All things Easter

23 April , 2019

Firstly, hope you all had a lovely Easter…spending quality time with the people that are the most precious to you, stuffing your faces with delicious things and reconnecting with what matters.

We did exactly that! And it was peaceful and glorious. I could not have asked for a better Easter, honestly.

Some pics for the sake of completeness of history…

My amazing husband, making spinach and mushroom cannelloni. Andy was brought up Catholic, and they don’t eat meat on Good Friday. So we all joined in in what may be one of the only vegetarian meals ever served other than pancakes in my parents’ house.

My mom, who initially looked on in thinly veiled suspicion, loved it so much that she asked for the recipe and declared that henceforth there will be at least one meat free day a week in casa Bouwer in future!

We also paid a visit to Andy’s mom at the church. Andy usually takes flowers (usually a pot plant) on either her birthday (3 March) or the anniversary of the day she passed away (19 April).

I got the pot plant this year. Andy chuckled when he saw it. He said his mom, in all her years, waged war against snails…and that he thought she would love it!

You know, it was funny (as in strange), but when we stood there it really did feel like someone was there. It felt like we were being introduced as Andy’s new family, and accepted happily. I really wish I could have met Andy’s mom when she was alive. She sounds formidable, and she lives on in all his stories. I am grateful for the man she raised.

When we left, Nicola said, “Bye Ouma!”. It so darned sweet. Both Andy and I got a bit shiny eyed at that, while we walked back to the car.

And then this…

We got Nicola’s English book to sign as they wrote a comprehension test last week, and Andy found this in her book, written about a week after we got married.


So happy!

Spiggy and me…

My parents…

Karen, Riaan and Reghardt…

Me again…

The bunny cupcakes Karen made…yumm!

BIG lunch prep…

Reghardt is a bit sick, and wasn’t allowed outside in the cold air…

Cuzzies with their Easter loot…

We did a little something at home too. The German Easter bunny is a bit more thorough with hiding things, so she really had to LOOK!

When Nicola says she wants to go run in the rain, she really means it!

Seriously though, it has been pretty bloody wet for a couple of weeks now. I may never catch up with our laundry again.

Reading stories for us from her homework books…

A beautiful picture drawn by Nicola of us, apparently in bunny onesies (which we don’t own haha). She draws soooo beautifully! I don’t think I could even draw like this.



Reghardt turns 4!

14 April , 2019

Everyone, especially the birthday boy, had a lot of fun!

We tried not to think about this probably being his last birthday party in SA.


Oops! Haha…

13 April , 2019

So my manager has been feeling a bit flu-ish all week. Subsequently he mumbles a bit and his train of thought derails from time to time, but he usually snaps out of it fairly quickly so we just push through.

Yesterday he was expressing his unhappiness about something that went pear shaped on one of our projects.

What he said was, “I am a bit angry about it”.

What I heard was, “I am angry bird about it”.

I may also be a bit flu-ish, and apparently my ears have stopped working along with my filters!

I looked at him…saw he was wearing a maroon red top and piped up with, “The red guy with the eye brows! Mwahaha! From now on when you’re upset I’m going to ask you if you’re an angry bird today!”

He told his wife I said he was an angry bird. I said no, you said it…I just adopted it…more laughing. Eventually it dawned on me that I misheard him.

It was still funny. I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m actually still giggling about it.



6 April 2019 – Our wedding day

9 April , 2019

You asked for photos, and boy do I have photos! We obviously haven’t received the official wedding photographer photos yet but luckily we received quite a few from our guests in the meantime.

I’ll show some more when the official ones come through, but you’ll get a pretty good idea of how our day went from these.

How was it? Perfect…exactly what we wanted. And we were even blessed with excellent weather in a week that was miserable and rainy otherwise.

Us, busy prepping…

Poor Andy. Of all the days to develop a tooth abcess and have half your face swell up like a hamster cheek!

I did the flowers. We kept it pretty straight forward like everything else. 😉

Andy made the GARLIC bread. I can say with absolute certainty that none of our guests were in danger of being jumped by vampires.

My mom made our wedding cake cupcakes. Yumm!

Our wedding officer, in the first meeting, asked if we wanted to include a unity ceremony like candle lighting, soil mixing or wine blending.

When you happen to have wines with your names on it, it feels like a sign, right?

Haha, I didn’t even realise I did this foot thing.

We included Nicola in the ceremony as much as possible. She gave us the rings, blended the wine…and after we exchanged rings and I-do’s we gave her a little sunflower necklace.

Our wedding officer, Alison, told us at the first meeting…these are the legal things that you have to do…everything else is the love things, and there you can do pretty much what you want.

So we decided what we wanted was a celebration of our love under a tree in my parents’ garden.

If all goes according to plan we’ll also receive a video from the photographer and I’ll show you exactly what that meant to us.

Even Polka got a new outfit for the big day!


Karen an Riaan. We are so greatful for all their help with the wedding! And I’m so glad they could be here to share the day with us before they spread their wings for NZ.

My parents and one of my uncles. My folks also helped us loads by offering their house and lots of help on the day.

And so begins the first day of our happy ever after…❤


So excited!

1 April , 2019

New beginnings in just a few days!

I am so freakin excited, I could just about wet my pants actually! But other than here I am not breathing a word about getting married on social media.

I actually want to shout it from the rooftops, but I can’t have another few hundred people rock up unexpectedly. It’s like a not very well executed quasi-elopement.

I figured those that are going to be pissed off about not being invited would find peace in the fact that very few were. Eventually they will all forgive me (I hope). It’s a bit about the costs involved and a bit about not actually wanting a big wedding circus in the first place.

Yesterday we had the rehearsal with our wedding officer Alison. I laughed until I had tears in my eyes!

What an amazing feeling, KNOWING there’s nowhere you’d rather be. I remember this point before my first wedding to be super stressful and being just about ready to send everyone to hell in a handbasket (should have maybe gone with that instinct in retrospect haha). This time round, I stood under that tree with Andy, looked in his eyes and just smiled. Peace…Home…Love…

Then we exchanged twigs (pretend rings for the rehearsal) and giggled at Nicola’s demo of how not to do the “you may kiss the bride”-kiss. Too funny!


Still alive!

27 March , 2019

So, remember when I told you my left side was cursed?

I eventually relented and went to see a doctor. Turns out I was being attacked by a flesh eating bacteria. Not likely to resolve on its own I guess. My doctor got so worked up about my home remedies that he had to throw down his gloves to lecture me for a bit during the examination…and then crack a fresh pair to resume after for obvious reasons. I have been thoroughly scolded for toughing it out.

They had to do a small operation on me last week Monday and I’m still low level limping.

Just so you know…I don’t consider myself a pansy. In fact I’d say I probably have an above average pain threshold, but I almost learnt how to levitate during that procedure!

I spent the rest of last week in a drug induced stupor. Lots of antibiotics and lots of painkillers. I should be very well rested by now, but I still feel dead tired all the time.

Mostly, I think I’m out of the woods but guess I’ll only know for sure after a month or two. If they didn’t get everything it might flare up again.

Andy was an absolute saint during this whole ordeal. From changing dressings to taking care of Nicola, myself and the whole house. He’s definitely there for the gory as well as the glory. For better or for worse.

This thing definitely fell under the worse category in my opinion.

Anyhoo, send healing and anti-bacterial thoughts my way…I’d like some smooth sailing for at least the next two weeks if possible. 😉😊


The ouch

16 March , 2019

My left side has packed up, due to what I can only assume is the large quantity and superb quality of stress I’ve been under.

Not to be dramatic, but 4 different people have urged me to seek medical intervention in the last two days. One has enquired if my will is up to date.

If I still feel this way on Monday, I definitely will (see a doctor, not update my will…got to leave something fun for next week).

Why is it that this sort of thing will always happen when you’re in (for instance) the last two weeks of a three month waiting period for medical aid cover? Anyhoo, I’ve experienced something similar before. Granted it was a good 20 years ago and at that point it was my right side that appeared to be temporarily cursed.

I will survive…and balance will be restored on way or another.

I told Andy that if this carries on much longer I’ll be hobbling down the isle on crutches with an eye patch, so you know…I’m quite a catch…haha. He said he’d marry me anyway, but we might need to drink rum at the reception.

Right…done feeling sorry for myself (mostly). I do actually feel a bit better today. I can walk (sort of), breathing doesn’t feel like someone is sitting on my chest (right now), the swelling round my eye has gone down a bit and I have stocked up on gauze, plasters and magnificent pain killers that have the ability to knock me out cold if needed.

For the last week the only position I’ve been somewhat comfortable in is in what Andy refers to as, “It looks like you’re praying”. I’ll just go ahead and take that as a sign.

How’s March treating you so far?😁

I actually have no complaints, I might be in enough pain to make me throw up but I have honestly never been happier. This might be a post traumatic stress thing? Oh well *shrug*