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Self isolation and the end of the words as we know it

20 March , 2020


I am in two mind about posting this…but what good is a blog if you can’t ramble when you need to? Here goes then. Feel free to skip my post if you feel uncomfortable.

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the world is imploding around the Covid-19 global pandemic (a rock might actually be a pretty safe place to live under for the foreseeable future, actually). Personally, I don’t actually mind the self isolation working from home gig. I have actually mostly been doing that for the last three or four years anyway. Not everyone in my house is adjusting equally well to the situation. Nicola for instance is about ready to climb the walls, haha!

I’m not an expert but from what I’ve pieced together out of the media, my understanding is that it’s not that deadly for generally healthy people…the panic is around how fast it spreads, that’s it’s very deadly for anyone who is immune compromised, and that in a fairly short span of time people who get it in the worst degree need ventilators, and there are not enough ventilators to go around. Without ventilators their chances seem pretty grim, and so the bodies stack up. Oh yes, and the older you get the more serious it is for you.

I don’t personally feel much at risk, but both my parents (who we live with) are over 60. And roughly a third of the country had HIV. Also many many many many people with Diabetes and Cancer. So lots of at risk people really. I am staying home as far as possible, for all of them. I wouldn’t want to accidentally give it to someone who doesn’t have a fighting chance to get through it.

It’s pretty flipping serious. How serious? Well, I’ve told Nicola that she must pay close attention to what’s going on in the world at the moment, because there is no way this isn’t ending up in the history books. It’s serious enough for the Irish to cancel St. Patrick’s Day, serious enough for the Muslims to evacuate Mecca, serious enough for the Pope to call off Easter Celebrations, serious enough for all churches of all denominations to shut down services, serious enough that almost all countries have closed their schools and universities, serious enough for numerous countries to close their borders.

And yet…it still runs…it’s pretty damned serious.

We go outside of our property the bare minimum, essentials only. If you do go, you get disinfected at the door of anywhere. People are walking the streets in masks and gloves. People who turn up to shops or chemists coughing or looking unwell are turned away by security for the safety of the other patrons (we have actually seen this, it’s real). Small businesses and anyone who relies on actual foot traffic are facing a grim time, the majority of them will not make it through this crisis. Total economic collapse, not just for many individuals, but possibly even for many ill prepared countries.

This is not something that we have to hang tight through for a couple of weeks and then it will be over. There will be a new normal after this, and it will NOT look at all like the one we had before.ย Mentally prepare yourself: At some point, no matter how isolated your self-isolation might be…you WILL get it. Hopefully you get it in a grade that doesn’t require a ventilator, and if you do hopefully one is available. Hopefully your loved ones are as lucky as you are.

Sorry, I don’t mean to sound glum or cause panic, but this is reality. And I don’t need to cause panic – people are already panicking. And I get it. It’s scary as hell. If it makes you feel better to have 50 000 rolls of toilet paper I don’t judge you for that (unless you pushed someone out of the way to get it. I very much judge you for that and I’d give you a snot klap for doing it! Sies man.). Buy the toilet paper if it will make you sleep better, hier kom groot kak.

What you really want to stock up on is non perishable foods and meds. Those are the things that matter in any post-apocalypse story usually. Just saying…I haven’t stocked up on anything except Easter eggs for Nicola, and cigarettes. I have stocked up a bit on those. I feel like I would like to have a smoke available to watch the world burn when or if it comes to that.

Seriously, what a time to be alive?! There has never been anything in the world that has caused quite so much chaos and disruption to so many people all at once. And we are in the front row (our own couches) of this shit show. And other than flattening the curve it is more or less completely out of our hands (which we will wash continuously until they are raw and spotless). So do what you can, with what you have, where you are (STAY HOME AND KEEP CLEAN!). And don’t believe everything you read…we are of course being fed an phenomenal amount of bullshit in an attempt to contain the panic (*cough cough*…into elbow). Maybe containing the panic is not unreasonable in times like these?

Do not assume it’s incompetence, more often than not it’s intent.



10 Years of Magic

19 December , 2019

Happy birthday darling Nicola!ย It’s suck a privilege to be your mamma.

Just about daily, people tell us how beautiful you are, but the real beauty which they don’t even always get to see is your gentle heart and your keen wit. Yes, you are pretty…but more importantly you are kind. There is not one single thing I would change about you, even if I could. You are straight up amazing!

It has been a tough year for you. Truth is, you’re not like everyone else – you are better. You’re no one’s sheep, you have a inquiring mind and you most definitely have a strong will of your own! That comes with a price of not always fitting in, and although I am sure that you will grow to love that about yourself in years to come, right now it hurts like hell some days.

Just remember…your vibe attracts your tribe. I don’t think you’ve found your tribe yet when it comes to friends necessarily, but you’ll see. You’ll find them as soon as you get comfortable with yourself. I am very excited to walk with you on this, and I absolutely love that we can still always talk about everything. I can’t go through this for you, but I will always be your shoulder to cry on, and I can teach you how to throw a mean punch if one is needed. Or laugh about something together that no one else gets.

Happy birthday Noodle! Love you to the moon and back, and I am so incredibly proud of you. Always remember that! xxx


All things Hogwarts and small update

18 November , 2019

Is it my imagination or are all parties themed Harry Potter at the moment, might be my imagination but we had two just this past weekend! I’m not complaining mind you, it turns out I can whip up a fairly decent shoestring budget Harry Potter themed gift if given a bit of notice.

Nicola has mentioned that she also wants a Harry Potter birthday, although we did have to sadly tell her no party this year, but my mom will still bake a cake, and since she has her birthday two days before my brother and four days before Andy, the three of them will do something together…and when I mean something I mean share a cake and a family braai. Nicola has asked if she can invite 4 friends to come swim and eat cake…we can swing that. Riaan said one of them should pick the flavour of the cake, one the shape and one the decoration. Nicola said she wants to pick decor, so Riaan said he’ll do flavour and he wants cheescake…which she’s not a fan of…Andy will have to pick shape. After a bit of negotiation it seems it’s going chocholate, round and Harry Potter. Nicola is a good negotiator, hahaha…

Anyhoo, before I get to the photos and my general rambling, we have had some news with regards to relocating, if not on our own, my SIL has received a job offer (actually two) from NZ and if she accepts, they will be there by end of January next year! We are extremely excited for them, although we will miss them terribly.

Hopefully once they’ve flown the coop and if our plans pan out for September, my folks can also look at going. They have been clear on it that they won’t go anywhere until we’re all gone. They might actually prefer just selling and getting a small lock up and go property instead, and do looooong visits between the two countries once we’ve all settled in and my mom’s retired. We’re going from a weekly family night family to a three continent situation in the next 9 months. Surreal. Some aspects of this makes me very excited, and some makes me cry softly in the shower.

It is what it is, I guess.

Now, onto photos:


Cuzzie wuzzy, clowning around…THIS ONE is quite a character! Riaan had us in stitches with tales of his recent antics. I think he has a really bright future in drama, haha…


Us, at a recent fancy pants luncheon held by clients. You can tell when a lunch becomes a luncheon that it’s going to be like that. We actually had a brilliant time! Especially if you consider this was a week after my operation and I was sore as hell and could hardly eat anything lunchoen-y.

I was fifty shades of green after this, but it was totally worth it and luckily short lived.


I have always sucked at making pom-poms, I think because I rush it. This time round I really took my time with it and went extra fluffy.

Whenever I try my hand at pom-poms I always think of my niece Thea, who used to make the most adorable little pom-pom-chickens when we were kids. She was killed in a car accident, just after her brother was paralysed from the neck down defending her against an armed ex boyfriend. It’s a super tragic story, which is I guess why pom-poms make me a little sad…


Behold my super fluffy owls I made. actually Nicola and Andy helped me so much, we all made it together. These went on the gift bags for the Harry Potter parties.


And I hand-painted this mug (mostly with a toothpick) for my friend Bfly, along with a set of leg warmers because her one foot is always cold after she picked up nerve damage from an accident at work.

Happy to report she LOVED it!

And it has given me a great idea for small family gifts for Christmas, which I’ve already kicked off.


Hydrangeas at Nicola’s school – so pretty!


Also at Nicola’s school. I like to think of this guy as Sheldon, he is almost always sitting in the same spot when we arrive in the mornings.


Nicola trying out some every flavour beans and accidentally encountering a vomit flavoured one, hahaha!


Not often I get snuggles like this anymore, she’s growing up so fast!



Protected: It never happened

11 August , 2019

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Monday musings and a hat tip to traditions

29 July , 2019

Coming up with snappy titles is becoming a bit tricky now that I only do weekly catch up posts. I either have to blog more often and split out topics, or come up with a standardised naming conventions of sorts. ๐Ÿ˜†

Anyhoo…as always I will bombard you with photos and use that as my talking points.


Andy and Polka having a little snooze on the couch. I worked from home on Thursday and decided the couch would be more comfortable than the desk. My two “colleagues” dozed off while I was busy, I’m not terribly good company when I work from home. I zone out to the point of not actually being there.


Way back when, I told my mom that I used to eat Magwinya with my co-workers on a Friday, and that they used to cut up liver spread into little rounds, which fit perfectly inside these round little vetkoek bites.

We saw a lady selling these (without the livers spread) when we were queuing to vote earlier this year, and my mom decided to try and make them herself.

They came out quite delicious, especially if you keep in mind my mom has never actually had the real deal.

Kind of made me a bit nostalgic for the Eat-Shit-Fridays we used to observe at that secret place, and the general vibe of the team I worked in. (The Fridays where my poor tongue had to brave “mild”Fordsburg curry was much harder to pull off than eating street food magwinyas made by the big mammas in oil drums outside the courthouse, carried there on their own poor heads just as the sun came up over the CBD. It was all fun and new though, I loved it all…and even most of the food).ย 


Winter’s day blue sky. This one is for Marcia. It’s not a grey sky, but I think you’d like it anyway.


Some days she looks soooo grown up…and some days she’s still my little baby.

I am insanely proud of this little terrorist of mine. She’s got a good heart and a sharp wit.

My SIL helped us out on Saturday with some study methods for Nicola. She was very impressed with the speed that she zipped through the material. The love for reading definitely shows in things like this.

Noodle isn’t having any trouble with school work or exams, but we just want to make sure she has all the tools and methods she might need before the volume of work increases. Better to lay the foundations right than to try and fix it later.


On Sunday we went to our tradtional winter chilli-hot-chocolate at 2nd cup. Usually it was just my cousin Melanie and myself, and then later occasionally Nicola. This year it was a FULL house, and still lots of fun – although Melanie and I usually have a bit more gossip going when it’s just us though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Got everyone with their pinkies in the air…the cups are very dainty. ๐Ÿ˜†

Other than that…I can just tell you that since Friday I have not felt great. I’m actually not 100% sure what’s wrong with me, but hopefully it will just bugger off the same way it arrived. On it’s own.

On Friday I was busy chatting to Andy, when I suddenly told him, “I’m going to pass out now”. Very matter of fact. He caught me, luckily – and although I did not actually lose consciousness, my brain seemed to have misplaced the directions to up and down temporarily.

This has happened to me before, but usually just for a few moments before right side up presented itself again. This time it actually lasted a few hours. Not great. I was crawling around on the floor to get where I needed to go. Getting up meant possibly falling over. It might have looked funnier than it felt. ๐Ÿ˜†

If I had to guess what the hell happened, I’d probably go with either an ear infection of sorts, or maybe blood pressure? I don’t know *shrug*. Seems to be over now, thank goodness.

And then Sunday, I was in AGONY! Between my kidneys and whatever else is connected to them, I was man down. After we came back from breakfast I was pretty much incapacitated on the couch the rest of the day (other than the bits I spent throwing up).

Not sure if I ate something that didn’t sit well with me, or whatever else it could be. I’m still a bit tender everywhere, but at least not like yesterday. I didn’t even have any coffee yesterday. If you know me at all, then you’ll know how terrible I must have felt to not have coffee!

Oh well…

Back in the saddle today. Onwards and upwards and so on. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ooh! Almost forgot to tell you! I went to the FNB Home Affairs sort of thing this morning to renew my ID. I need one in my new surname, and they’re very close to our one client, so why not.

It was quite an experience.

On the upside, it took exactly 15 minutes from start to end, and I should have my new ID within 2 weeks. MUCH better than standing at the normal Home Affairs for how many ever hours.

On the downside, the peeps who work there have taken on a lot of mannerisms from the traditional home affairs, which I found a bit concerning and also ironic.

And now we wait…the next step in our “exciting paperwork journey” is waiting for Nicola’s surname change, which legend has it could take somewhere between 3 months and 2 years, or more, some say even up to 12 years. I mean really?! What the actual F@#%ck could take that long?

We’ll cool our heels until about November if we have to, then expect either some fireworks, or some alternative arrangements, or a hostage situation. Paperwork will be had, one way or another.





There’s a hint of goodbye in every get together now

13 May , 2019

On Saturday we did an Emmarentia Ducky Day with the family. My mom’s foot is sore, so she opted out.

I so desperately needed this to be honest. I’ve been telling Andy for weeks now that I need some big trees to recharge. Just one weekend of no bloody shops. It’s not his fault either, just so you know. When you run out of bread or whatever, you kind of just need to go. And whereas I run around all week working my behind off, he’s more or less stranded without me there – so even though I might feel like curling into a ball and pretending to be dead, he’s itching to see other humans and get where he needs to go.

Anyhoo, we went. It was amazing! And the trees in their autumn finery was the perfect back drop for some beautiful photos!

On Sunday we did mother’s day at my folks. You can see that the clock is ticking on Riaan and Karen’s departure. She got quite emotional a couple of times during the day about it. Still many tears ahead I think, from everyone.

I got spoiled beyond belief from Nicola and Andy for mom’s day. I really didn’t expect it. The hugs and the kisses are really the spoils I’m after, and of course the homemade cards. I got all that and then some!


All of us…except my mom.img-20190511-wa0023146094761279504859.jpg

We raced twigs and leaves down this little stream.ย img-20190511-wa00185749524865007646835.jpg


Spiggy and I…


I don’t know who took the time to back this circle of logs, but it was just perfect for more photos!


Some trees don’t want to be hugged…




Riaan and Karen…


Someone also went to a lot of effort to pack this maze with seeds and straw…


Brother bear and me…


My dad and the two hooligans…


What even is this, and who made it? Very interesting…


These two…lots of love between these cousins…


Mother’s day with my mom…



It was good while it lasted

15 March , 2018

I have a home office, and although I am on the phone more or less ALL day to colleagues, contractors and customers in our virtual environment my face-to-face interactions are really maybe 1 or 2 a week.

Subsequently I haven’t really been man down sick in more than a year! Which is big for me. I usually get hit by two proper flus at least and whatever tummy bug is doing the rounds.

Seems my streak is over though…dammit.

And to add to my reasons to feel sorry for myself, I also took a spectacular tumble at Monday’s school run. Luckily nothing broken this time. Just lots of mud, blood and embarrasment!

I have (self)pity covered, send soup! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh look at this pic…2nd shelf, righthand side, left item. Haha, I’d be mighty pissed off if someone prescribed me that! (I was curious so I asked the pharmacist what they “used” it for. She said it’s a asthma pump with no meds that they use to demo technique with. Did you know there was such a thing?!).