X-treme studying and poem of the week

17 May , 2007


It’s the final stretch now. By tomorrow this time I will have two down and two to go for the May/June exams. *Yay!* I am not going to write a Looooong deranged piece today to show you exactly how tired and wired I am – I’ll leave you with the poem of the week which is exactly the opposite of my mood right now. I am a bouncy, grinning, caffeine-driven, latin-maxim-spouting, clause-memorising MACHINE!!!

I am fully aware that I might be heading the way of the poem as soon as this rush leaves me though…so let me rather say in preparation for the mood that I am sure will be hitting soon here is my poem for the week.


Clicking on the picture will take you to DeviantART where you can learn more about the artist and the art (Aladin’s Cave by Callu)




  1. Hi! All of the best 4 2day’s exam. Ace it! Jo-Ann

  2. I’m glad I dropped by on poem day. I like this one. It doesn’t feel like depression, perhaps because it is so relaxed. If it’s depression, it almost feels like a comfortable condition. Maybe that’s the scary thing about depression. It can be comforting.

  3. Hehehe… moenie my 1 Junie oorweldig met Latyn nie ok? 😀

  4. Step away from the coffee… no sudden movements!

  5. Jo-Ann: Thanks…I’m afraid it didn’t turn out that way. *sigh* On the positive side I already have the notes and the text book so I’ll save time and money when I REDO it. Crap.

    glandheim: I’m glad you like it, does it seem comfortable? I was going for listless, but I suppose comfortable works as well. (Every Thursday is poem day…OCD you know…there must be routine!)

    Da Mario: Ek belowe ek sal ‘n mental block op enige latyns sit op die 1ste! Ek sien verskriklik baie uit na die Ostendo partytjie. 🙂

    third world ant: I want to…but I just caaaaaan’t! 😦

  6. Good luck on your exam, and thanks for your comment I won’t send you any socks!!

  7. Hahaha! Thanks Tom. 🙂
    Maybe I can have a pre-lease version of your next invention?

  8. Sounds like you are having a typical exam syndrome :). I have a cousin who is a very happy man all the year around, but the exams’ time.

    He is also a party animal ;-p

  9. I’m happy to hear it’s a typical exam syndrome – at least I’m not alone? 😉

  10. i know what ur going throght im haveing the say problem

  11. just stay positive and uwill soon git what u hope for

    • Thanks Michelle 😉

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