Photo catch up – some more bits and pieces

2 March , 2013


Reading with Oupa…


Complimenting Tigger (a.k.a Tiggy-wicks) on her beautiful tail…


Wellies Mach 2 – the pink ones. Nicola refers to these as her snow boots.


  1. Hope you had a good trip? Can’t wait to see pictures

    • It was fantastic 😀

  2. Like those pink boots of hers 🙂

    • My mom bought them for her…perfect for cooler weather that’s coming.

  3. Love the pic of her and Tigger. And I DO need to get Child2 a pair of boots too.

    • Those boots are great for winter and they’re easily cleaned as well. I just chuck them in the machine after I’ve tipped out the worst of the dirt.

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