282 – 290 of 365

18 October , 2010

Day 282

We attended what will surely be the first of many 1st birthday parties (following last year’s baby boom of course). The birthday girl was not at all impressed with her party frock because it interfered with her walking manouvres. Shame, she kept stepping on the hem and face-planting all over the place until someone finally took pity on her and changed her into something more practical. One of the other party goers was dressed all in white and apparently due at another birthday party straight after. The mom tried her level best to keep baba clean-ish, but sitting next to my Nicola really didn’t help. She kept feeding this little girl cheese curls and marshmallow ice creams. By the time she left she was a proper sticky mess (as they should be after a party, right?). 😉

Day 283

283-365-201010101983The cutest face in the world to wake up to.

Day 284


Playtime on the lawn before dinner happens to be one of my favourite times of day with Nicola. She loves playing outside…one of her favourite things to do is to crawl around full speed trying to stuff random leaves in her mouth because she knows that I will chase her to get them out again. It’s probably harmless – I’m more or less comfortable that the plants in our garden are not toxic, but you never know when someone else’s leave wafts over the wall, right? Anyway, I though since she loves sticking leaves in her mouth so much she might be ready to try salad, but it seems she’s only keen on smashing that in her little fist for now.

Day 285

On this day, I decided to take my FILTHY car for a little drive through wash. So sorry for the foul weather we’ve been having. Aren’t you glad I didn’t vacuum, or we’d have snow by now! I decided to take Nicola along, she was fascinated with the washy rollers.

Day 286

Behold! A jakaranda tree. I was driving round with Sparrow and mentioned that all the jakarandas are looking very pretty this time of year. He then says to me, “Is that lavender?” Mmm, I would have just called it purple, but okay, I guess it is. So I said yes. To which he replied that he didn’t realise they even grew that big, or that they were trees. Hahahaha! Turns out he wasn’t talking about the colour after all. Now he calls me a liar! 😆

286-365-201010132012Having a grand time investigating the glass sliding door.

Day 287

Rainy rainy day. I have come to realise that as far as waterproofing solutions go, an umbrella is pretty damn useless when you already only have one hand to do what you need to do.

Count them with me if you want: You need one for the baby, one for the bag, and one for doing things like opening and closing doors and gates. As you can see the standard human is already one arm short, but you can of course juggle the bag to the baby hand for a few seconds while you open doors, so most get by. If you throw an umbrella into the mix you’re screwed. You cannot have baby, bag, umbrella all in one hand so the other can open the gate (unless your kid is at the age/stage where you can convince them to hang on to the bag and brolly)…so you’ll just end up standing outside, hands full, still getting wet.

The way to go is to make peace with the fact that you will get wet and to throw a blanket over the baby and bag (all in one hand) while the other hand does the gate. Just so you know…I’m sure you’ve all been losing sleep over how this works and so on. After learning this lesson I rocked up to work looking like a half-downed rat, possibly even three quarters drowned really. But… at least now I know.

Day 288

On Friday night my cuzz Arkwife decided to drop by for a surprise visit because apparently the whole of Krugersdorp hasn’t had consistent power in days. She brought her daughter a.k.a Arkbaby along and our two girls seemed to get on just fine. I’m afraid we were not the best impromptu hosts since my mom was busy preparing a wedding cake for the next day and I was drop-dead tired.

Arkwife was telling me that she’s been having a rough week with Arkhubby out of town and her having to do everything herself…welcome to my world cuzz. Hahahaha! but seriously, complaining to a single mom that your partner hasn’t been around for a day or two to help is like moaning at a guy with one leg that you’re in agony because you stubbed your toe. 😉

It was nice catching up with my cuzz for a change, and it really was very cute to see the baby-girls play so nicely together. That Arkbaby has a really sunny smile that literally stretched from ear to ear, and I got a little taste of what’s to come when Nicola starts running. That kid is fast as lightning!

Day 289


Saturday was my cousin Albert’s wedding at Shelanti in Pretoria. What a gorgeous venue! Unfortunately I missed the ceremony because I had to take Nicola outside (she was trying her level best to break the place down at top volume and I thought they might want to hear something else than NANANANANANANA on their wedding video).

289-365-201010162053 289-365-201010162055

It was great seeing all the family again and having a chance to catch up on gossip and what-not, but poor Nicola was not having the best of times and in the end I kind of thought that it might have been better if I had stayed home with her instead. I think it might have been our last formal-ish event together until she’s a bit older.

I can’t believe my munchkin is sick again…after we just spent almost the whole of September fighting off fevers and runny noses, coughs, pink eyes, gastro and major teething drama. *sob* I really hope she feels better soon so we both can get some sleep again.

Day 290

I didn’t get to take a photo. I was too tired to give a crap about the camera. Instead I will add this little pink panther picture for you here, but don’t ask me why. 😆 I mean it! Don’t ask…

pink panther



  1. Tee hee hee….hey, a stubbed toe still hurts 😉 It was great to see you though, even if you guys were busy and not quite into visitors. I’m just glad I didn’t have to sit in a dark house alone. The power’s sorted now though, yay!

  2. Shame man, I’m glad you’re power’s on again. And I know toe stubbing hurts like hell…guess I just have a bit of leg envy? 😉

  3. So nice to see a pic of Arkbaby! She’s grown so much. Love the last two pics of Nicola sitting on the grass, investigating.

    And I’m so going to buy you an umbrella hat. Aside from keeping you dry, I’m sure it will give your daughter a good giggle.

  4. Tamara, yip – Arkbaby has grown up plenty. She’s very cute. I will wear the umbrella hat gladly, as long as it’s NOT pink. 😉

  5. She is just so cute…
    Its things like photographing your baby every day with a date and a little story to go with it that make me wish I had been able to blog since I was pregnant with my knucklehead!

  6. Angel, I like sharing little bits of my day with Nicola and hoe she develops into a little person more and more with you guys. I really should write some other stuff too though, I’m sure I’m boring some people to tears with my mommy blogging – but I’m just sooo tired half the time. I have very good intentions really, it will come again soon I’m sure. 😉

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