Eeverything and then some…

22 April , 2013


Look at the happy little face! 😀


Parentals having waffles at the Milk Cafe’…


Brother bear and Pink Terrorist…



Hang in there, there are only a few more left of the Balitto photos. 😉

Let’s just get it out of the way so we can talk about the rest of this past weekend’s happenings…blast and damned! It was bloody freezing this weekend. It’s going to be a loooong winter if it feels like this in April already!

Now, on with the rambling:

Open day and our off day adventure:

As I mentioned last week, Nicola’s school had an open day for the Kwanda Kinetics program on Friday and I decided to take a day’s leave so that I could attend. No gymnastics were performed so I didn’t need to get stroppy with anyone, thank goodness…

What they showed us: at first the children performed a little musical number where left and right played a big roll. Nicola was very enthusiastic in this part. Honestly it was so flippen cute! My little girl was just beaming and I could tell that she really enjoyed it (note to self: must see about more dance extra murals for pink terrorist). The number ended with some co-ordinated screaming and the instructor told us that they do this to see who might have a sensitivity to noise. You could actually clearly see it, out of the whole bunch only one little girl kept shutting her ears when they were shouting.

Next up they did an obstacle course where they first had to walk backwards along a rope put out in a curvy route, then crawl through a series of hoops and then get over a few hurdles. The instructor said that if the kids had a problem identifying where they were in space they would automatically turn around and face forward when they got to a bend in the rope…we clearly saw that happening on a few of the kids. I forget now what the hoops was means to test but the hurdles were to see how their balance was because they needed to stand on one leg to get over them, again you could clearly see that a couple of the kids were battling with this.

So my conclusion on the whole show and tell: Nicola had absolutely no problems with any of the excercises that we got to see, which is both not a surprise to me and a relief. I can however see that there are kids that really do battle and I can imagine that the classes must be a great benefit to them. So I will button my lip about this (provided they keep adhering to my no gymnastics for my baby rule) and let her carry on with it. Who knows, maybe there will come a time when there’s something she needs a bit of extra work on and this could very well be an early catch to something like that?

My own little winge: I’m pretty sure we did these kinds of things as a normal part of our nursery school day though, if not in the class then at least on the playground? The school has just sent out letters asking for people to donate old TV sets…maybe they should rather use the space for backward rope obstacle courses instead?  

For our adventure we ended up going to the mall to see a movie. Not my first choice but unfortunately the weather was so foul that we really couldn’t do much else.

We had a slice of pizza each at Panarotti’s and then went to watch Croods in 3D. Nicola was such a card in the cinema! She was prancing around with those glasses before the previews started, dancing around and generally trying to entertain everyone – but as soon as the movie started she refused to wear them, so she saw the movie twice…on the same screen, very blurry. I quite enjoyed it though, lovely movie. 😉

Oh, the one thing she did before was asking everyone is they were okay. Everyone, as in the whole cinema! The gentleman behind us kindly took it upon himself to answer her “Is everyone allright” every time, because she did not stop asking until someone answered. It was adorable! Luckily she stopped that once the movie started because even though most people in there had children with them, I don’t think they would have thought that so cute once the film started properly. 😉


It has been absolutely ages since I’ve seen my dear old friend Esmeralda and her family so you can imagine how excited I was that we arranged to see them on Saturday afternoon.

Wow! Those boys of hers have both grown up so much!

It was great to catch up and I really hope we don’t wait so long again before we see each other. You know how it goes though, you arrange something and someone gets sick…I think from now on people will just have to see me whether I have a red nose or not.

Oh! On a side marvel – her dad was also there and we got talking about all kinds of stuff. Imagine this for a second. Es and I have been friends for probably 6 or 7 years now, and we just discovered that we are sort of related! Hahaha…my ex-uncle who lives in Botswana is her dad’s cousin. Small world hey? 😉

Rebranding when you think no one will notice:

You may be aware that my daughter is a very big fan of Creme Soda? Well she is their number one fan to be honest.

Well, the dear people of Sparletta have gone and changed their label. Not a lot, mind you – just a little bit. And my little consumer noticed it straight away!

She’s not impressed by the way. She accused my mom of buying fake crème soda and refuses to drink it unless we pour it where she doesn’t see the offending label on the bottle. Mwahaha! I said to my mom it must be a December baby thing? My brother (also a December baby), also used to get himself worked up about labels and I could never have cared less about it as long as I got what I wanted in the end.

Of course it would happen then:

So…I’ve been toying with the idea that I really should attempt to write a book, possibly even write more than one. I have actually been pretty sure that I would be much more pleasant to be around if I could take up writing as a way to earn an income than doing the secret things I do at the moment.

So Friday morning after I dropped Nicola off at school, I had a few hours to kill and I decided that I should chuck some laundry in the machine and start eating this elephant. Even if I just wrote two paragraphs, then at least I would have a start…and eventually a book.

What does Murphy think of that sensible if not fast paced idea? *PFFFFTtttt!!!* all over my idea. As I switched my laptop back on it died. The fan now walks in the next world, and the laptop point blank refuses to come on without it. This apparently is a good thing, because otherwise your hard drive also kicks the bucket from over-heating.

Anyhoo, I phoned around for some quotes and some friendly people in Centurion will be picking up the patient tomorrow…hopefully I will have it back by Friday at the latest and perhaps I will get that paragraph down, or at the very least be able to watch my series again (and I was just getting properly hooked on Suits now that you mention it!).

In previous laptop disasters I must say that I was much less calm about the whole thing. The big Trojan war of 2008 was particularly upsetting…seriously I was beyond distraught for 4 days in a row until my guru got that one licked, and then there was a hard drive crash of a few years later that was just as unpleasant. Hysterical would have been a good way to describe my state of mind for those two incidents, but this time I am just mildly annoyed. Odd…

I’ve figured it out though. The reason is my smart phone. My poor laptop hardly ever gets a chance to go on line these days, maybe once a month if that – however my phone is on numerous times a day. That’s why the recent screen issues got me so riled up.

I still need the laptop though, because I can honestly tell you I don’t have it in me to write a book on a tiny touch screen. There isn’t enough tequila in the world for that!

An unconventional gift:

It was Steamcleaner’s birthday on Sunday and I teamed up with a work-friend to make her something special that I thought would appeal to her sense of humour.

Steamcleaner is well known for being not very sympathetic in general to people who whine a lot and she has some really classic sayings that most people have at least had one opportunity to hear when the occasion calls for it.

So with that in mind we made up a little something for her. Imagine this (you’ll have to since I didn’t take a photo unfortunately): A giant photo frame with a pair of undies in them and the following printed – words to live by: Just put on your big girl knickers and get on with it – by Steamcleaner (well, obviously her real name – which is why I didn’t take a photo).  I was looking for some old fashioned bloomers to go in there but the best I could find was some underwear with big flowers on them instead.

All this with some yummy chocolates, a hand-made card, balloons and steamers! She loved it and when she took it home her youngster had a good laugh when he realised that she says those kinds of things at work too, and not just at home. 😉

Let there be bubbles!:

This looks like it’s definitely going to be the winter of the Jacuzzi for Nicola. Over the course of the weekend she had three at my parents’ house! The way she sells the idea to me is the cutest though. She shows me her toes and tells me that they’re not nice and clean and that she has to have a bath in Ouma’s big bath immediately! How can I resist?

I really shoes start carrying an extra set of warm clothes around with me too, so that I can use it too. The nicest thing about the Jacuzzi-bath is that the water NEVER gets cold in it, as it circulates it goes though a heat pump and you could literally spend the whole day in there without running out of warm water.


I did a fair bit on navel gazing this weekend and I came to some uncomfortable conclusions.

Late last year someone made some unkind remarks about the way I parent and even though I thought they were full of shit at the time, I’ve noticed that I did change my approach a little bit since then. In truth the whole thing has thrown me a bit off balance and the person who did the suffering because of this was unfortunately Nicola.

I don’t know why I allowed myself to be thrown off course like this, but I am definitely resetting and getting back on track right now. I have always known that my child is not one that you can discipline into a direction, she needs to want to go there, you need buy-in or everyone ends up miserable – most of all Nicola and I.

On Friday after she did something naughty and got a scolding from me, she turned around and told me that she doesn’t want a mother and she doesn’t want anyone, she said she’s a bad person who only does naughty things and she bawled her eyes out.

I was shattered! I can’t believe that I have allowed someone half-baked idiotic critisism to throw me so off balance that I gave my beautiful and soft hearted daughter reason to believe that she was a bad person or that I was not over the moon to be her mother, even for a day…I love this little person more than anything or anyone and she thinks that I think she’s a bad person and feels unloved?!

This has been a giant failure on my part and something that I will never allow to happen again. So in future, anyone who doesn’t agree with the way I am raising my baby can kindly fuck off and go tell it to someone who is interested in their opinion, that person will not be me.

I have changed my approach and I can already see a massive improvement in Nicola’s disposition from Friday to now. I am kicking myself for letting this get so out of hand to begin with.

The other revelations are things I am not going to write about, but anyway – let’s just say there was a lot of learning done by me these past few days, and most of it not exactly fun stuff.

Investing, here I come!:

I finally opened that account with Standard Bank on Saturday so that I can start trading shares through them. Unfortunately there is a 48 hour hold on that part of the account until they do whatever it is that they need to do for me to get going, but hopefully by Wednesday I will have made my first trade.

I am so excited about this, you have no idea! 😀

The poor woman who helped me open the account probably has never seen a client like me. As my dad pointed out to her while we were busy doing this, “There is no such thing as a standard form”…you can probably guess that at the time I was merrily crossing out and amending bits of one that she thought was one before, before we darkened her door.

We’re not talking major changes here anyway, I just don’t see why I need to grant someone access to run credit checks on me when I haven’t applied for credit and I don’t like banks having any other telephone numbers on me than my cellphone number. (also, don’t sneak those kinds of things on to unrelated forms and hope I won’t notice – I read EVERYTHING before I sign it, and I feel very comfortable crossing out things I don’t agree with).

Right…that should keep you reading for a bit? Hope your weeks are all off to a roaring start. Have fun!

Happy Earth Day and so on…



  1. Well said on the discipline thing! I’ve also had my fair share of comments about the way I do things. Just rest assured, you and you alone know your little person inside and out. It is easy for a passerby to comment on the way things “should be done”, but they forget that very important little factor called “personality”. You are doing a fantastic job with Nicola and don’t let anyone tell you different!

    • Thanks my friend… 🙂

  2. I loved reading this long post of yours. You sound happy overall which is great 🙂
    Yes, it’s a good thing that the laptop doesn’t startup without the fan blowing for exactly that reason you gave. I am just so sad that you couldn’t start your book. I think I would be the first one to buy it.
    Glad you went to see what is going on with that activity at school. Does not sound so awful.

    • As soon as I actually have a book, I’ll send you one for free! 😉

      The school thing doesn’t look as terrible as I thought it would be. At least some of the kids are getting a benefit out of it, even if it isn’t mine – and at least she really enjoys the dancing.

  3. Ek verkyk my nog steeds aan hoe mooi die kind is 🙂

    • Sy is pragtig, ek kan self nie uitgekyk raak nie en ek sien haar elke dag. 😀

  4. Everyone uses their own parenting techniques and everyone has opinions. I say use it or lose it. I firmly believe in using whatever psychology is best for your family dynamic and being a friend but also a guiding hand to your child. She has to trust you and only you will know the best way to accomplish that. Well done on realising what you needed to change.

    • Thanks…I shouldn’t have gone off track to begin with, but I’m happy to be back on it. Mother knows best, and every child is different are not just cliches written down all over – it’s so true!

  5. I’ve learned to pop in here every few days or so to catch up, otherwise I have TONS of reading to do in order to catch up:P
    LOVE the unconventional gift…made me lol…i think i need to make one for my home office:D

    • Glad you liked it! Hehehe…if I had a nice open wall I wouldn’t mind having one up myself. 😉

  6. Grrr, it ticks me off tremendously when people think they have even the smallest right to comment on how you raise your kids. They don’t live in your house, they haven’t sat up at all hours of the night rubbing a sore tummy, and they have not dried your baby’s tears. They should fuck the hell off. You do an amazing job with Nicola, don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise….

    • Thanks cuzz… 🙂

  7. So happy that you have the confidence in yourself to carry on – really every child is different. (my poor team has to adapt though).Love this long post. And totally love that gift!

    • Thank you! 🙂 I am sometimes tempted to split it into several small posts when a big ramble attacks me, but I don’t have the patience.

  8. I always say “that everyones child is a brat except your own”..(smile) .so therefore don’t stress what anyone else thinks, raise your own brat and let them raise theirs. Love love love the book idea…

    • Thanks, I really must get cracking on that – I just know I’m going to have a blast writing it. You will all be roped into proofreading when the time comes, so brace yourselves. 😉

  9. Don’t beat yourself up about mistakes, Louisa. Even if she didn’t like it in the moment, Nicola will know, when she’s all grown up and doing her own thing, that nothing you did with regard to raising her was ever done with anything but love and concern for her. I’m pretty sure she already knows how very loved she is.

    As for the filling in of banking forms – and any others, for that matter – I like your approach and I think I’m going to adopt that attitude myself! 🙂

    • Thanks MeeA 🙂 I hope so…

      As for the forms, go for it! It’s true anyway, regardless of what they want us to think.

  10. Who was rude about the way you parent? Let me guess, it’s probably someone who has no kids? Pffft. I ignore people like that. And write your book already!

    • Yip – the only experts in the field, not so?

      I’m going to get right on that. 😉

  11. […] Remeber this? Here are the photos of that day (yes, yes I know – finally!). […]

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