276 – 277 of 365

8 October , 2010

Day 276

276-365-201010031956 Cruising all over! Oh yes, and either she’s lost a lot of weight on her bum since she started crawling or all of her pants just suddenly lost their elastic bands. One of my colleagues was telling me this week that his three year old son is still wearing some of his 6-12 month clothing, especially the pants because they leave a lot of room for diapers in there – now it just fits like a regular pair of pants without the diapers.

I’ll have to keep that in mind before I give away the next bath of clothes.

276-365-201010031958Tigger, enjoying a bit of sunshine.

276-365-201010031959Bath duckies also make excellent chews! 🙂

Day 277

277-365-201010041960A little gift we put together at work for a colleague whose second son is due any day now. They said that they had everything already so we figured you can never have enough of these, right? 😉

277-365-201010041963 Aaaaah…snooze time. 🙂


  1. Kiara still has and wears some shorts they say 18-24 months :-p

    Nappies do take up lots of space!

  2. LOL… disposable nappies, mesh “fruit socks”, wall socket plug covers and lots of toiletries!

  3. Laura, really?! Wow, well it’s good to know. I’m going to need a bigger cupboard. 😐

    Angel, shopping list? Wall socket plugs don’t work on my kid – she tries to chew the cables. 😆

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