347 – 351 of 365

20 December , 2010

Day 347

347-365-20101213472Cuteness herself! 😉

347-365-20101213468Monday morning walking into the office was a bit different. Some or another important delegation from Europe arrived and the powers that be decided that a marimba band was the way to go. Quite loud really…and makes you want to have a cocktail in office hours. 😉

Day 348

348-365-20101214473On Tuesday the delegation and all other staff members was treated to a cacophony of corporate drumming. Excuse the crap photo, just wanted to show you that mine was even labelled – was good to know. 😉

Day 349

349-365-20101215479Look Ma, no hands!

Day 350

350-365-20101216492Lookie! Our Earthbabies teething necklace arrived. I haven’t taken it off Nicola since I laid hands on it. Truthfully, it works. I don’t know how…and I don’t care. She cut another molar this week, and it’s friend is sitting ready to cut (as you know Nicola only cuts teeth in groups of two or four). We’ve had no fevers, hardly any coughing, and she has not been miserable at all. And it can’t be a placebo effect either since she is not aware that she has to believe in it for it to work. 😉

Day 351

351-365-20101217494Helping grandma park the car in the garage. 😆

351-365-20101217499Very important hair washing day…you might recall that I said I wasn’t going to cut Nicola’s hair before she turned one? Well, the time has come. The hairdresser said that if we washed her hair the night before he would only have to spritz it for cutting which might be a little less traumatic for her.

351-365-20101217500You can say, “Don’t eat that!” a thousand times, but sometimes there really is no substitute for experience. And yes, our Santa decoration often gets dragged to the bath for a wash along with any of the others that Nicola manages to wrangle off the tree.



  1. That teething necklace fascinates me! Its oviously not long enough for baby to chew on.

  2. Angel, apparently it’s magic works through contact with the skin.

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