother had a run in with a palm tree and survived. He fell asleep while driving home and his car was so smashed up that it took them 45 minutes to cut him loose from the wreck. One of the worst (and best) moments of my life was when we got to the hospital and they handed my brother’s belongings and clothes to me in a black bag. Everything was full of blood and glass, the clothes were torn along the seams from the impact and cut off him so that they could tend to his injuries. My whole body was shaking. All I kept thinking of was how relieved I was that the little man was still alive…that could so easily have been a bag of belongings not of an injured brother but of a dead one. So…every year I give him a palm tree on this day to remember how close it was, and to celebrate the fact that he made it. Love you brother!

Also happening later today – corporate volleyball! Yip…Annelie has invited me along to a company sponsored volleyball evening. Don’t look at me like that! I did tell her I can’t play…It should be fun to watch since I have no hand eye co-ordination and rumour has it there will also be drinking. (Some days I feel so lucky that no one else I know feels the need to photograph everything they come across). 😉

Have a kick-@ss Thursday!

Clicking on the picture will take you to DeviantART where you can learn more about the artist and the art. (Palms of Paradise by missxdonut)



Looks like I’m going to make it

24 May , 2007

After my two days of sleeping off this nasty flu I feel almost as good as new again. The only thing missing is my own voice! 🙂 It’s all fine saying, “I don’t have time to be sick and there are things that I need to do that can’t wait!”, but sometimes it’s best just to listen when your body is telling you to slow down and heal first, or you might end up suffering a lot longer than two days. Often I ask my workaholic-cousin to tell me how many statues and monuments there are for people who went to work when they were sick. Do you know of any? No? That’s because it’s not heroic…

Today is poem day and I’ve selected one of the older ones for you again. Usually I only write when I’m miserable or angry (it makes me feel better) but I’ve been toying with the idea of trying to write a happy poem again, even though the last one didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped it would. I’m dabbling – so maybe soon there will be something new to look at, even if it’s crap. I was recently reminded by Greg that the best way to get over a writer’s blog is simply to keep going, and to write something every day. It reminded me of the FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) of a Usenet group I follow from time to time rec.arts.sf.composition – and more specifically the section dealing with terminology and acronyms that are unique to that group. “BIC: Butt in chair. Also sometimes lengthened to “Butt in chair, fingers on keyboard.” This is a frequently recommended method for getting past a variety of writing problems. Sometimes you just have to roll up your sleeves and get to work.” So I am revoking my excuses for not writing more (poetry and whatever else comes to mind). I don’t have to show everybody everything I tinker with but I’ll have nothing to refine if I don’t at least attempt a first draft, right?

Sweet Talking Madness


X-treme studying and poem of the week

17 May , 2007


It’s the final stretch now. By tomorrow this time I will have two down and two to go for the May/June exams. *Yay!* I am not going to write a Looooong deranged piece today to show you exactly how tired and wired I am – I’ll leave you with the poem of the week which is exactly the opposite of my mood right now. I am a bouncy, grinning, caffeine-driven, latin-maxim-spouting, clause-memorising MACHINE!!!

I am fully aware that I might be heading the way of the poem as soon as this rush leaves me though…so let me rather say in preparation for the mood that I am sure will be hitting soon here is my poem for the week.


Clicking on the picture will take you to DeviantART where you can learn more about the artist and the art (Aladin’s Cave by Callu)



Quick exam update and poem for the week

10 May , 2007

Tigger090507I wrote Civil Procedure yesterday. Hopefully I won’t have to write it again, ever. If I do, I hope that they at least ask for a new text book because I’d love to unleash a cleansing ritual by fire on this one. Exam hall in Randburg is still same-old-same-old, and I’m starting to feel like this is taking way too long because invigilators are waving at me like a long lost friend?!

On my way to the exam centre I got stuck in peak hour traffic…I was thrilled! (No I’m not being sarcastic – I really was). I got to cut off a rude taxi and had 40 minutes of listening to just what I wanted because I now have a shiny MP3 player in the car after the recent burglary. Bliss…

At the exam centre – a drama of a different nature unfolds:

Step 1: Course code changes after publication of selection list but before registration opens – subsequently students who do happen to get enrolled for the right course ends up slightly confused. (Only if they bother to look at the material before May…yes of course like me, although I already queried it with them on registration so I wasn’t all that confused)

Step 2: Receive numerous letters from UNISA explaining the curious phenomena all pretending it’s quite natural. Don’t be a bunch of babies – tone to it. (I don’t really care what they call it as long as I can get it over with).

Step 3: Arrive at the exam centre to find both codes on the seating list – writing in different locations. Confused students mull around aimlessly trying to figure out where to sit and go round asking every one “This is Civil Procedure right?” “Excuse me, are you writing Civil Procedure too?” “Do you know where the Civil Procedure students have to sit?”

I was tempted to say that it’s a trick question and if you sit in the wrong place they won’t mark your book – but I resisted – barely. 😉 It was perhaps the most appropriate way for this exam to start, because the subject matter is fairly similar in nature. Example: How does one know which is the right form to use in any given set of circumstances? Well the textbook says by process of elimination (but don’t get it wrong or your client will have costs awarded against them). Tell me that’s not vague enough to drive you to drink? Read the rest of this entry ?


Just as much fun as always

3 May , 2007

ice skating

I finally went ice skating tonight…whooohooo! I actually have my own skates because I detest those little Tupperware skates that you can rent at the rink. I don’t mind them on other people, it’s just that the first and last time I wore them I had the mother of all blisters and I have since convinced myself that I really skate enough to justify a proper set of own skates (which I don’t).

Must say skating during the week and on top of that outside of peak season (school holidays) is a completely different experience. For one – it’s empty. No one unexpectedly swerves in front of you or skids into you when you least expect it, which is nice. Also there is not a DJ in the box mumbling who-knows-what into his mike. I can never hear any of those guys so I usually just take my queue from the other people around. If it looks like a speed session is in the making I hightail it off the ice at once. I feel very much the same about speed sessions than I do about mosh pits. It’s a nice concept in theory but not one I particularly want to participate in. That and even though I can stay somewhat upright on my skates I have yet to master the art of stopping in a dignified and controlled manner. This is not the level of skill you want to display when speed skating. For me stopping entails slowing down first, and then flinging myself at the barrier. Crude but effective…

Anyway – I had a blast! And the hot chocolate afterwards was so perfect that I almost felt like purring.

I almost forgot that today was poem day…sheesh! These short weeks really mess with one’s routine doesn’t it? Here’s a little something to look at if you’re feeling somewhat but not completely mushy and emotional today. Not a new poem (I’ll see what I can do about that next week perhaps – I’m feel inspired when I’m miserable or stressed and I’m writing Civil Procedure on Wednesday so it shouldn’t be a problem). Hope you like it? As always clicking on the picture will take you through to, where you can learn more about the art and the artist: Reality Ends Here by Shadewind.

Off into the sunset

Reality Ends Here - Shadewind



26 April , 2007

It’s that time of the week again when I get to torture and or bore you to tears with a poem from my stock pile and for this week’s selection I have picked “Ode to my old Camels” (only slightly revised for blogging). The reason for this is that I am either very fortunate or very unfortunate in that even when I am completely smashed I can usually remember every…single…stupid…thing…that I did or said afterwards. Often I almost wish that I didn’t, but I do – and on Saturday when I was indeed quite smashed I promised someone that I would put up this particular poem today. Let it not be said that I go back on my word – albeit a slurred one uttered while weaving from side to side.

See, I have just recently joined the ranks of the non-smokers, ex-smokers and passive-smokers (1 year and 168 days ago – yes I still celebrate the little victories). I did not stop because I don’t like smoking…I absolutely adored smoking, and before turning into a quitter I never even traveled without a carton of Camel Filter in the boot of my car. There are still people even now that find it very hard to believe that I’ve actually kicked the habit and continuously ask me for a lighter every now and then.

I wrote this poem to try and clear my head while I was quitting. Of late I’ve realized that some stuff which is completely obvious to me needs to be explained just a little bit further, because not everyone has the same frame of reference. The only line I plan to explain is the rat-poison and rocket-fuel one. This originates from a poster they used to put up at schools here to show all the different kinds of toxins that could allegedly be found in just one cigarette. The two that always stood out for me was rat-poison and rocket-fuel…always made me giggle. I mean?! How am I supposed to take your poster seriously when you make claims like that?

Ode to my old camels…

Looooong, bizarre and somewhat tragic story of my actual quitting experience follows if you are interested. (Warning: This is not a 5 minute read). 😉 Read the rest of this entry ?