352 – 354 of 365

20 December , 2010

Day 352

352-365-20101218504 Wakey wakey! Big day ahead of us – so we best get to it.

352-365-20101218509Before shot.

352-365-20101218510As you can see, not an extremely happy baby. I suggested we lose the cape and it went a lot better after that. She was flapping that thing like a bat trying to get her hands out from under it!

352-365-20101218515My mom’s hairdresser, after hearing about Nicola for a whole year, offered to give her her first cut for free. He was really good with her and very patient. I would have absolutely no problem taking her back there again.

352-365-20101218516I had a cut too. Glen, the hairdresser, said, “Oh I see she gets her curls from you.” and I’m going, “Dude…I have straight hair?” looking confused. Then he put some moose on my hair and I turned into a poodle! 😆 Apparently Nicola gets her curly hair from me, even though mine just started curling on Saturday.

While my hair was being cut Nicola joined my mom at the wash basins to prep for her haircut, and entertained everyone there by trying to climb on top of my mom to look into the basin and see what they were doing to grandma.

352-365-20101218522The after shot.

352-365-20101218531My mom and gran went last minute Christmas shopping and Nicola had a little riot until I allowed her to get in the pool with grandpa.

Day 353

353-365-20101219539Birthday! Yay! I’m putting together a whole separate post on that so I’m only showing you this photo here.

Day 354

354-365-20101220558Calm after the storm…back to picking off decorations from the tree. Any little figurines are being called baba/baby at the moment – it’s very sweet. She takes them off, sings to them, tries to chew them a bit (which could also be a kiss of sorts), and then holds them out feet first to try and get them to climb back into the tree.

Talking about feet, I almost forgot to tell you: Nicola gave her first few solo steps this week! She’s not taken off running since then yet, still building a bit of confidence I think, but she does manage a very decent three wobbly steps at a time now before she loses her balance. So exciting! 😀



  1. Aaw her first steps… already! Its incredible how time flies!

  2. I know right?! 😆 She takes me for little walks all over the house now…I just have to hold her one hand for a tiny bit of assistance with the balance.

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