278 – 281 of 365

8 October , 2010

Day 278

278-365-201010051967 You could be forgiven for wanting to eat her up…but you can’t, cause she’s all mine! 😉

Day 279

279-365-201010061971When I got to the school to pick Nicola up all the walking and running kids were outside doing a crazy rain dance. When the first few drops fell there was a cheer of epic proportions that broke out on the play ground! 😀

Day 280

280-365-201010071973Helping grandma make sandwiches, usually means she gets to pinch a slice of bread to destroy. She like eating bread as long as there’s no butter on it – butter she likes to dig her little hands in and spread on things that would not normally be buttered, like herself. 😉

280-365-201010071974 Highveld thunder storm in the making – looks like those kids know all the right moves. It just so happened that I managed to do a little jig outside myself when the first big fat drops came down…which was fantastic! (and probably also the reason why my flu is back with a vengeance today). Still worth it though.

Day 281

281-365-201010081977I know she doesn’t look extremely impressed but I was. Reason being that I finally managed to get her to eat something I made myself. This round goes to mac & cheese mushed up with a fork and allowing Nicola to dig in there and play with her food while I feed her. Apparently she likes the feel of it between her fingers, for a few seconds anyway till she likes the feel of it flying through the air in any direction she slings it. 😆

We’ll fight the table manners fight some other day I think.

281-365-201010081978If you’re planning on having a kid of your own at some point I highly recommend you get your hands on a magaphter like this one. I don’t recall what it’s official name is so I will refer to it as a fruit sock. You stuff the sock full of fruit and your little darling can chew the hell out of it without any choking hazard or worries. There is plenty of juice all over but they get most in and I think the texture of the sock is nice on those little teething gums too. All that remains after the chewing is about a teaspoon full of mush that you rinse out. It’s genius – trust me, you NEED this thing.

Okay, well that’s me all caught up for now. I will most likely be back some time over the weekend with more photos and or a words only type of post.

Hope you all have a kick-ass weekend ahead!



  1. Ooh those “fruit sock” thingies are one of my favourite baby shower gifts!!!
    She really is the most gawjiss baby girl…

  2. Those fruit sock things are stunning! What an awesome idea 🙂

  3. Angel, thank you – I am a very proud mama.

    Laura, she LOVES it! Especially if I stick a few grapes in there. No apple though, even in the sock she refuses to eat that.

  4. I have never seen one of those fruit things! They would have come in handy when mine were going through the hand in mouth phase. I haven’t heard the word magaphter in *forever* takes me way back! 🙂

  5. Wow, that fruit sock sounds… odd. I must admit, I love shopping for baby showers – there are so many cool gadgets these days, plus all the cute teensy, tiny clothes 😉

    How are you both feeling? Is the coughing gone yet?

  6. Ness, it’s really a very clever thingamabob this! I’m happy that we finally found one, because they’re not available everywhere.

    Tamara, the coughing is MUCH better thank you. 😀 Between me and Nicola I’m still barking the most though but it’s down to a manageable level at least. How was the braai – sorry again we couldn’t make it.

  7. You are so right it saying you just wanna eat her up.

  8. Fairy girl, 😀 I know right?! If it was possible to kiss someone broken, she’d be in big trouble.

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