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Pet peeves

25 June , 2016

Haha…I have a “few”!

I’ll try to contain myself to my top button pushing ones, or we might be here for a while.

1. Messing with my people, especially my daughter
Look. We grew up learning to stand up for ourselves, a life skill that has proven to be very valuable. So even though I want to go charging in, sword drawn, for even minor infringements, I usually contain myself to the battles I consider BIG. But if you ever encounter me charging in on one of those…run and hide, or start furiously waving a white flag. It won’t end well if you don’t.

2. Self pity
I’m not going to feel sorry for you, if you have it covered already.

3. Micro managers
Didn’t know this was my pet peeve until I had to deal with one. If you get your kicks out of making people feel stupid and inept, I’ve got no time for you.

4. Being late
My dad always says, “Punctuality is the politeness of kings.” I’m usually about half an hour early for every thing.

5. Last minute plan changes for no apparent reason
It gives me a serious case of the grumps.

6. Whining
You can ask for something without being a pain in the arse about it. That kind of thing doesn’t wear me down either. I actively discourage it in the kids. The more you whine, the less likely I am to give in on something. Let your no be your no, and your yes be your yes.

7. Taking things or people for granted
I think this is pretty obvious. If it’s been done to you, it’s probably one of your pet peeves too.

8. Breaking promises and lying
Yes = yes
No = no
If you go around making commitments you couldn’t be bothered to keep, everything that comes out of your mouth after that has a “Yeah, right!” banner hanging over it for me.

9. Sexism, subtle or otherwise
Don’t tell people they can’t do something just because of what they have between their legs. Unless it’s something that you need that specific body part for, I don’t see the relevance.

10. Telling me, “You have to understand” when you’ve wronged me.
I don’t. Especially not when I’ve paid for something you didn’t deliver. See lying and yes =yes, no =no.

I am pretty straight forward actually. Just do what you said you would and don’t be a jack-ass and almost none of these get triggered.

T, who works with me…said I remind her of this fairy. Haha, yes I can see why.




What are your pet peeves?


10 Songs I love right now

25 June , 2016

P!nk – I don’t believe you
Snow Patrol – if there’s a rocket tie me to it
21 Pilots – Stressed out
Lucas Graham – 7 years
Anna Kendric – Cups
Justin Bieber – Love yourself
Breaking Benjamin – Diary of Jane
Ellie Goulding – How long will I love you
Linkin Park – Faint
Shakira – La Tortura

A pretty mixed bag I guess 😉

Somehow I’ve managed to run behind with these posts again. Expect some catch ups…


Best on-the-go breakfast recipe

14 June , 2016

Or leftovers.
Or something I can eat in the car without messing too much.
Generally I’ll just have coffee and then grab something at work when I get there.

Nicola needs some sort of protein in the morning, but she doesn’t eat eggs, which complicates things a bit. Some mornings she does toast and ham, some mornings she just wants peanut butter straight from the jar. I could do up a proper breakfast for her, but she’s not a morning person and tends to squeeze every possible second of sleeping before we get going…so it’s always a bit of a rush.

Steve doesn’t really wat breakfast, except on Sundays. Then we do our weekly big fry up at his parents’ place.

What’s your go-to breakfast?


Share things you have pinned that you want to try before the end of the year

5 June , 2016


I think you’ve seen quite a few of my pins already, so I’ll show you a few I’m trying and have tried for today’s family lunch.

I should just point out that baking isn’t really my thing. When I do it, it’s a labour of love…and I expect people to eat it and enjoy it regardless of how it looks. 😉
First up – Rasberry Chocholate Tart


Nailed it! Hahaha! (I was telling Nicola I don’t know how they get their rasberries to behave like that and she said, mom you only need 4 things…concentration, concentration, concentration and concentration).


Seconly, a Pear and Almond Tart.


Now mine…(someone used up all the foil between me seeing it, and me needing it. So I Macguyvered it used another pie dish to weigh it down with the poor beans, and it worked I guess, but it ripped a side off when I removed it. Soldier on I say!).


And my pears got halfway swallowed by the filling…

For my last trick I’m going to try these:


I don’t see how this could go wrong. They are meant to look lumpy. I’m pretty sure I can pull that look off.


What is one holiday tradition you want to start in your family?

4 June , 2016


What holiday are we talking about? School holiday?

Well, for Nicola I want her to have the camping magic in school holidays that I used to have. That’s coming along nicely.

I guess overall, as a family, I’d like us to spend much more time outside, in green places, wide open spaces, less in shops, less time entertaining the kids and more time for them to just play in the dirt or look at the stars or whatever, less TV more laughing less shouting, boardgames, proper food, decent sleep, reading…breathing deeply. Simple things.

Not just for holidays. I want that for every days too.