Poem Day : Guilt

6 December , 2007

Hehe…I might just be able to sneak this one in in the last half an hour of poem day – that’s a bit different than usual huh?

Sorry, I’ve been running, running and more running. Hopefully soon(ish) everything will settle down to a more manageable pace. Just to give you an idea, my feed reader tels me I’m about 100 posts behind with my reading too. Fear not, I am on my way. 😉

Here’s my poem for this week – I think it speaks for itself.



  1. I like it. I could identify with it. It’s short, but evocative of a particularly harsh moment.

  2. Only 100 behind … start to worry when your feedreader say more than 3000 unread items.

  3. KnotKeats: I’m probably imagining things, but there are one or two people who I think I’m getting a slightly cooler reception from since I’ve made it known that I’m leaving soon to go to Cape Town.

    I suppose it’s part of the process? 😐

    I’m glad you liked it… 🙂

    Marius: I don’t think my feed reader bothers pointing it out when it gets that high. When I went to Mozambique earlier this year for a week it ran up to 230 more or less and all the reader said was 100+.

    Seriously?! 3000?! Wow…

  4. very deep louisa…

  5. 🙂

  6. wauw that’s lovely… it really describes the way i’m feeling. I broke up with my boyfriend, who (before we started dating) was one of my best friends. After only two days of dating i was sure i had made a mistake and longed for the friendship we used to have. Still feel terrible, haven’t really talked to him since. Love the poem!!! (sorry for the whole story but i just have to right it down somewhere, i broke up yesterday…)

  7. Hi dumb, welcome here…

    Breaking up with someone really sucks, even more so when he was a good friend before because it’s just never the same afterwards. Good luck with picking up the pieces.

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