It’s been one of those weeks…if you know what I mean?

18 April , 2013


Happiness is…


If you’re my fb friend, you’ve probably seen this one already…


My dad and my brother, chilling on the stoep…


Big smile! 😀


Another gorgeous sunrise…


Yesterday Nicola gave me such a hard time about getting dressed that by the time we got to her school we were both in tears. Therefore I announced yesterday afternoon that I was going to start waking her up an hour earlier each day and make her dress herself!

Last night at my parents’ house she decided that she wanted to give the jacuzzi bath a spin and I just dressed her in a track-suit after, so she’s already missed out on the first instalment of this next adventure.  My mom says if it will keep her out of trouble, she’s more than welcome to come and enjoy the jacuzzi every night…Lucky fish! 😉

Oh yes, and I must tell you what she said this week. I had my sunglasses on one afternoon and Nicola saw her own reflection in them. The glasses warped it just enough that she didn’t recognise herself straight away. So she said, “Hallo! What’s your name? My name is Nicola…with the perfect hair.” Mwahahaha! Too funny! She does get that a lot wherever she goes, so not all that surprising I guess. 😉

Tomorrow I’ve moved around all my meetings and taken a day’s leave. The school kindly let me know on Monday that there will be an open day for this Kwanda business that I’ve been so opposed to (and was subsequently bullied into), so naturally I want to go have a look at what exactly goes on there. They put our class’ time-slot at such a stupid time of the day (10:15) that it really doesn’t make sense for me to battle my way into town on either side of that, plus I’m pretty sure once my pink terrorist spots me there will be big crocodile tears if I leave her at school for the second time in one day.

So I reckon it might be an excellent opportunity for a bit of adventure, and a chance at wrapping up this hairy week with a fun Friday for both of us. I was playing with the idea of hitting the zoo, but I see they’re forecasting some pretty unpleasant weather for tomorrow so maybe we need an indoor adventure instead. Any suggestions?



  1. She’s too funny to talk to her reflection in your sunglasses!
    It HAS been one of those weeks but it has also (for me) been a lot better than previous weeks. Enjoy your day off tomorrow. Everyone raves about that Sci Bono centre in Jhb. Maybe you could do that?

    • Sci-Bono is definitely on the someday list but maybe when she’s a little bit older.

  2. It really has been one of those weeks. Enjoy your day off today. I am headed off to my brothers wedding in the bush to see how cold I can get wearing a strappy cocktail dress. Hope you are warmer:)

    • Sheesh! It definitely wasn’t strappy dress weather here this past weekend! Hope you didn’t freeze…

  3. 😆 😆 Nicola is too funny and I like her confidence – Nicola with the perfect hair 🙂 🙂

    It definitely is not outdoor weather so far, but hope you enjoy your day off.

    • Thanks…we ended up going to the cinema and having pizza at a restaurant. It was way too cold to do an outside activity.

  4. Oh she does have perfect hair!
    Enjoy the day – bloody miserable

    • She really does! Hahaha…obviously hears it a lot too. 😉

  5. I hate it when things like these get scheduled at such impossible times. I get you – very frustrating.
    I hope you enjoy your off day today.

    • Thanks…I’m glad I made a plan to go. Write-up later…

  6. did you have a fun off day? I’m curious as to how this activity demo went!!! 🙂

    • Yes and no, I’ll tell all in a bit.

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