Going postal…or postal going

3 March , 2019

We had the misfortune of having to send off some documents by registered mail yesterday. No courier option, it had to be registered mail.

At the best of times, I do not enjoy crowds. Or shopping malls. Or especially shopping malls with crowds. Month end weekend was not the best of times. I have a very finite amount of crowd energy available, and when it runs out I get cranky and weepy.

Just imagine my “delight” when after standing in the queue for about half an hour with people and their BO (in blistering 32’C heat with no aircon) bumping and grazing us all the way, we get to the counter and have to hear the post office is out of stock on envelopes. Come back after you’ve bought one from Postnet. Not out of stock on a particular envelope, out of stock on all envelopes! I should also mention that this particular post office is one of the last ones open in the area. The others have all just been closed with no notice, and rumour has it this one will be closing soon too.

After getting a stupid envelope from PostNet (also double checking that we can’t just courier to a post box instead), we get back in the queue for our second attemp.

The lady behind the counter very clearly has no idea what she’s doing, but eventually we get a tracking number and a receipt and the opportunity to leave. We paid the slightly higher price for overnight “service” (which actually takes 4 days if it actually gets there) because I figured the less time they spent with our envelope, the better.

I don’t go apeshit at the post office, because I know it’s not actually her fault. She has no control over the stock of envelopes or getting trained, or anything really. She has control over her stamp and she stamped with gusto.

But when we walk out I think to myself, in some countries if you mess with the mail it’s a federal offence and you can go to jail for that. Here the Post Office closes a branch unexpectedly and dumps everyone’s undelivered mail in the parking lot if they feel like it.

The rest of the day at shopping mall did not make me feel any better. Everything was dirty and broken and crowded and I hated every second of it. I ended up in tears when Andy and Nicola suggested we go shopping for groceries an hour or so after we finally got home.

I’m a big baby like that…not my finest moment. They thankfully went without me and I had some time to reset in peace and quiet.


I don’t think I need to connect the dots for anyone on state owned or partially state owned businesses all going belly up, do I?

I’m not going to. Come to your own conclusions.


Protected: Like everything else, we’re doing this our way

28 February , 2019

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Catch up: A few of my favourite photos over the last month

17 February , 2019

Our first babies to go to Aqua Empire!

We have a very tiny house, and half of it is full of fish tanks now. Andy is in Nicola’s words, a fish-genius! So they’re all doing very well.

It’s a bit of a sideline thing for us now. We breed mollies, guppies, swordtails, platys and german rams.

My heart…

Polka doing her daily impersonation of a cat…or a snake. We now call her a Yorkshire-python.

Photo-bomb by the psycopath goldfish. We thought this fish was pretty much indestructible, in the case of nuclear war it would be this fish and the cockroaches left.

Sadly he went to the big toilet bowl in the sky yesterday…so if I was a cockroach I’d start to worry now.

He ate the babies so he got himself booted to a vase.

Fearless Nicola.

Okay, to be fair, this dog follows her around with stars in his eyes whenever we go to Aqua Empire.

Oupa, Reghardt and Jessie.

My spiggy gets his eyes tested.

Special treat for Nicola. A night out and movies!

Lunch with Denise and family and the Zambezi Harley Club.

Polkie the yorkshire-python.

Can you believe how quickly this pink terrorist (who does not like pink at all anymore!) is growing up?!

I’m not ready…

What the sky has looked like most of this month.

I love rain, but it would also be nice to get the laundry dry for a change.

I tried to take a photo of the lights in the plane for Nicola, but a small airpocket gave me this gem instead.

My punks…German rams. They are so damn cute! Lots of attitude. I could sit and watch them for hours…if I had hours.

Our tanks. The last one is our general creche for the non-exotics. We’ve split them into small, medium and large. So that the bigger ones don’t chomp the new borns.

When they’re just born all you can see is eyes and assholes, and even their own moms think they’re perfect snack size.

Polkie cuddles. This one is a expert level blanket thief!

So, there you go…photo catch up done. 🙂

After my doom and gloom of no car January, I am again in a pretty excellent head space at the moment.

Slight wobble yesterday when I attended my great-aunt’s funeral. My mom’s cousin has three daughters. One lives in Australia and couldn’t come for her grandmother’s funeral. They read a letter from her after the service where she also explained the send of ceremony and goodbye they did for her gran there.

It really got to me. This will be us soon, when my brother goes. It sucks.

At the time I was a bit of a mess and I was a bit emo about it all day. Even had another snot-en-trane episode about it on Andy’s shoulder last night.

This morning, well rested and on my second coffee, I point out to myself that very often my brother actually doesn’t attend family funerals anyway. And Skype makes the world a much smaller place.

We will make our own new normal.


Protected: I’m going to miss your red soil

14 February , 2019

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Protected: Black dog…voetsek nou!

12 January , 2019

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Protected: For sh#ts and giggles…and tears

10 January , 2019

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Happy Birthday my Spiggy!

23 December , 2018

You are so amazing! I am so glad you’re mine, and ours. ❤ We love you.

Happy Birthday my Spiggy…xxx