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Thursday bullets & photo catch-up

13 June , 2013
  • Nicola wanted to know from me why only some of the trees lost their leaves for winter, so we got into the discussion about evergreen and deciduous trees (in Afrikaans immergroen en bladwisselend). Now every morning every tree along the way has to be inspected and declared either evergreen or deciduous. It’s actually a lot of fun since we make a little game out of it.
  • She is also very interested in street names (although some days it feels like her main interest is in arguing with me about them). She just LOVES to point out when we’re in which street and the other day when one of my cousins asked where we stay now she promptly chipped in with our address.
  • It’s not going very well with my gran at the moment. We’re all very worried.
  • This is going to be a bumper busy weekend – I’m fetching steamcleaner’s son’s birthday cake of Friday, Saturday morning we need to do some gift shopping, Saturday afternoon we have a birthday party, Sunday morning we’re doing a family Father’s day brunch, Sunday afternoon and evening I’m attending a friend’s wedding, and Monday I’m hoping to go to Emmarentia to go feed the ducks because I’m running out of freezer space for old bread crusts.

What are you up to over this lovely long weekend?

Photos obviously completely unrelated as always. 😉 This was from a picnic with Melinda at Delta Park a while ago…I can’t remember if I posted these at the time, so if you’re seeing it again let me know so I can unleash some more on you?




Rambling, and lots of it

8 October , 2012

These photos were taken a few weeks ago when we had a picnic at Delta Park with Melinda and her family. It really is a lovely park, and it was great to finally meet them! 🙂


Now for the rambling I promised. Since I need to post a massive update, I’ve come up with a few sub headings to help me get through it sensibly, here we go:

Three critter chaos

My dad is my hero, just so you know. On Wednesday last week we went home after dinner at my folks, and my dad drove with us to make sure we got home safe like he always does. He ended up protecting us not from would-be criminals but from a battalion of spiders! There was a rain spider as big as my hand on the wall next to the front door (which my dad sorted out with repeated whacks of a broom) – you know it’s a big one when it casts a shadow in the headlights! If that was all I would have already been super grateful but he killed another two for us before he left, one on the door frame and one on the ceiling inside.

Rain spiders…actually any spiders…*shudder* I really hate them.

Traffic musings

As you know I’ve been on a merry go round of training courses lately. Thursday I had to bail on one course in JHB CBD to attend another one in Melrose Arch. This is all good and well, but I don’t have any sense of direction and I am not even slightly familiar with Melrose Arch.

They gave me a landmark as part of the directions and my GPS seemed to know where that was so I aimed it accordingly. Alas, the people of Garmin seem to think that Moyo’s in Melrose is located in Sandton City so I got lost and ended up being late.

While all of this was going on I also happened to notice that Fourways and Sandton have the worst traffic I have ever seen, especially if you keep in mind that it was school holidays – which usually trims my travel time down considerably!

Also, all this was done with no background music in the car, which didn’t help at all. Nicola jumped on the speakers a few weeks ago and they stopped working altogether. When it gets really tense I sometimes put something on with my phone, but not 2 hours worth…I do still need the battery for other things as well.

Definitely sticking that on my to-do list to sort out at some point in the near future.

And lastly, I thought about a new saying that makes much more sense to me than the existing one I mangled in the process. Instead of saying, “Between a rock and a hard place.” wouldn’t it be more relevant these days going with something along the lines of, “Between a pedestrian and a pothole.”? I haven’t been near any impressive rocks lately but I see many impressive potholes every day. In fact, I swear there’s one on my regular route that looks exactly like a silhouette of Mickey Mouse’s head, and another that is sprouting a magnificent piece of lawn (they had a potted plant in it late last year, but someone stole it).

Thoughts on Training

Some of the training has been quite significant and some not so much. That’s to be expected I guess?

Now I don’t consider myself a particularly angry person (I used to be and I may still have the odd moment here and there, but I’m practically zen about most things in comparison to how I used to be), but I’ve come to the conclusion that most people might consider me to have no or very little EQ. And I’m okay with that, it appears that I consider most people to be yellow bellied pansies when it comes to conflict and stress situations. And truth be told I may be more of a neat little self contained and self sufficient unit than the currently popular team player sort, but I will play for the team as hard as I can when I respect it (or they happen to be headed in the same direction I am).  

Furthermore I was accused of setting someone up to fail from one of the examples I provided in the stress management course. I am sorry, but if you have a qualification to do what you do, and which would imply that you have at least 7500 hours of experience doing it before I even laid eyes on you the first time, and you still can’t do even the very basic bits of it – I’m not the one who’s been doing the setting up here (I had very distinct Atlas Shrugged feelings when this came up to be honest).

Anyhoo, I am done arguing with my particular example because I’ve come to the conclusion that this person is not being lazy or negligent, they actually just can’t do better – so it would be setting myself up for failure to try and beat water out of that rock, plus is would be needlessly unpleasant for them too, with no prospect of results (doesn’t sound win-win to me at all, if you’re in to that kind of lingo). At the same time I have no intention of baby-ing them along either.

 I am not letting it go, I have let it go – and now I plan to make myself comfortable while watching other people who have to carry the dead weight sort out the problem.

The very “serious” injury

We had a lovely visit with a dear old friend of mine yesterday, and at some point Nicola swan dived off a step by accident. There were a few tears but nothing dramatic and I managed to distract her fairly quickly so I thought that might be the end of the matter.

Not so.

When I took her to go and put her swimsuit on I noticed that she had a scrape on her elbow and innocently asked if this was from the fall. Now that was a rookie mistake that I will not be making again. She wasn’t even aware of it until I showed her and then the waterworks really started!

Ointment, disinfectant, ointment, disinfectant, ointment later…still upset. Eventually I managed to coax her into the pool and after she relaxed she fell asleep in my arms right in the water. She slept like a champ but once she woke up there was more drama round this scrape and more ointment of course.

We got home, and we needed to put on another three layers of stuff before she eventually settled down to sleep.

At roughly 1:00am this morning she woke up and saw it again and all hell broke loose. Three layers later and still no noticeable sign of calming down on the horizon I offered to put a princess plaster on it (thinking out of sight, out of mind) but she was having none of that. Eventually I talked her into a bandage…all the way from her wrist to her shoulder, for a scuff on her elbow.  *roll eyes*

And I managed very little sleep after this because I cannot simply turn over and get back to it like some people, so I ended up reading until almost 4:00am this morning before I managed to sleep again. *yawn*

Seriously, I can’t remember ever being that traumatised about a scuff – and I half-near killed myself a couple of times as a child. My mom might recall one specific incident where I had a giant gaping hole in my leg from roller skating and impaling myself on a bakkie’s canopy hook trying to break my momentum…that ended up missing a major artery with a few millimetres and I needed 18 stitches to hold my muscles and skin together again…but in the car on the way to the doctor’s office I was trying to dissect my previously unseen innards while I had the chance. I remember being a bit miffed that nerves were too small to see with the naked eye, but I managed to see the three layers of the skin, fat cells, and veins no problem at all.

I am not suggesting that Nicola have a major injury to put some perspective out there, but that level of drama for a scuffed elbow is a bit over the top in my opinion. We’ll write it off to being tired, a little under the weather, and not yet three years old. One thing’s for sure, she’ll have to toughen up a bit or really start paying attention to where she’s going! 😉

Poor baby, I do really feel sorry for her – but there’s not a lot I can do to make it better. I have a strong suspicion that I’ll be bandaging that arm up until the scab eventually falls off.

Congats if you made it through my ramble in one piece! I do actually feel a lot better after managing to get all of that off my chest. Hope you have an excellent week ahead!