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It was the best of times…it was the worst of times…it was this past long weekend!

2 May , 2018

This particular photo wasn’t strictly speaking from this weekend, but isn’t Polka just so darned cute posing there amongst the autumn leaves?

So on the worst side: Friday was not a very free day for me personally. I managed to pick up some form of food poisoning I guess, and I spent the majority of my day on the bathroom floor trying to keep water down.

It was “glorius”! Not. I am no stranger to tummy bugs and food poisonings alike, best is usually to just let your body get rid of what’s bugging. Don’t fight it, it’s trying to protect you. It got to a point where my dad offered to take me to hospital and I strongly considered taking him up on that offer.


More on the worst side: Poor L, Nicola’s bestie since forever landed up in hospital for most of the weekend fighting of some infection. We snuck in to see her as Nicola isn’t 12 yet and technically not really allowed in the wards. Oh well, the place was just about deserted since I think most people try to have their medical emergencies on weekends other than long weekends.

Nicola was freaked out by all the drips and needles, and didn’t want to touch her friend for fear of hurting her…but at least we got to say hi and drop off a “thinking of you” gift.

On the best side: My cousin Bernadine and her family, and my cousin Albert and his family dropped in for lunch Sunday, and my folks whipped up a FEAST. Even more spectacular, I managed to keep it down (the previous day I kept to toast and black coffee to nurse my poor tummy past it’s temper tantrum).

These two above, Bernadine and Zelmarie are both busy hatching – and both due within a month of each other. Shame, they are in the proper exhausted part of this experiences and made turns almost falling asleep on each other.

More feast prep!

The worst: Monday morning and my noodle looks like she’s coming down with something…and we have big plans for the day, so we self medicate, cross our fingers and hope for the best.

She perked up a bit after she was properly awake. And usually she shakes these things off like it’s nothing (unless there are teeth involved, then she goes down like a ton of bricks and we end up at the emergency room with crazy fevers).

No teeth this time round, no fever, just a bit clingy and not 100%. Felt like about a 80% to me, so onwards with the big plans.

Best times: We spent a fabulous day at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens with L, who we’ve successfully established is in fact not a vampire. 😉

See? He shows up in photos and he doesn’t go up in smoke if the sun hits him. 😀

😀 I am extremely happy…as you can see!

*Blows kisses at L, who also reads this blog now*

On the way out I foolishly let Nicola trot around this new water feature they built. In my defense, it was a pretty warm day and she had been clowning around so effortlessly that it sort of slipped my mind that she woke up not feeling great.

We went home, and all watched a movie together. Nicola insisted that L had to see Harry Potter – Chamber of Secrets. 😆 After which she jumped on him for piggy back rides!

The in between: On Tuesday we took a full on pajama day. A stay at home and do as little as possible sort of pajama day. The best kind of pajama day ever! Very relaxing.

Nicola woke up properly sick and without a voice. It cleared up a bit later but as the day went on the coughing just got worse and worse.

My dad had a mission to clear gutters. You can see the millions of little leaves which were clogging it up. This isn’t even from our tree, but never mind that.

I’m not sure that this is the safest way to unclog gutters demonstrated in this pic above, but it’s a very awkward little space in between the house and the neighbours, and luckily the neighbours were kind enough to switch off their electric fence for this manouvre (it’s not their tree either, in case you were wondering).

My job was to man the tap for blasting and on occasion to hold the ladder for mounting and dismounting. I had a lot of time to take random photos of the leaves and what-not.

Clear skies, wet gutter…I just liked the look of this reflection there.

The worst: Today Nicola was now seriously ill and as luck would have it, my manager who I was supposed to have three offsite client meetings with today also had to bail out due to a sick baby. Her;s is suspected to have glandular fever.

And so we found ourselves at a pretty packed Medicross, waiting to see our doctor…Nicola coughing up a storm, but otherwise being a real champ.

Our waiting room faces…

Okay the last straw worst: Nicola has laryngitis which is busy spreading to her lungs. Two or three days bed rest and a bag of meds prescribed. The list was antibiotics, custom made cough syrup, and Myprodol syrup.

I asked the doc if I could switch the Myprodol for Stopayne, since I know that knocks her out and I think the rest will probably help her get better sooner. He said no problem, just ask the pharmacist to switch it out. Great.

Not great.

The entire experience at the pharmacy was traumatic and unsatisfactory to say the least. Suffice it to say this particular pharmacist and myself rubbed each other up the wrong way from the word go, and we were both happy to see the back of each other by the time I left.

For the sake of completeness of history, let me tell you the way we pissed each other off:

  1. They have this stupid queuing system that allocates you a number. You will not be served without it, so resistance is futile. As luck would have it, the blasted thing had a paper jam when I pressed the button and it took them about 5 numbers to sort it out before I managed to get my hands on an actual numbered ticket.
  2. So the cranky pants at counter 2 opens up. There is no one in front of me. He starts calling numbers that were never allocated. Predictably no one steps up. He obviously has a sort of process to follow, because he calls each number twice and gives a couple of minutes for them to respond. These invisible people who aren’t there. I have a giggle at this and tell him that I think I’m next, there was a paper jam on the machine. OOooooh noooooo! I can’t jump the mythical queue! He carries on with calling no one for ten rounds before I am allowed to step up to the counter.
  3. Oh well, you know, prisoner of process. I shrug and thank my lucky stars that this is not my daily slog.
  4. I mention the Myprodol/Stopayne swop out to him and he gets mighty offended at the concept. Oh no, can’t substitute one for the other, they’re not the same thing you see (yes captain obvious, I know they’re not, that’s why I asked for a different one – they are both over the counter). He is however willing to sell me the other one as an extra…dude, are you for real?! In my moment of need, you are trying to up-sell me?! No thanks, give me the bloody Myprodol.
  5. Next item, the antibiotics. He asks me if I want the Augmentin or a generic? Is this the same guy who had a big twitch about switching out prescribed things 2 minutes ago? Not my finest moment but I did refer him to his own rules and recommended we just stick to what was written down. I do not want generics, and he doesn’t want to substitute – for all practical purposes this shouldn’t come in a discussion.
  6. Then the cough syrup…he says…you know your medical aid will not pay for this? Yeah, okay. Whatever. If that is what Nicola needs then that’s fine by me. I get the impression he’s itching to substitute…I am at this point itching to throat punch. We leave all itchings and get on with it.
  7. He checks the co-payment amount with me THREE times! Where was all this concern with my pocket when we were trying to upsell me on Stopayne guy?
  8. Finally to add insult to injury, he locks my meds in a little cage and sends me to pay my co-payment. Like I am going to risk a criminal record for a little bag of meds. Gmpf! Grrr! (the little cage probably wouldn’t have pissed me off as much if I wasn’t already in the RED by that stage).

We are not going there again. Ever. That is all.

Anyhoo…Other than the few iffy bits, I’d say our weekend was downright fabulous!

How was your long weekend?


Still alive…and kicking

29 September , 2014

And I have a bloody headache straight from hell. This isn’t helping my studying as you can imagine.

Anyway…onwards and upwards…and forward regardless.

Now for a few highlights of the last week:


I should have probably put a stop to this, but it was just too funny.


First watermelons of the season – yum!


I wanted to show a colleague what I meant when I said life is too short for a million little hooks in swimming pool safety, so I needed a volunteer for the demo.

She was sort of impressed when she saw the photo, but the video clip of my dad walking across blew her mind (or as Nicola would say that: her head exploded). 😉


Violets in our garden. They are extremely happy with the warmer weather and the first few rains.


Supreme concentration.


Action shot of clowning around before the last concert performance at school.


The .5 second that she actually sat still in one spot.


Nicola was very exvited about this bit, especially singing horsey sikilele with her friends. 😉


So…update on the home affairs thing with the unabridged birth certificate that took close to 5 years.

I couldn’t find the stupid receipt, haha of course not! So I phoned the number on the SMS to ask what I NEEDED to take along to be able to collect.

This lady did not think that 5 years was especially long to wait for something that should have taken 12 weeks. Also 5 years is not very long to hang on to an invoice apparently. In lieu of the correct papers, she recommended I try to collect with the original abridged certificate and take along “the baby”, and hope to encounter someone who is not too sticky on the rules and procedures.


So “the baby” missed out on some school to stand in a two hour qeue with me in the tiniest, hottest and most unpleasant home affairs room known to mankind.

The lady on the phone told me that it took so long because they had to verify the birth records. Funny that. I’m pretty sure I handed in the verification when I applied, but what the hell do I know?

I think there was a bit of a clean up in progress because I found two other people in the waiting area who had been waiting two years. Amateurs!

I won’t lie. It was extremely unpleasant to wrangle my pre-schooler in there for that long. I started a bit of a thing with the other waiters. Every time someone actually got whatever piece of paper they were looking for, we cheared! (Loudly). It got buy in from the other people really quickly and made the home affairs officials very nervous.

Is it any surprise that I was out of there 10 minutes after I reached the counter? There was a lady in there who waited from 11:00 till 15:00 to get hers
Maybe the 5 years in the making pile was a bit smaller to work through?

And the guy who took my query? Didn’t even LOOK at the impossible to keep still Nicola after those two awful hours. He asked about the receipt and I let rip about timing and what not and everything the “helpful” lady on the phone advised. He let me go on for a bit and then blinked at me and then said…”Yes, but what happened to the receipt?” “I lost it.” “Okay fine. Just take a seat, we’ll call you in 10 minutes.”

And they did. So thanks guy. That was the best part of this whole experience! 🙂


Thirty Six

9 August , 2014

It was my birthday yesterday. Thank you every single person who wished me well, sang to me and generally just went out of their way to make my day special.

I think I’ll kick off this post on Thursday though…just because I can.


Pretty sunrise again. It’s definitely getting lighter a bit earlier at the moment. Love it!


I had a bit of a laundry day dress up (or dress on) situation. Everyone kept asking me if I was going for an interview, hahaha!

I almost sent an accidental SOS from the basement parking when I arrived at work. What I was actually trying to do was take a photo of my kick ass boots, but after a firmware update I did some time this week the phone now hangs when I try to take photos in bad light. Highly annoying really…must find out if I can roll back that update or tweak it a bit to work again.

Anyway, the moral of the story is not to repeatedly hammer on the power button to try and get the phone out of its jam when you’ve set up an emergency service to send photos, voice clips and GPS coordinates for that action.

My whole family could have ended up with a SOS of my boot! Haha, luckily I remembered after two presses and before I got to three…anyhoo the light was so bad I mostly ended up with a photo of my stocking anyway.


Thursday night my mom and Nicola made me birthday cupcakes to take to work…so sweet.


Just as we were discussing leaving the icing cream coloured, Nicola took off towards the mixer with a bottle of colouring CONCENTRATE and made sure that my cupcakes would be suitably cheery.


Usually you put in maybe 3 drops, mwahaha!


We managed to scoop out some of it. All oranges wish they were this brilliant! 😉


This is how pretty my cupcakes came out.

I successfully got all my colleagues on a pretty spectacular sugar rush. One of them probably had about 5 or 6 during the day, and he wished me a happy birthday every single time!

Another one of my colleagues sang to me in a Merilyn Monroe sort of way and called me Mrs President.

What’s not to love about that?! 🙂


On my actual birthday we kicked it off with a little sad.

Nicola asked for some paper to write a letter to her dad…she drew a heart filled with scribbles (apparently says that she has a heart full of love for him, and that he must please not forget about her). Followed by a drawing of him, and a page full of princess stickers, also apparently for him.

Yeah…this is what happens when you don’t talk smack about a missing parent I guess. *sigh*


After work we had a lovely family dinner at my folks. My mom made my absolute favourite, her roast chicken. Sorry, no photos because as soon as it was in front of me I just climbed into it. 😉

If I ever get into a situation where I need to choose a last meal, that’s the one I want!




More cake! Yumm…

If you ever feel a bit too sugared up, put some cinamon in your coffee, or even in a glas of water and drink it. Little trick someone at work taught me. She’s diabetic and it works like magic for her. Works pretty great for me too.



My parent drove home with us…


And shortly after they left we were all man down.

I really had a great birthday, and thank you to everyone who helped making it so.

Ps! I didn’t mention the eartquake, did I? Well, it was pretty spectacular at my office. We’re on the third floor now, and you felt it quite clearly there. It went on for what felt like MINUTES, and even the partitions between the cubicles were smacking against each other.

I happened to be on the phone with someone at the Master of the court at that time. She had asked me to hold on and then the shaking started. I said to the Queen, “Do you feel that?!” and the court lady says in my ear, “YES! YES! I feel it!”. Mwahaha! I actually thought I was on hold, so that was a bit of a surprise.

5.5 earthquake with the epicentre just outside of Orkney (about 170km from here). A lot of things got badly damaged, but luckily only one fatality when a wall fell on someone.

I think in more densely populated areas a shake up of this magnitude can lead to some serious trouble. Thank God it was not the case this time.

Pps! The Master’s offices is a very interesting (and by that I mean bewildering) place. Never mind the officials and their peculiar rituals…the lift has no buttons on the inside and you kind of just ride it to where you want to go. If it happens to stop there, get out. If it doesn’t just wait…it’ll happen eventually.

Ppps! Equally odd the grumpy guy at the Government Gazette who yells down the line at you, “Is it a section 35 or a section 29?!”. Dude…what does that even mean? Those were my exact words so he had a little grumble and put me through to someone lovely who didn’t scream in clauses. 😉


Comparing apples with lemons

11 March , 2013

So, due to my extreme bad cell phone luck of late I am in a unique position to do a comparison on the services I received from the two different companies I used to repair my screen after I accidentally annihilated it.

Let’s do it chronologically, shall we?

moldy lemon

Cellphone Surgeon

When you look at the website don’t be dazzled by this royal “we” business…it’s actually just one guy working from home.

How I ended up taking my phone there the first time: I phoned around for quotes. I got five different ones and this one was the second cheapest at R1700. When I asked the companies to email written copies of the quotes to me the cheapest one (R1600) didn’t bother, which I took as a good indication of what kind of service I would get there.

I was told to rock up on Friday the 22nd at 9:00 and that it would take an hour to fix. In fact the CONFIRMATION email I received on the Thursday clearly stated that I needed to be there from 09:00 to 10:00 the next day, and confirmed the colour of my phone and everything.

The original plan was to drop Nicola off at school and head straight through to Pretoria after that, but Murphy smiled on us that day and she was too sick to go to school so I took her along with me.

When we got there Wilco (he of the royal “we”) decided to share the news with me that he didn’t actually have stock of my screen and would only be getting it at 12:00. I threw a hissy fit because it really wasn’t in my grand scheme of the day to wait in Pretoria for three hours, and if he knew he was only getting it at 12:00 why the hell ask me to come through at 09:00?! For this I dragged my poor sick child out of bed?!

He said I could take it or leave it, that’s just the way it was going to be. I would have dearly loved to leave it, but we were leaving for Ballito the next morning and I needed my phone fixed pronto…so Nicola and I spent a couple of hours cooling our heels at the local Spur waiting for my phone. Seriously though?! Who uses “take it or leave it” as a valid response to a customer complaint these days?!

When we got there at 12:00…surprise-surpise…he wasn’t there, and wasn’t ready. Eventually he rocked up and proceeded to glue all the parts of the phone together again. I paid the man and we left shortly before 12:30 (he only arrived at 12:15).

Oh…he threw in the little silver strip that goes round the screen replacement as a sort of thank you for f-ing me around for three hours. I left utterly unconvinced of his regret but at least my phone was fixed and it happened in one day which is better than the two week lead time some of the R2200 places had quoted me over the phone.

I would not recommend this company at all…I would in fact highly recommend that you avoid them if at all possible.


Platinum Repairs

These guys were the third best price when I phoned round the first time at R1800. I know it seems silly to have picked the “winner” above based on R100 or R200 difference, and if I knew then what I know now I would definitely have gone straight to them to begin with!

How I found out about them: one of my colleagues is friends with one of their technicians and he told me about them. I asked him to please call in a favour for me and see if they would come and repair my phone and allow me to pay them at the end of the month. I probably would not have been able to ask for that if I didn’t have some sort of indirect personal connection to them through my colleague, but they pleasantly surprised me by saying yes! (Two enormous excess payments in one month just doesn’t fit into my please-let-there-be-no-surprises budget).

What a completely different experience from the first repair!

I received an email copy of the invoice well in advance with confirmation that they would allow me to pay at the end of the month. They also confirmed the time slot and date of the repair.

Get this: the technician comes out to you and does the repair right there next to you and it doesn’t cost a cent extra! Just the amount of time I spent driving to Pretoria and shooting the breeze at Spur already makes this well worth it! *does cartwheels of joy*And the guy they sent happened to be my colleague’s friend, Emwee.

He arrived early, which was already a great first impression for me, and then he unpacked all his tools (little rubber mat, screw drivers, blow-torch, spare parts, rubber gloves, blades and what not). He quietly sat right next to me and got to work.

It turns out that all the glue from the first repair bumped against the LCD when it took it’s light tumble last week, and the LCD is such a flimsy fragile little thing that it just completely shattered! Emwee took out a blade and meticulously scraped old glue out of my poor phone’s innards.

He put everything together again with the new screen, but because my phone actually has had its fair share of tumbles even before this, the frame isn’t exactly factory standard straight anymore. Emweee took it all apart and back together numerous times, until he was absolutely satisfied that it wouldn’t fall out and that everything lined up perfectly. He then tested every little thing he tinkered with to make sure that everything was working perfectly. All of this took just under an hour to do.

I am tickled pink at how well the second repair went and especially that they came right to my office to do it. I can only kick my own ass for not going with them the first time! This company bent over backwards to accommodate me in every aspect and they did an excellent job of fixing my phone. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs their gadgets fixed.

I asked them if they would mind me doing a write up to share my experience with you, just so you know I’m not getting anything for this post, I volunteered. Delightful people, real professionals – I hope you never need a repair, but if you do I hope you consider them for the job. They mostly repair Apple products, and the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the actually the only exception to that – lucky me. 🙂


Sunday, bloody hot Sunday (v2)

29 January , 2013


No. There is not an echo in here. Mmm…I swear I posted this yesterday – but it seems to have vansihed. Odd, because I have it in my feed reader – but it’s not on here anymore (oh well, makes the recreating bit easier?).

We started our morning by trying out a new church. I like the church we have, but their children’s program is practically non existant and I’m really looking for something a bit more interactive for the pink terrorist.

This one came highly recommended by one of my colleagues, who has two children of his own – so we tracked it down for a look-see. Actually we almost saw it last week, but I couldn’t find it. Too funny, because on sunday when I told Nicola where we were going she siad, “Maar mamma, ons kan dit nie opspoor nie!”

Her first impression of it was that it was a beautiful farm – it does kind of look like one, so pretty. What a nice relaxed atmosphere. Nicola was not even a little bit interested in the children’s church though, she wanted to be close to the guitar action in the tent for the grown-ups. Not to mention that there was a gravel floor that she could play with, so we ended up there. I thoroughly enjoyed the service, but I’m not sure if it’s the best fit for her.

I’m definitely going to check out a few more Afrikaans ones before I make up my mind (this one is American). So far, this has been the best one we’ve been to and the people are just so friendly! One guy absolutely made my day when he came to me after the service to compliment me on my relationship with Nicola and how well behaved she was (well she was mostly playing with the rocks, at least quietly, and at one point I seriously thought she was going to join the band and appropriate one of their guitars…but she didn’t). I know she felt comfortable there because while the pastor was doing his thing, she noticed the fan next to him and walked up to go cool off in front of it (and the whole congregation!) – no stage fright there, mwahahaha!


We started out the day pretty clean and shiny…


Very odd looking worm we saw there, that I thankfully convinced Nicola not to touch. This one was anormous, about the length and width of my ring finger!


After church we met up with MrsFF at the botanical gardens for a visit. She offered to bring us some of her figs and I jumped at the chance. MrsFF and her sister must have thought me quite daft because all I kept talking about was how bloody hot it was. I now know why I always meet people there early in the morning – holey macaroni it was scorching!


The pink terrorist managed to get hold of their camera and went to town with it. Some of the photos actually came out very nice, even the ones she took of her own chin. 😉


In action…


Here you’ll see that she managed to get fairly dirty towards the end of the day. We found another worm, which Nicola played with extensively and then out of nowhere she leaned down and gave it a kiss goodbye before stomping it!…What a send off! 😆 No idea where she gets that, I would have just left it alone. And since she was sweating just like the rest of us she ended up getting dirt stuck on her head, nose and chin to show for it too.

There was yet another worm that she found while we were waiting for the train we wanted to take back out to the entrance. All the kids were fascinated with it and trying to muscle in on the action but Nicola was having none of that.

We had a lovely day visiting with MrsFF and her sister, but next time we definitely need a cooler venue! (oooh and I finally managed to pronounce and remember their full names correctly! ). Thank you very much for the figs, they are delicious – and thank you for spoiling us both with gifts. Nicola ate ALL of that chocolate as soon as we got it to set in the fridge. 😀

After that we went to my parents’ place for a visit and a swim. We were almost cooked alive in my car, one of the last in Africa without aircon…I really need an upgrade soon. I think we probably spent over an hour just relaxing in the pool and playing in the water, I could have stayed there all day…

Thank goodness it rained a bit at last, last night! The thunder from the first storm was so loud that I wouldn’t have been surprised to go outside and find one of our pot plants blown to smithereens! Just the kind of storm I like really. 🙂 and at least it’s cooled off a bit after that, thank goodness. It’s hard to imagine all the people being affected by floods when it’s been so hot and dry here lately. One of my friends in Autralia wrote that they had over 300mm over the weekend! That might not sound like a lot but trust me it is, that’s more than some places get in a month. Heck, that’s more than some places get in a year!

How was your weekend?


One way to ruin a perfectly good Saturday…

12 August , 2012

I went to a birthday lunch yesterday and some thugs tried to steal my car! Because my gearlock was on it took them longer than expected, and someone spotted them and raised the alarm.

They still made off with my GPS (it was silly of me to have left it in the car I guess) and they broke my steering lock so my poor car had to be towed away.


Thankfully my parents came to pick us up. Thankfully the people who saw them came to warn us so there was still a car to tow. Thankfully my car guy knew someone reliable and available to come tow the car! Thankfully no one got hurt.

Really, there is lots to be thankful for.


Then I got to spend a good quality hour or so with the police “service” who at first looked like they were going to send us back to Kensington to go report it there, then were hesitant to take down the witness details because it was a minor who saw them and he wouldn’t be able to testify (like they actually thought they could catch them!), and then subtly suggested that anyone who has insurance is probably reporting a false crime for the money and that’s why the crime stats were so high.

I felt exhausted and kind of dirty after all that, but I have my case number and to my credit I didn’t LOSE my pip at the police. I restricted myself to subtle barbs of my own (with a lot of smiling).

I didn’t take Nicola along to the SAPS cause I know they freak her out, but I get why she calls them skollies.

Anyhoo, off to do some GPS shopping this morning. Sorry your birthday lunch got ruined Marcia… 😦


Tuesday 27/3

27 March , 2012

I think it’s time for Nicola to have another haircut? (I cut that fringe myself – you can probably tell)


Some things that made my day interesting yesterday:

  • I got dressed and bathed twice before going to work. This is because Nicola didn’t want to wear the clothes I wanted her to wear for school. She really wanted the dirty shirt from the laundry that’s one of her favourites instead. I put my foot down. We wrestled. I won. She started crying and stuck her hand down her throat to make herself sick (over the clothes I had just wrestled her into). We both got to clean up and get dressed again…plus I got to wash the floor. I’m not sure who won that round since she ended up wearing something neither of us had in mind to begin with. 😉
  • I’m on disc 3 of 8 of that book A million little pieces. It’s so emotional…wow. I bawled like a baby in the car listening to it.
  • When I got home I phoned Vodacom customer care about my network situation and got to speak to a very snippy young man. I warned him once that I wasn’t in the mood for his tone and the second time he made a snide comment I unleashed some wrath on him. My internet connection is working just fine again today, and someone else from there has already phoned me to check up on the problem and to apologise. Apparently it was a nationwide thing.
  • Nicola gets very jealous when I talk to other people. While I was having (or trying to have) a conversation with the rude one from Vodacom she first did a whole bunch of clothes tugging and moaning at me to try and get me off the phone and then (cleverly) resorted to a tactic that she knew for sure would get my attention. She took off her clothes and started going to the toilet herself…repeatedly! I thing she flushed about half a roll of paper down during the course of a 15 minute conversation. And of course I had to pause my lambasting of Vodacom-dude every so often to applaud her efforts both in the tinkle, whipe or flush phases of the process. I want you to just imagine that for a second. Something along these lines, (to the rude one)… moan moan complain throw in a few swear words ask to speak to a supervisor…(to the pink terrorist)…Ja, mamma sien jy’t ‘n toilet piepie gemaak – yay! baie mooi! +generous applause… (to the rude one)…why am I still talking to you, I thought I told you to put me through to someone who actually gives a damn?! Not my most favourite way to have a customer service related call, with the toilet flushing a thousand times in the background, but I guess it worked in the end. 😆
  • I did not sleep very well last night. I’ve been up more or less since 1:00am and I’m starting to feel the slump now. I don’t know why I didn’t sleep well. I fell asleep allright, woke up and one and couldn’t fall asleep again for some reason. *yawn* Must. Have. More. Coffee.