It’s starting to make some sense

30 December , 2009

Yesterday Nicola was not a happy camper. Poor kid has somehow managed to get constipated! How exactly this happens when all I send down is milk I have no idea, but it was clear by last night that she was very uncomfortable with the whole situation and not keen to suffer in silence.

Sparrow helped me swoop out of here looking for a pharmacy that might still be open at 21:30 (no luck on that by the way) and in the middle of all the chaos I send Jenty a text asking her if she knew what I could give Nicola to make her feel better. Once again she had some great suggestions! 😀

I’m very glad I already had everything in the baby first aid kit at home – but I would just like to point out that I’m starting to understand how I ended up with 4 bottles of this after my baby shower!

AI - Telement Paediatric Colic Drops 30ml NEW

You guys could have said something…I think I need to do more reading about this stuff. It’s nerve wracking being the novice on baby medicines.

And please, someone, tell me WTF do I use the Gripe Water for because I have 5 bottles of that so it must be important too? I’ve seen people dip dummies in it – will I still be able to harness its better-making powers if my baby refuses to even look at a dummy?



  1. I saw an insert by Sister Lillian that you can massage her left foot just below the ball of the foot when you see her straining. This apparently works a shot as well at relieving constipation. Who knew?!

  2. The gripe water is like the colic drops… same sort of thing. You can even out a few drops in her milk to help a little to relieve gas and cramps.
    Good luck!

  3. What Angel said. Also, for constipation, you can try gently massaging her tummy in a clockwise direction or working her legs in a cycling motion. And, depending on how far you’re willing to drive/desperate you are, Unitas hospital in Centurion has an excellent 24-hour pharmacy. Poor kid. Hope she’s feeling better soon!

  4. Gripe water does the same as Telement except it’s not as effective, but it will work if you alternate between that and telemant and the no 8 tissue salts (or if you’ve run out).
    The other important thing to remember is that Gripe water has alcohol in it, and I was always loathe to give that to my kids, you can actually get alcohol free gripe water.
    Remember what I said last night… telement works best giving it to her 10 minutes before the feed (so before you change her nappy). Get a syringe to give her muti, it’s much easier to get it in her

  5. As for the dummy, it’s a learnt thing. Which types of dummy have you tried? Nuk is the easiest to get a baby to suck, or else try the honey dummies
    btw that will also help with the tummy bubbles… it gets the tummy working when she sucks.

  6. Gripe water did nothing for my kids but Victoria had colic and lived on Telemant drops for the first 12 weeks LOL

  7. Thanks for all the advice guys – I really appreciate it. At the moment I’m alternating between the Telament drops, the Tissue salt no 8, and the stuff the pharmacist gave me to help the process along. Also, she’s decided to take a dummy after all and the gripe water is going on that.

    *drums fingers*

    Now we just have to wait for all this to work through and sort out the problem.

  8. I used telament for both babies – worked better on Kiara tho. If I had know about the tissue salts I would have used thoughs.

    The gripe water only worked for Cam – dipped his dummy in it – worked wonders 🙂

  9. Laura, they all seem to be helping Nicola to some extent. Also the pharmacist and a few new mommies that we know told us that formula babies almost all have this problem and the way to sort it out is to add a tiny bit of sugar to each bottle. Strange isn’t it?

  10. Remember the tissue salts I gave you for your baby shower? And the bottle of colic drops? Here’s what to do with them.

    1. Boil some water in the kettle.
    2. Let it cool.
    3. Crush 1 x Mag Phos tissue salt tablet
    4. Add 10 drops of the telament colic drops
    5. Mix together in 5ml of the cooled, boiled water
    6. Administer orally before EVERY feed using a syringe/medicine dropper

    – dont mix in with milk because she wont finish every single bottle. it’s important it be given before the feed so it can work properly.

    also, dont bother with gripe water. If you’re desperate use Bennetts’ Colic Mixture. Expensive but worthwhile.


  11. and for constipation…..get some glucose syrup from the pharmacy. works wonders.

  12. ExMi, thanks! I’ll give it a try…she’s on the glucose syrup from the pharmacy already – yesterday we had to add the glycerin suppositories to the equation, poor baby. She’s starting to feel better now at least.

  13. I know how you feel, I use Telament with almost every feed 🙂

  14. Fairy Girl, me too but I’ll be honest: I’m not getting as much joy out of them as I had hoped for. My kid is clearly still uncomfortable as heck – so I’ll keep on trying other remedies too till I find one that fits, poor baby. 😐

  15. Can someone tell me why they say that telament colic drops are not to be dispensed to your baby from the bottle? I find that it works best by not adding water or milk? I browsed the net and cant find an answer. PLEASE.

  16. Cornette, I’ll take a guess that it’s probably so that you can see exactly how much you’re giving the baby. If you put it in another container first you can always throw some out if there’s too much whereas if you dispense it straight from the bottle that’s that? Just a guess mind you – I could be wrong.

  17. hey everyone i use the telament and want to know if i am using it correct.Put 12drops in the bottle with the milk and do this with every feed am i doing it right?

  18. janine, sounds about right from what I remember – but it’s been a while. All I know is that it didn’t help for us at all – if your baby has colic why not give a chiropractor a try, it works like a miracle.

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