1 January , 2016

So 2015 has without a doubt been my worst blogging year ever! 27 post pffft!

Of course I had my reasons, but I would very much like to get back on the soap box, so to speak.

However…I need some new direction since the things I usually wrote about are a bit off limits now, so imagine how thrilled I was to come across this list of prompts on Megan and Gina’s blogs that seem like a very workable list to me and my limits.


Here’s the list:

1. What do you want your great-great-great-grandkids to know about you?
2. What DIY projects are on your spring to-do list?
3. What do you consider to be your biggest achievement?
4. What do you lie about?
5. What are your top 5 pieces of clothing?
6.Share a DIY Tutorial for handmade Valentines.
7. List the best movies and TV shows for binge-watching on a rainy weekend.
8.Create a series of date night guides for your city.
9. What do you love about your current life?
10. What are you looking forward to right now?
11. Share your goals and resolutions for 2016 and discuss what you want your life to look like one year from now.
12. What is one new thing you want to learn this year?
13. What are you ready to let go of this year?
14. Share your best soup recipe.
15. Write the beginning of a scary story and let your readers decide what happens next.
16. Show your readers 5 different ways to decorate pumpkins.
17. What are your biggest long term dreams?
18. If you were to run a kickstarter campaign, what would your project be?
19. Keep a gratitude journal for a week and share the entries.
20. Share some old family photos.
21. Do research on your family tree and share what you find.
22. What is one holiday tradition you want to start in your family?
23. Share things you have pinned that you want to try before the end of the year.
24. Best on-the-go breakfast recipe.
25. 10 songs I love right now.
26. Pet peeves.
27. Whats in my handbag?
28. Whats in my fridge?
29. If I won the lottery…
30. An average day.
31. My 5 favourite blogs
32. Half way through the year, how are the goals coming?
33. Happy Fathers Day! What is awesome about your dad and your kids’dad?
34. What tips do you have for a newbie gardener?
35. Favourite coffee recipe
36. What books do you want to read before the year is over?
37. What about people’s cellphone habits drive you nuts?
38. Share a home made ice cream recipe
39. What’s in your beach bag?
40. 24 July is national tequila day! Share a recipe for a tequila cocktail!
41. Share a Christmas DIY tutorial.
42. Share a series of photos that tell the story of your Christmas.
43. What is on your giving wishlist for this year? What cool things would you want to give to someone else?
44. What do you do when you are home all alone?
45. Things I would do if I was brave…
46. Other lives I would want to live if I had nine lives…
47. A picture of you, last year and now, what has changed?
48. What three things do you want your children to learn from you.
49. Five ways to win your heart.
50. Post your zodiac sign and whether it fits you.
51. If I could have any celebrity chef prepare dinner for me who would it be?
52. List 3 things I would like to do differently for Christmas this year…

Oh yes, happy new year kids! Go make it a good one… 🙂


  1. Yay!!! Awesome to have you on board 🙂

    • I’m really looking forward to it, thanks! 🙂 On 01 Jan 2016 7:10 AM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


  2. Ek wil ook meer blog in 2016. Sal beslis n paar gebruik van hierdie lys 🙂

    • Ek was regtig sleg met blogging in 2015. Ek voel soms asof ek my stem verloor het! On 01 Jan 2016 8:07 AM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


  3. So sad you don’t blog as often as you used to do. Miss all the pink terrorist shenanigans. We should plan a date soon. Don’t want to see her next when she is about to get Ito high school.

  4. YAY! So happy to hafve you on board! Looking forward to seeing your posts 🙂

  5. I missed a whole month of blogging in December…and I need ideas…so thank your for sharing.

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