11 October , 2007

I thought I was going to do a nice little write-up for you about the “joys” of call centers and the vast amount I’ve had to deal with since Truffle left for a month long visit to the states yesterday, but something much more significant has just happened so I’ll have to save that for later or perhaps even another day…

Word of caution: I am extremely upset at the moment about what happened and if you don’t feel like another rant about crime and lawlessness then click away right now.

My baby brother has just been robbed at gun point by a bunch of good for nothing fucking low life thugs (I am only leaving in these few strong words…I actually have a few more choice ones that can be heard but not seen at this stage). I am FURIOUS at them, and every single one just like them, who are forcing us to live like prisoners in our own homes, scared of our own shadows. Those who are giving our beautiful country a universally kak name for being dangerous. And specifically for touching one my own family – beating him even though he was not resisting. Putting a gun to my brothers head and cocking it. You stupid ASS-HOLES! How dare you?! You are killing this country and choking the hope out of it as effectively as the useless politicians we have.

My brother and Dylan were are their diving school for a course when the robbers swooped in. They kicked everyone around a bit and made off with the safe, wallets and phones, leaving everyone tied up with phone cords and other electrical wires. Then…THEY CAME BACK for pin numbers and to beat them up a bit more. The cheek…how arrogant must you be to come back?! But why not? Even if you get caught you’ll be out within the week, and there is no place in prison for you anyway.

My brother says that Dylan is as good as a contortionist and he managed to get himself loose and untie them all (Incidentally, this was Dylan’s second armed robbery for the day). My brother came home to cancel all his cards and his lock his phone, and when the police arrived at the scene my dad took him back to go and give his statement.

I am so mad I am shaking from head to toe. Better that I didn’t see any of this. My flight or fight instinct is set to fight…always. Especially when it comes to my brother. If you think that this is not a country at war then perhaps you should look again at the definition of guerilla warfare? Wikipedia says that the difference between guerilla warfare and robbery is that robbery is always aimed at the loot…so tell me, when a person gets killed in a “robbery” and nothing gets taken is it for the loot, or for the terror?

Ever heard of “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you?”. I wonder if the stupid criminals ever stop to think what they will feed themselves and their families when they’ve murdered every last farmer and there is no more food being produced? Who will they rob when every last wallet has fled the borders for safety and a change at survival, safety and sanity?

Well, fuck you. I’m not leaving. This is my country too and you can pry my phone and credit cards from my cold lifeless fingers you dim-witted rat-bastards! I am not giving anyone anything. And if you attack me you better be more than two and hope I don’t have a pen or a set of car keys with me.


People, please get some self defense training if you have not already done so. This really is not a time to be ignorant.

This is the best day ever – my brother is still alive (he’s a bit like a cat isn’t he?). 😀

Poem day was yesterday, and I owe you one. Well, this is more of a non rhyming ramble…but I hope you enjoy it anyway. 😉

Just take it


  1. […] have just read what happened to Louisa’s brother in Jhb yesterday.  I was not mugged yet but thinking about the fear and mistrust I experienced […]

  2. Sorry to hear that your brother became part of the crime statistics yesterday (that crime problem we don’t have according to our politicians…). I am very glad and thankful he is still with us. Bank cards, cell phones etc can be replaced, but a family member is irreplaceable. Look after him, after the initial shock has gone, he is going to need some TLC.

  3. Oi… *sigh*

    Best of luck… en ek’s bly jou boetie is okay! 😉

  4. hmmm…some of my relatives have gone through something similar! sad….

  5. nice poems, by the way!!

  6. Yeah… this country is definitely going to Hell. At least he’s alright. I’m definitely grabbing Pierre and leaving this country the first chance we get. It’s sad that it had to happen to your brother… But I like to think of this is a wake-up call.

    Realistically, you can either stay and risk something worse happening eventually (which is probable) or you can leave. Somehow you should consider yourself lucky if life gives you a wake-up call, not many people get that second chance.

    After all… is your or your family’s lives really worth, “This is my home?” That argument was worn thin years ago.

    Again, glad that he’s alright at least.

  7. A sad reflection of some within society who ‘tarnish’ the good name of our respective countries.

    You have expressed the anger that we all feel for those who commit such crimes.

  8. I’m glad your brother is fine Louisa.
    AND you have absolutely every single right to be angry and call them whatever you want.

  9. Judging from the comments I’m not the only one who feels strongly about this 🙂

    Marius: Thanks for the link! Glad to see you’re also not going to run.

    Michelle: I’m very grateful that he made it home in one piece. We’ve suggested to him that he should go for trauma counselling – but the decision is his. I really hope that he decides to go though.

    Da Mario: Dankie man…

    Chessalee: Unfortunately there are just too many people who have a similar story…
    Thanks for the compliment on the poems. 🙂

    Lycan: Thanks hun…I’m so glad that he’s okay too. 🙂

    I stand by what I said. I’m not leaving…if I go it will be to see somewhere new and meet new people not to run away from this mess – because I want to, not because I need to. It’s not about the stuff or the money, it’s about refusing to be afraid.

    My family is worth a lot to me – I love them all – but each one of them will have to decide for themselves if they stay or go. And knowing my family, they’ll all stay. We’re to stubborn to run. 😉

    philosophyoflife: Now if only there was something we could do with this anger to solve the problem. This has been on my mind on and off all day long, and every time I think about it I just get mad again.

    madamm: Thank you! Believe you me, I have been calling them some very interesting things.

  10. One’s analysis is a step to ease the anger..

  11. 🙂

  12. i am so sorry for you and yours louisa… i cannot imagine how scary that is- bloody great post though- especially the poem!

  13. Thanks angel, glad you liked it 🙂

  14. […] carefree and feels just a little bit invincible…I hope that it’s not forever. The last time this happened to my boet I was so angry! Now I feel kind of numb. Maybe it’s because they […]

  15. […] What I guess the point is that as dreams go, it’s not that far fetched. We have had armed robberies and home invasions up and down this street in almost every house but this one. My brother has been in multiple armed robberies (remember this?). […]

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