Words of wisdom 22-07-2018

22 July , 2018

It’s been a quiet week for words of wisdom…hope you enjoy these nonetheless.


All the love…

21 July , 2018

Everything is going so well, I really couldn’t be happier!

Nicola and Andy adore each other…and team up against me…hahaha! I don’t even mind really. It’s lump in the throat business this.

And the very straightforward, sometimes reserved (obviously not anymore when it comes to Andy) Nicola, asked him how he would feel if she called him daddy? And he said he’d like it very much. So she said, cool, when he marries me she will – and she thinks next month would be a great time for that! 😆

We are not quite planning a wedding for next month, but it’s super cute to see how the two of them interact and love each other. If I’m dreaming, please don’t wake me up!

Some photos:

Us at Monte Casino Bird Park last weekend…

Going for a walk…or a carry in Nicola’s case…through the vlei.

Andy and I built an army of fondant bunnies for baby shower cupcakes my mom needed to make…

See? I built the spares and he put them together.

Water fight between my two loves…

I just like this…

Pulling funny faces…

Andy built Nicola an apple swan, cause she saw it online and thought it would look cool…

Dressed for dinner at Andy’s…



Clowning around…

Look at Nicola’s eyes hahaha!

Love this photo!

Blurry one of us eating her up cause she’s so cute!


Words of wisdom 11-7-2018

11 July , 2018


These hands

10 July , 2018

Not quite a poem…no rhyming…but let’s call it that anyway for lack of a better word.

These hands…

Have laid waste to enemies

Have inflicted self-harm

Have built, and lost empires

Have wiped away tears of grief

Have waved goodbye to loved ones

Have clasped together in prayer

Have reached out for help

Have teased and pleasured a lover

Have held children with love and care

Have worked hard at rebuilding

Have helped others without asking for anything in return

Have created wonders

Have fixed what was broken

Have taught those ready to learn

Have searched for the truth


And has my heart, held gently, between them…



10 July , 2018

These two are getting on like a house on fire now, and I couldn’t be happier.

When I see my daughter relax and trust someone, let them in instead of maintaining a cautious distance for a change, it does my heart good. I think 8 is too young to be jaded about people’s intentions, and I hate to think that I might be the cause of that inherent distrust.

So this is my Nicola and my Andy, or Andreas as he is not known. I am so happy I could burst. 😀

He seems to get on well with most of my family too, except my mom. I’m sure she’ll come around in time, if Nicola got her inherent distrust from anyone it’s probably my mom and not me. If you know my kid at all, you’ll know that once she’s decided that she likes and trusts you, that you’re part of “her people” she’ll go to war for you without hesitation. Her fierce loyalty is really quite remarkable and awe inspiring when you see it in action.

On Sunday she went to war for Andy.

My mom was giving me a hard time about him, and out nowhere Nicola piped up, “Ouma, don’t you want my mom to be happy? Andy makes her happy…and he’s nice.” I don’t know who was more surprised, me or my mom.

It’s been super awkward around here since then as you can probably imagine. I hate living with this atmosphere hanging over everything. I really hope that things smooth over soon, I’m running out of beta blockers and I’d really like to stay calm.

I may have mentioned it once or twice before in other posts. I’m almost 40 years old, how the hell did I end up in a position where people think that they can still make my decisions for me, and treat me like a child?! Weigh in if you must, but don’t be a jerk about it. I too have lots of opinions about how other people should live their lives, but I keep those to myself because it’s not my decision to make.

It’ll work out in the end, I’m sure. One way or another. Wish me luck guys.

Did you ever have something similar happen to you, and how did you handle it?


Liam’s baby shower

10 July , 2018


We had the opportunity to attend a baby shower for baby Liam this past weekend. Baby Liam is my cousin’s second – and long wished for baby. We’re all very excited to meet the little guy!

Look at these cute cupcakes! Aren’t they just adorable?


My cousin’s MIL rented out this venue in Pretoria, The View @ 6. It does actually have a pretty good view too, sorry I forgot to take a picture of that haha.


Family, always great to see everyone again. We really don’t do this sort of thing often enough. This is my other cousin Nelize and my other cousin Ian’s wife, Arlene.


Other cousin Albert’s wife, Zelmarie and her mom. She’s also expecting and we’ll be attending her baby shower in about two weeks. Good year for my family. 😉


Cousin Bernadine, whose baby shower it was and myself. Shame, you can see she’s in the proper exhausted part of the pregnancy. I took quite a few photos but in half of them her eyes are closed.


They prepared a time capsule for Liam to be opened on his 21st. We each had to write a little something making a prediction about what we guessed he would be when he grows up. This was Nicola’s letter, totally unprompted. For those that don’t understand Afrikaans it roughly translates to “I think that Liam will be a strong independent man”. How bloody cute is that?!


Next party game was a baby bag which was sent round and you had to stick your hand in and guess what 10 items were in there. Nicola got 6 and I got 7. We’re obviously out of practice! My aunt got 9 and was the closest so she won a box of chocolates.


Pulling faces at herself in the reflections of the table decor…


Next game was drawing a baby on a paper plate on top of your head…happy to report that I scored top 4 on this one hahaha!


Good fun!


Nicola and I…


My mom and my Aunt Wilma, having a big giggle about something.


These two boys that are hatching so closely together will probably grow up to be the bestest friends.


The table decor that had Nicola mesmerized. It has a little LED in it, I bet it looks lovely at night too, even during the day it looked like a jar of fireflies. So cute!

We had a great time, and it was so lovely to see everyone again.


Words of wisdom 4-7-2018

4 July , 2018

So freaking cold in Jhb this week! Hope the rest of the country in enjoying their snow…we just get the cold wind here.

Nicola is super bummed that there isn’t snow close enough to go see and build a snowman with.

Anyhoo, here are some of the words that caught my eye this week. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.