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Just about now

4 October , 2007


Poem day today…Hope you like it. 😉

Just about now


A very mushy post in honour of my two favourite kittens

26 September , 2007


Today was a very big day for two dear friends of mine. Lycan and Prr were finally reunited after months apart. It’s not my story to tell, but trust me when I say that these two share a love that is so pure and complete it makes you want to believe in Happy-Ever-After again. It has been an honour and privilege for me to get a sneak peek into their relationship, and to be able to spend so much time with the both of them during a very trying time for them. Please guys, take care of each other and what you have – it’s very special. Love you both – mwahhh! 😀

The news of their being together again has completely overshadowed any rants I had planned for today…I can always do that again tomorrow? 😉 Anyway, be prepared…I have in fact managed to secure a picture of MonoTone (in turquoise) and let me tell you this is no small feat. The woman scampers every time I even look like I’m opening my camera lens. I had to hide behind a filing cabinet to get the partial shot to show you – but more on that tomorrow.

Today is also poem day…and I have nothing suitable for the occasion! *note to self: fall madly in love and write some love poems dammit!* Instead of one of my own I thought you might enjoy this one by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. It’s very well known – but I still think it’s beautiful.

How do I love thee


Back in the saddle

20 September , 2007


Poem day today. 😀 Unfortunately I have nothing new for you this week since I have been spending too much time being sick and feeling sorry for myself. I went back to work today (even though I really wanted to stay in bed another day).

To illustrate exactly how much I wanted to stay home I’ll share with you that I actually overslept by a whole hour today! (That NEVER happens to me…), then I saw an accident on the way to the office (a mere 8 minutes after actually waking up – I did not even have time for coffee!). My first thought upon seeing the overturned taxi (and the subsequent traffic chaos) was that it was an omen to turn around and go home. When I got to the office MonoTone was already there and she gave me one look and suggested I get going back home because I looked like death warmed over, only the way it would look if it was actually glowing from fever. Nothing that brightens your day up quite as much as being told you look like shit when you already feel crap. I cried…(yes I was really that emotional). *sniff*

Anyhoo, I did not spend 8 minutes running around like a loon to just turn around at the first sign of trouble. I stayed the whole day, even after two more people suggested that I should think about going home. I had a voice today, albeit not my own. And I decided that if this one gave up on me too then that would be the sign I was waiting for. No such luck…it’s still with me. I wonder when I will talk like myself again. *sigh* I have one now that’s like a husky whisper almost.

Had a little chit chat to MonoTone today and somehow my friendship with Simma came up for discussion. We have been friends now since Std.6 and she’s been with me all the way back from when I was a problem child. MonoTone expressed some doubt as to how much of a problem child I could really have been. *hysterical laughter*. Oh, I think I did okay. 😉 But apparently I do not look fierce, scary or troublesome anymore?

For today’s poem I chose one that I wrote when I was 16. Sheesh! I sounded so angry…I like it. I want to reconnect with that fire again. Hope you enjoy it too. Have a kick-ass Thursday! 😀

Building a nation



12 September , 2007



Sit! Stay….

5 September , 2007


What an unfun day! Sheesh… I guess it just wasn’t my day? I could hardly keep my eyes open and my temper on simmer…in fact one of the cupboards sports a new dent. My day improved somewhat after that (nothing says stop f-ing me around like kicking a steel cupboard loudly).

Highlight of the day was seeing the last of ScooterGirl. Whooohooo! CVs have arrived en masse for the position. Some people have a very funny idea of what it takes to wow a would-be employer with a CV. I suspect there will be plenty more bizarre before we find a winner.

For instance today we had someone who reckons that doing double entry accounting is a specialised skill?! Look, my knowledge of this matter is flimsy at best, the last time I worried about it was at the end of Std7 before I dropped it for something more fun, but even I know that ALL ACCOUNTING IS SUPPOSED TO BE DOUBLE ENTRIED, FOOL!!! And in all things balance…That is what it’s all about in a nutshell. She’s coming in for an interview tomorrow morning – let’s hope she was trying to be funny.

Also when you state on the front of your CV that it is a short 2 page CV, it’s better when you don’t submit 4 pages…seriously. Despite the popularity of calculators, it’s nice to know that a person who is going to have unrestricted access to your accounting data knows the difference between 2 and 4?

Anyway…enough on that. It’s poem day today! 😀

I’ve been feeling very antsy lately…If I was still a problem child I would have taken to the open road (again) right about now. Does anyone else also have the urge to cut and run or start fresh every time that spring rolls past? I’m holding off on making any big decisions until I can make them with a clear head. It’s very tempting to make grand gestures though – I am just barely resisting.

Hope you have a kick-ass Thursday! 😉