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Ballito 2013 – Pure magic!

5 March , 2013


It was an amazing vacation, and exactly what I think we all needed!

I am still busy sorting through all the photos to see which ones I’ll post (there are literally hundreds!) but I thought I’d share this one with you for now. Now that’s how you do a belly laugh. 🙂

The trips in the car was better than any long road trip we’ve done before. We had some animated movies on my mom’s e-reader for Nicola, and when she wasn’t watching she was sleeping. No complaining at all, there or back.

We didn’t get up to much while we were down there, other than swim, go for long walks along the beach, have naps when we felt like it and relaxed.

Last year, you may remember, we also had a grand time there but Nicola didn’t want anything to do with the actual ocean. Only on the very last day did I manage to convince her even to stick a foot in it, and then she loved it. This year I could hardly keep her out of the sea! She didn’t want anyone hanging onto her either, she wanted to do it herself! So I had my hands full keeping close enough to her to yank her out when the occasional wave wiped her off her feet, but it was so lovely to see how much she enjoyed it.

She would run in up to her shoulders more or less, a wave would smash over her (small ones only – we kept to low tides where possible), she’d either get up by herself or I’d help her up, then she’d run as fast as she could (pretty fast actually) to where her feet touched dry sand, turn around look and look at the sea, arms in against her side with a little bum wiggle, count 1…2…3… and charge straight back in. So cute!

Once or twice she wanted either my dad or my brother to take her in deeper to where they were swimming. Obviously the waves are a bit bigger there too. All she kept saying to them was that she wanted to go in deeper – hahaha! She’s definitely not scared of it anymore. 😉

 A few other highlights of the week away:

  • Nicola caught a crab! With her bare hands! And then she presented it to my mom as a gift! I almost wet my pants laughing at that one. Seriously I didn’t think she was going to catch it because they’re bloody fast. It was a small ghost crab that she had been chasing mercilessly around the beach for a while. Then it made the mistake of hiding in a footprint and Nicola pounced. She chucked a handful of sand on top of it and grabbed it sand and all. As more and more of the sand buffer fell though her fingers she felt the wiggle and gave a little yelp while throwing the crab on the floor. I thought that was going to be that, but the poor creature was so dazed by his recent squish that she managed to catch him straight away again.
  • We saw the dolphins of the dolphin coast! Not all of them, but at least 11 or so swam by right outside the flat where we were staying. I was really hoping to spot them again this year, so that was definitely a highlight for me.
  • We went for waffles at The Milk Cafe’ and it was delicious. I reckon that this must be one of our traditions now, so if we go again next year (hopefully) we’ll be popping round for some of that again.
  • The weather was fabulous. We had a few overcast days and one rainy one, but most of the week was about 30’C and even the rainy one didn’t go below 24’C so perfect vacation weather.

Really, we had the bestest time ever in Ballito and I would go back any time. We all came back relaxed and rested and tanned. What more could you ask for in a vacation?

I’ll put some photos up for you to see as soon as I get them all sorted…