Share your best soup recipe

6 April , 2016


Lentil Soup

This is obviously not MY recipe. I am a great enthusiast of soup, but to be honest I rarely make any myself. And when I do, it’s whatever jumps out at me from a book right that instant.

There are three soups that have stayed with me through the years though:

The first being my Ouma Willie’s lentil soup (which was smooth, not like the pic above). I have no idea what went into it…except maybe a bit of magic and a whole lots of lentils and love. It is the taste  of soup from my youth and I remember it fondly. Would it still taste as awesome today as then, if she was still around to make it? I have no idea…maybe it’s perfect because of the way I remember it? Whatever the reason, I love/d it.

The second soup is my mom’s vegetable soup. It’s chunky and bursting with yummy flavours. Every winter my mom makes at least one giant pot of this marvel, and often we get containers full for the freezer. I also have no idea what goes into this magnificent soup, but it’s real comfort food.

The third soup is one I had only once…It was a chicken soup made by the Granny of my good friend Louelle. My family soups are not usually chicken soups, so maybe that’s part of what made it so special? Anyway, I loved it and I could have eaten it until I falled over given half a chance. Louelle has mentioned the secret of her Granny’s soup to me, years ago. I tried my own version a couple of times, but it came nowhere close to hers.

What is your favourite soup?



  1. Oh pea soup – I have the recipe of a German friend and it is just sooo good.

    • Mmmm…pea soup. Can’t go wrong with that either!

  2. I make a nice lentil soup which is my favourite. But butternut is a close second and at restaurants, I like a tomato soup. Europa does a nice tomato soup in winter, and so does Mugg and Bean

    • Best tomato soup I ever had was in Mozambique at Frenchy’s restaurant. Yumm!

  3. I’m not a big soup fan but I do like pea soups and sweet corn and chicken. And my fabourite will be a spicy light soup from nigeria called Pepper Soup. Lots of spices and chillies (hence the name). Very light and can be made with whatever animal protein you like or potatoes. Soup isn’t big in our diet which I guess is because I grew up in a hot climate which doesn’t really call for soups.

    • I guess that makes sense. Steve doesn’t eat soup either. Nor his kids. And neither does my brother!

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