Poem Day : Way of the Warrior

7 August , 2008

Yeah…I know, it’s been a while huh? 😉

Anyhoo kids, I’m off to Johannesburg for my happy birthday on Friday (flying the coop Cape tonight straight after work), and I’m not sure how punctual my posting will be once I get there. I have much to tell and there will no doubt be photos too.


  1. have an absolutely awesome birthday weekend girl!!!

  2. Hoop jy verjaar lekker Lou! :mrgreen:

  3. Baie geluk, lekker verjaar!

  4. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have an awesome weekend in Jozi 🙂

  5. Baie geluk ek hoop jy het lekker verjaar!! 🙂

  6. After many months I drop in and it happens to be Poem Day, and your birthday too, apparently.

    Nice poem!

  7. happy birthday! hope you have a blast!!!!

  8. 😀 Thank you guys – it was great!

  9. Hi Louisa! I really like this poem and would love to illustrate it for a self-published zine/comic. Would that be ok with you? Let me know! Thanks! I can email you with more info if you’d like!

    • Hi ke, Go right ahead! Maybe you could send me a copy when you’re done? Louisa

  10. Hey Louisa! I would love to use this for a Veterans Day drone video I am working on! Let me know if that would be possible!

    • Hi Clayton, I’ve sent you an email about this. 😊 Absolutely no problem. Good luck with the video.

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