Poem Day: Get Well Soon…

13 December , 2007

It’s been a couple of hectic or gloomy days on this bloggy of mine, and I thought I’d use today to lighten it up a little. So you get to see this poem from my archives called “Get Well Soon…” and it had a little bit of history attached to it.

This is my Hallmark wannabe poem, written for my ex-boss (at the time just my boss) after he had a motorcycle accident and was lying in ICU (he managed to drive into a stationary truck somehow). Everyone at the company and the factory was very worried about him and obviously they all wanted to go see him, which we thought might be a slight problem for the hospital, his family and obviously production (the show must go on).

We set up one of those huge presentation boards with the enormous sheets of paper and a few colourful markers and pens and let everyone write something on there for him. This was my contribution to his enormous “card”.

Get Well Soon

Other than that, the only news I have for you today is that it’s annual check-up day. This tradition was created last year by me and Esmeralda – and nervous and uncomfortable as I am going there I really do wish that everyone will take the time to do it. Do I really need to say it? Okay…I will. Early detection can save your life, mostly there is nothing to worry about – but with one out of every 10 women (these are old stats off an cancer insurance policy flyer, so I stand to be corrected on how accurate they are) suffering from either breast or cervical cancer at some point in their lives – do you really want to take the gamble and not go?

Wish me luck – here goes nothing… 😉

Hope you have a kick-ass day!


  1. ooer, that reminds me- i have to go to the gynae SOON…

  2. *sigh*
    I have to find a new one and go again in March – they want to do more tests apparently.

    As you can imagine, I am not a happy puppy 😦

  3. Hey Louisa, My names Anna and I’m from the UK, I was just looking at some pics on Google image search to make a card for my bro who’s in hosp at the mo..and i came across your poem…amazing! you have a creative unique imagination accompanied by an amazing flow..it actually bought a tear to my eye but saved by the humorous finalising line.. although I don’t know you I hope everything went well as stated above you weren’t a happy puppy. Also I wish you the very best for your future if you do end up publishing, which I urge YOU SHOULD…I hope everything goes according to plan because as I have witnessed you have talent! KEEP IT UP!! feel free to think I’m weird!!! Bless.

  4. Hi Anna! 🙂
    Thank you very much for the kind words and the compliments. I do not think you are wierd, don’t worry. I’m glad that you enjoyed the poem and I really hope that your brother will be better soon – why is he in hospital? Is it serious?

    I have thought of publishing in the past, and I’ve entered a couple of competitions from time to time – but publishing a book of poems limits you because there are not alot of people that would actually go out and buy a whole book – especially not from someone that they don’t know or have never heard of.

    I like to interact with people that read my poems, and the real joy I get from it is how it makes me feel when I write it anyway. That’s why I decided to “publish” it here on my very own blog and let anyone who wants to have a look.

    I hope that you will visit my blog again in future, and that you find more stuff here that you like? It was nice to hear from you in any event. Thanks again for the compliment… 🙂

    Please let me know how your brother’s doing?

  5. hey louisa, I’m glad that you replied too… not many do, well, you’re the first I’ve ever actually commented on and who’s actually worthy of praise by anyone I’ve ever come across! It must be a great feeling knowing there’s people out there who enjoy reading your poems…like myself..but being noticed and complimented on is another. The fact that you replied makes me eager to read on…and once again….GO FOR IT AND DON’T GIVE UP! There’s always hope and quoted by Andy Worhol,
    “everybody will be famous for at least 15 minutes!” your time has come and will never end!

    My brother is called Antonio and he’s 26, it started off as a chest infection, although the NHS is free in the UK, it’s rubbish. They’re never accurate as to what’s wrong and they seem to think that if someone’s been shot and bleeding to death, they can survive for a whole hour…just can’t get the staff nowadays!!
    Well anyway, it progressed from a chest infection to a hole in his lung and a sac of fluid, and the fact that his lungs are 50% bigger than they should be, it doesn’t help the situation, he’s been through 2 ops already in the past 2 weeks and he has another coming tomorrow, my mums worried that we wont make in time to move out of town in May, as her English isn’t up to scratch, we can’t do much without my bro! Apparantley according to the doctors he’s making a speedy recovery and everything should go well. I told my bro about you and your amazing poems and he loved it, he looks forward to seeing you, your blog and your creation!!

    I’d like to say thank you for actually replying and believe it or not and I may sound sad but you’ve made my day! It goes without saying…I’m def going to stay in touch as I’ve added this blog to my favourites.. so be prepared to be bombarded by my comments!!

    As they say over here in the UK …”Nuff Luv!!” Basically lots of love and look forward to hearing from you..AND DON’T GIVE UP!

  6. Hi Anna,

    Oh I’ve heard about the NHS there. Here is South Africa the government hospitals are also notoriously rubbish, and where possible people make sure that they have medical aid or at the very least a hospital plan so that they can go to a private hospital if something should go wrong.

    I really hope that your brother gets better soon, I can just imagine how upsetting this must be for you – I have a brother too and we are very close. If something had to happen to my brother I’d go nuts!

    I saw you sent me a message on facebook too. 🙂 I look forward to many more chats with you in future Anna. And thanks again for all the lovely compliments…not sure I deserve that much praise, but hey! you made my day too. 😀

  7. I think the poem is really nice it makes me cry lol! I am showing this to my mums firend little sue she is in hospital because of cancer.

  8. I’m glad you liked it Shannon. It made you cry? 😐 Its supposed to make you laugh! I hope your mom’s friend gets better soon…please tell her I said good luck.

    What kind of cancer is it? Is she in a lot of pain?

  9. awwww!!! i real like that peom it is realy cute

  10. Thank you! 🙂

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  13. Thank you!

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