I’ve settled down to a mild panic

5 May , 2009


I’m going to be someone’s mom.

Yep, I’m pregnant. It’s not a planned pregnancy, and I suppose the timing is not the greatest with me just starting a new job and trying to find my feet, but I think these kind of things we don’t have a lot of control over. They happen when they are meant to happen. So I’m thinking of my baby (feels a bit novel saying that) as my little miracle and I’m dealing with the rest accordingly.

You know, I was starting to think that this kind of thing wasn’t really on the cards for me. I guess you never know huh? 😉

And the daddy?

The daddy knows – poor man is in a complete state, but he’s taking it fairly well. Not calmly, but well. It’s not the kind of relationship where we’re about to galloping off into the sunset to live happily ever after with our soon to be offspring, but we’re both committed to whatever is best for the baby and if something happens to develop between us apart from that we’ll see where it goes.

How’s the family taking the news?

I have the best family in the universe. They took it very calmly and are as always super supportive. I don’t know what I would do without them…my rock.


Now that the dad knows and my family know I feel a lot calmer about this. Initially I was overwhelmed, I don’t think there is another word for it. Now I’m kind of thrilled, and kind of terrified all at once. This is really HUGE!

It’s still early days and I know I probably should be talking about it yet – but this is my online diary (of sorts). If I can’t mention it here, where the hell can I?!


  1. Oh wow, I’m really happy for you chick – and from the online ‘you’ I’ve gotten to know all these years, I think you will be a damn good mommy! 🙂

  2. Aaaaw, thanks Rox! 🙂

  3. Wow, awesome good news (even if not entirely expected!) 🙂

  4. Thanks Craig, yip…to say this was a BIG surprise would be an understatement of note! 🙂

  5. OH my word! That is big news. Um, good luck!

  6. I’m so happy for you :))!! Congrats!

  7. owww this is cute, congratulations!

  8. Congratulations!

    Sounds like you have some new adventures ahead of you.

  9. WOWEE!!!

    Congrats 🙂 This is so cool Louisa!!!

  10. Po, thanks – I think I’m going to need all the luck I can get.

    Jenty, thanks! 🙂

    Salwa, hahaha welcome here and thank you.

    JD, definitely looks like that kind of year for me. The surprises just keep on coming. 😉

    Laura, thanks lady! 🙂

  11. Okay- can I just say that I hate you a little bit right now?
    I’m very excited and pleased for you- but I hate you a little bit too.

  12. Congrats lady. And i can HONESTLY say that my unplanned pregnancy was the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life. FACT.

  13. Tee hee hee….lets hope the surprises stop there cuz. You wouldn’t want to hear two little heartbeats, would you? I’m really happy for you!

  14. Baie baie geluk, ek weet jy gaan die klein pinkvoetjie so LIEF……..

  15. And now I’m feeling bad about my comment, I’m sorry Louisa, it was a mean thing to say… Its very exciting, really, and I just love spoiling my pregnant friends and their babies.

  16. Wow, this is quite a surprise. But you seem to be handling it well. Congratulations!!!

  17. Wow what exciting news! Very exciting times for you indeed – this must be the start of fabulous things to come your way! 🙂

  18. Welcome to the mommy club!

  19. Goddamn!!! I’m blown away. So, can I start suggesting names now? If it’s a girl, Voldemort. If it’s a boy, Dagmar. Please note, I won’t be offended if you choose neither of these names, as long as you give it DBAWIW as a second name.
    Mazal tov!

  20. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope your babe brings you much happiness.

  21. Angel, I totally understand…if I were you I’d probably hate me a little right now too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’re next my friend. *huggs*

    Thanks Rebecca, I’m probably going to drive you batty with questions if you don’t mind.

    Arkwife, you and me cuzz – playdate soon. 😉 I don’t mind twins, as long as they’re both healthy. But twins run more on your side of the family I think? Seriously though, Jacques would probably have a stroke if I told him there was two babies on the way – he’s already looking pretty tense.

    Dankie Zee, ek moet se^ hoe meer ek gewoond raak aan die idee hoe meer opgewonde is ek. 😀

    Angel, don’t worry hun. I didn’t take it personally at all – no hard feelings from my side. I understand how you feel.

    Michelle, it’s the biggest surprise of all! 😆 I was a little bit hysterical at first, but I’m settling into it nicely now that everyone knows how has to know. No point in being pregnant AND hysterical, right?

    Thanks Benny 😀 I think so too.

    Momcat, thank you. Still a novice at this but I think with a bit of on the job training I should be okay. 😉

    Thanks Don’t believe, funny you should mention that since the daddy is “he who shall not be named” who has subsequently been named. Oh well…I’ll take your suggestions under advisement, which reminds me that I need one of those name and meaning books fairly pronto.

    Wenchy, thank you! 🙂

  22. Congrats you!

  23. Thanks you! 😀

  24. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Congratulations again. This is so exciting. And not just because I’m a selfish wench who’s filled with glee that someone I love is going through something that very few people I love have gone through yet.

    Also because you are by far one of the best people I know. Scathingly witty (rare), savvy and perceptive (RARE)and calmly competant (honest politician rare)

    Plus you have great hair, which you should feel obliged to pass onto your impending progeny.

    in conclusion: YAAAAAAAAAAY /

  25. 😆 Thanks Tammy! You say the nicest things.
    *BIG hug*

    I’m so excited about this. 😀

  26. Two words.
    Lots and lots and lots of them, oodles, and bunches.
    And hugs too xx

  27. Miss P, three words:
    Don’t You Dare.

    Mwahahaha, that would be pretty funny right? Me with my aversion to pink having a baby girl and being surrounded by it everywhere for years.

  28. Pienk is mooi….. 😆


    Babies can be terrifying but they are all wrapped up in cuteness to compensate 😉


  30. Oooh, a dare.
    You may live to regret this 🙂

  31. Zee, 😛 ek’s net nie mal daaroor myself nie. Sal maar sien as dit ‘n dogtertjie is – sy sal self moet besluit of sy daarvan hou of nie. My ma se^ selfs as ‘n baba het ek blou moord gegil as sy dit naby my gebring het.

    B, thank you! 😀 Yeah, you’re right. The more I get used to the idea the more excited I’m getting about it. The dad is still reeling but hopefully he’ll snap out of it by the time we hit the first scan.

  32. Miss P, when you say it like that it feels like I’m opening a pink pandora’s box. 😆

  33. Oh my word Louisa! I have missed so much! Congratulations!!!! I just know you will make a wonderful mother! 🙂

  34. Thanks DT! Hope you’re right…it feels like I’m settling into this fairly well, but I guess we’ll only see when the baby arrives. 😉

  35. Oh my WORD! I can’t believe that while I’ve been trying to load everyone into my feed reader on my new computer you’ve discovered you’re PREGNANT!

    Congrats! Wow! Shooweee… I won’t be able to sleep now.

  36. Tamara, if you can’t sleep and you feel like chatting give me a buzz. I’m peeing for two at the moment and I’m awake anytime between 02:00am and 04:00am all of a sudden.

    How’s the new computer?

  37. I still can’t believe the news but it is such awesome news! Sanita also sends her congratulations and words of support and encouragement.

    I am really happy for you and I am looking forward to hearing about this experience. I am a little bit surprised to hear about the sweet chili sauce craving, if memory serves me correctly the last time i convinced you to have a burger with it you spent 20 minutes scraping it off your tongue and burger! *grin*

    It looks like no more McBreakfast and onto KFC lunches! No complaints here. Will make a plan soon seeing as our ticket needs to be replenished.

    Again, I am really very happy for you and I will be buying pink (for a girl) and many noisy toys for your baby. Suggestion for a name… Lulu. *dbl grin*

  38. Thanks Freddy, and thank Sanita for me too please.

    😆 I’m a lot better with hot stuff now by the way. Not completely pro, but I can handle sweet chilli sauce now at least. 😉 You would be surprised if you knew what I have eaten it on so far.

    What are you doing Sunday morning? Maybe we could do breakfast and get the ticket then.

    Ps! I will NOT be naming anyone Lulu. 😛 But seriously you have to see this name book. I am horrified at what some people will call their kids.

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