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Self defence

18 February , 2013

So in the aftermath of all the recent violent and very bad news I have decided to do a post on self defence. If you really want to be “aware” of something, be aware of this.

I’ve been for a few courses, as I mentioned before, some were better than others. As a bit of refresher to myself I googled the hell out of this subject matter in order firstly to see what was out there about at the moment, and secondly to compile a list of tips for you or words of wisdom on things and theories I agree with (some of it is just downright stupid if you ask me, so I’m only posting the things I believe to be useful and/or true. I’ve kind of jumbled them together by category, even if it doesn’t make for the most elequent paragraphs in the world.

Use it…don’t use it…*shrug*

  1. Attitude: Begin by asking yourself if you have the right attitude for defending yourself – if it comes down to your life or your attacker’s, will you be able to kill someone? If not, then rather don’t fight back.
  2. The objective is to survive, not to win – so if you get a gap to run, do it. A moving target is harder to hit.
  3. Stay calm – remember he/she is not the only one fighting and you can hurt him/her too. Taking a few shots is not the end of the world – regain your composure and get back in there. Staying cool under pressure is more important for self-defence than being physically fit and technically skilled. If you can’t control your mind, what can you control?
  4. Fighting: Don’t stop hitting until you’re SURE he/she is incapacitated completely. There are no rules – go for anything you can including hair, eyes, pinching, biting, groin. If you feel threatened, hit first – make him/her defend him/her-self. He/she won’t be used to it and you’ll have the element of surprise. Close the distance – if you’re too close for him/her to strike you, you can’t get hurt. Then use close range punches, knees, elbows and such to take him/her out. Strike through the target – 6 inches past. Don’t pull back too quickly once you’ve punched. Overloading – several strikes at the same target is great. Hit with the “heel” of your palm, not your fist. Throat hitting – this can cause serious permanent damage and even result in death. Don’t practice this at full strength, keep that for the real deal.
  5. Ideal self defence weapons are those that are legal to carry everywhere, do not attract attentions, are simple to use and do not require practice – example umbrellas or pens (pens are great! Keep one in every room!). Every stick has two ends – the weapon of attack in his/her hands may become the weapon of defence in your own hands. A tactical flashlight can blind and disorientate someone for a few seconds. The only dangerous area around a gun is the one spot right in front of the muzzle.
  6. Precautions/Preparations: If you can, have a “safe” room in your house with a separate prepaid cellphone hidden in it. Walk with confidence – random victims are picked according to body language. Warn your children – adults do not need to ask children for help. Most altercations go to the ground at some point – don’t ignore it or be afraid of fighting on the ground. At some point your assailant is going to need to let go with at least one hand somewhere to undo clothing – use this to your advantage if you haven’t been able to get the upper hand before that point. Sudden intense burst of energy on a one handed attacker might just give you the edge you need. If you hurt your attacker to the point where he/she bleeds on you, make sure to get a course of ARV treatment after. If you are bitten, you may need antibiotics afterward

I found a free download with pretty pictures in it online for some ideas on moves. Personally I don’t know how much that’s worth, because if the time comes that you are attacked all that needs to happen in split seconds. If you’re not practising these things regularly you will just freak yourself out by trying to remember the right sequence of moves at the right time.  (Email me if you want a copy anyway – can’t seem to get it to upload here).

So I’ve taken the liberty of pinching someone’s person shaped picture online and adding some targets that I think is much more useful. Go for what you can with what you have when it happens. I hope that helps, and mostly I hope you never need it.