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Saturday Snapshots

13 December , 2014

This one’s for Marcia:


Someone’s cup runneth over. I thought this was much prettier than the lady whose cup it was.


This was the run up to the most spectacular storm this week. I am CUMULONIMBUS…hear me ROAR!


The prettiest thing around when there’s load shedding.


Little succulents at the botanical garden today.


Okay…granted, this one gets a lot of people snapping, but I have many many versions of this photo and I still can’t help but take another one when I see it.


Liebster Award

23 April , 2013


Proof that we actually got a lot of sleeping done there… Winking smile


A pretty sunrise…

Now for the post!


Thank you Nanushcka for thinking of me and for the nomination!

OK, here are the rules:

  1.  Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2.  Post 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 questions for your nominees.
  3.  Nominate 11 blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.
  4.  Display the Liebster Award logo.
  5. No tag backs.

11 Facts:

  1. I really don’t like spiders…although I have kind of learnt to live with Daddy-long-legs since they eat other spiders, tend to stick to out of view corners, and are generally slower than I am if I need to outrun them.
  2. I have NO sense of direction – thank goodness for GPS!
  3. I hate oats so much that I can’t even watch someone else eat it (only the wet kind, dry oats in cookies is perfectly fine).
  4. I love gardening…you can generally tell whether I plan on staying where I am by looking at what I’ve plonked in the ground recently (containers usually mean we all plan to move soon).
  5. My happy place is the bath – with or without water.
  6. I do a poker face in my bag of tricks, but I still don’t know how to play poker properly.
  7. I talk in my sleep, and on occasion sing or explain things to myself in detail.
  8. I have three favourite colours and tend to gravitate to whichever one suits my mood : red, blue and green
  9. INFP – some people are going to be quite surprised by that (did the test again last week)
  10. In six thinking hats – I tend to favour red and green (and maybe a bit of blue)…hahaha, just like my favourite colours! 😉
  11. I love afternoon naps! Love, love, love, love! Nicola seems to have halfway outgrown them now, and I really miss having them.

11 Questions asked to me:

  1. If things had gone differently, where would you be?
    There are many places and times when things could have gone drastically different and life would have taken similarly drastic different turns for me. In general though I don’t regret anything and I have been extremely lucky that the not-so-good decisions that I have made on occasion haven’t taken me down darker alleys than I ended up going down. I think I’m pretty much on track, even if I do occasionally take the scenic route. 😉 If I wasn’t so hell bent on doing my own thing I guess I would have been some sort of Stepfort-wife-wanna-be by now…but that would have had to be someone else, wouldn’t it?
  2.  Do you recall one defining moment in your childhood and what was it?
    Mmm…I recall quite a bit of my childhood. Is one thing more important than the next if I still remember them clearly this far on?
  3.  What did you want to be when you grew up and what are you now?
    I really wanted to be a vet, or a dentist, or a teacher, or an engineer, a lawyer, a pirate…I am none of those but I can’t tell you what I am now since it’s a secret. 😉 I am a little bit of a pirate if you’re talking about series and so on, but I don’t get to carry a sword or drink rum all day.
  4. What was that one promise you made to yourself that you still strive to achieve?
    I will never be anyone’s victim again.
  5. Are you happy?
    Yes I am.
  6.  What’s on top of your bucket list this year?
    I want to buy a house and a new car (unless I win the Lotto I’m not sure if any of these two will pan out for this year), I want to take Nicola to go build a snow man as soon as somewhere that’s driving distance has snow.
  7. Who is your bestest family member?
    My immediate family all are super-stars, and some of my extended ones are not far behind either. Actually my whole family is pretty darn amazing.
  8.  What sport are you into?
    I like watching synchronised swimming…always amazed that those girls don’t end up drowning! I also like watching dancing. To do myself, I enjoy ice skating (even though I suck at stopping unless I throw myself over the barrier), and my own version of squash (very interesting lack of rules or scoring), and walking…if I’m not in a rush.
  9.  What time do you go to bed?
    Somewhere between 20:00 and 21:00. If I’m not asleep Nicola won’t sleep either! Now and then I do a big night out and my mom watches her for me, then I can stay up till the wee hours of the morning…but when I get back I know Nicola will be sitting up waiting for me, so I don’t do it often.
  10. What is the last thing you do before going to bed?
    Kiss my daughter goodnight and tell her I love her. Also I might get up a few minutes later to check that I locked the front door and switched off the bathroom light.
  11. When last did you take a leap of faith in something or someone?
    Last year, it didn’t end well. My aim seems a bit off lately.

 11 Questions asked by me:

  1. What is your biggest fear?
  2. What is your biggest dream/wish?
  3. If your closest friend/s had to describe you starting with “Most likely to…” what would they say?
  4. This is not a Question per se…draw something and show me? Anything – but you must use  your favourite colour!
  5. What is the one thing you wish you had? (can be a characteristic, body part, material object – anything)
  6. What time do you get up, and how do you spend the first hour of each day?
  7. You know how sometimes a smell can remind you of a person? (I’m talking about good smells here, like oranges, or vanilla or something). Name three people you are close to, and what smell reminds you of them and why?
  8. Have you ever stalked someone (yes, even online), has anyone ever stalked you? Explain…
  9. What does comfort food mean to you?
  10. Does absolute silence get to you? With no stimulation whatsoever…nothing to read, nothing to listen to, nothing to look at, how long can you be comfortable in silence and where does your mind go?
  11. When last did you have a proper belly laugh, and why?

11 Blogs nominated: (I think you’ll all catch it in feeds, so I’m not going to pop round to tell you), play if you feel like (or don’t), tag if you want to (or don’t) – and even if you don’t want to pass it on, at least answer my questions! 😉 (those of you paying attention will see that I nominated a few more than 11 – you’re all my favourites, I couldn’t choose).

  1. Marcia
  2. Cat
  3. Melinda
  4. Ruby
  5. MrsFF
  6. Momcat
  7. Marleen
  8. Arkwife
  9. Nanushcka
  10. Son
  11. Laura
  12. Charlotte
  13. Phillygirl
  14. Angel
  15. Julia

Lookie lookie! :-)

26 July , 2012


The lovely Cat nominated me for this award on her blog (Thank you Cat!) We will have to come and see your chickens and give the children time to play some more. 😉

I now have to tell you 7 things you don’t know (this is always the tricky bit if you blab as much as I do):

  1. I got a ticket to go see Linkin Park in November – whooohooo!!! (yes, that many exclamation marks needed). It was a bit touch and go if we would get them because the stupid Computicket system booted me off while I was trying to verify credit card details the first time I got to the front of the queue. I then had to wait two hours again before I got to try again. (I had some choice words for them as you can imagine). At some point I had four different computers and a cellphone all in the queue to see who would get there first – it’s not as insane as you think because the second laptop won.
  2. I don’t drink normal tea. Ever. I’ll drink herbal teas or rooibos tea but normal tea I can’t stand. It’s not for health reasons, I just can’t stand the taste. In fact when it comes to coffee I don’t drink decaf. What is the point of that really?!
  3. It is my birthday in exactly 13 days. I actually can’t offhand remember how old I am. Every time I think about it I have to sit and work it out. I am 33 turning 34 this year. 😉 This forgetting of age thing isn’t new though. When I was 29 I went round telling people I was 30 already to the great amusement of my mother who corrected me one day.
  4. I am reading a lot these days, not in comparison to way back when but certainly more than I’ve read in years! It is my mission to read everything on my Kalahari wishlist now and every month I spoil myself with something on there. A little from me to me situation. I love it! I’m trying to buy them in the sequence that I put them on the list to begin with, so at the moment I’m buying things I put on in 2008, hahahaha! 😆 This should keep me busy and out of trouble for a while?
  5. I don’t switch the lights off at our cottage anymore. Not since I found the two scorpions a while back. I get up a few times at night and if the lights are off I keep wondering if I’ll step on another one on my way to the light switch.
  6. I am itching to enroll Nicola and myself in some sorts of martial arts class. There’s a bully at her school and I want her to know how to fight back. I would just get a kick out of doing it too at the same time, I already know how to kick ass and take names. Unfortunately it looks like most of the places only start classes from 4 years and older, so I’m still pondering this.
  7. When I feel under the weather I always want to drink either Fanta Orange or Lipton Peach Ice Tea. I wonder if the orange colour has something to do with it?

Now I nominate 5-10 bloggers that I admire and follow:

  1. Philligirl, who always goes on the most fantastic adventures. In fact she is headed to Vietnam in a matter of days!
  2. Laurakim, who has her hands full with her three children, all very different from each other. (I only have one and I have my hands full, you should be drinking more my friend! 😉 )
  3. Melinda, a new blog friend who is about to add another little soul to their happy family. I hope to get to meet you face-to-face soon! I bet we’ll get on like a house on fire. 
  4. Jeanette, who takes the most beautiful photos, works a full day and still manages to attend almost every school function for her sons. I don’t know how you manage to do everything you do – hats off to you! It must be a super power?
  5. Ruby, who always writes very elequent letters but who should not be allowed unsupervised near any sharp objects. She has a tendency to injure herself in the most unbelievable ways!
  6. Marcia, who has become a really good friend. She’s all about the organising, I’m all about the chaos – but I love her to bits. At the moment she’s off galavanting on the other side of the world and it blows that she has no internet connection, cause now I don’t get to hear from her. Hope you’re having a grand time Marcia!
  7. Blackhuff, you won’t find anyone more dedicated around. When this woman puts her mind to something…it gets DONE.
  8. Mrs FF (aka adesolaf), admirer of sunrises and sunsets and all kinds of cool and quicky things. I have a “seen around” post brewing with quite a few shots that you inspired. Watch this space… 😉
  9. And last but certainly not least, Julia, who I was lucky enough to meet when she came up to JHB and who is always writing proper deep posts that really get you thinking. Rockstar mama to two boys lucky to have her!

So here’s what you need to do if I have nominated you:

1. Include the award logo in your post or on your blog
2. Say 7 random things about yourself that the readers don’t know yet
3.  Nominate 5 – 10 other blogs you usually follow
4. Let the nominees know that they are nominated & include their blog-links
5. Link the person who nominated you


11 things and then some

6 March , 2012

I was tagged by both Charlotte and Laura to do this one. 😉

The rules are:

  • Post 11 things about yourself
  • Answer the questions given
  • Set 11 new questions
  • Tag 11 people

So here goes:

Laura’s questions:

  1. Whose wardrobe would you like to have a wander through? Mmm…I really don’t know…maybe Sandra Bullock
  2. Are your kitchen cupboards organised? Yip, but there aren’t that many so it’s not hard and I can’t afford not to. 😉
  3. You have a tank full of petrol and a day to yourself – where do you go? Just one tank? Then I’d go to Bella Bella a.k.a Warmbaths
  4. What would you cook for dinner tonight if all the ingredients were in your fridge when you go home? Chicken stir-fry with my cousin’s secret sauce to go with it.
  5. What are you most grateful for today? A fantastic holiday and a good job to come back to, and for my parents offering to get our laundry up to date!
  6. What can’t you forgive? Anything done maliciously against Nicola
  7. Would you consider being part of a reality TV show? I have always wanted to do Survivor, but not the SA one which is shit, the USA ones.
  8. Favourite pizza topping? Bacon, bacon and more bacon
  9. 3 of your favourite things? Bubble baths, thunder storms, frangipani blossoms
  10. Are you brave? I am…at times even a bit reckless. 😉 not so much now anymore, I’m all on the straight and narrow these days.
  11. Can you kill a spider? Depends what kind of spider. Smallish ones yes, big ones no. I don’t keep poison (doesn’t work anyway) I smack them to kingdom come with my book (Law Of Damages) I am most terrified of jumping spiders even though they are kind of small and I can kill them if I throw the book just right, but I think I would poooop my pants if a baboon spider/taruntula ever came into our house. I saw a couple of them as a kid in areas not too far from here. I can say without a doubt that I would not be able to even watch someone else kill one of those.

Charlotte’s questions:

1.If you were to have unlimited funds for a themed birthday party, what would the theme be and why? I’d have a beach party with a big bonfire on the actual beach and fly everyone important to me down there.
2.What is your fantasy job and why? Teacher, not so glamorous I know but I do love teaching. And writing, but writing what I want to. Both jobs you can’t make money doing. 😉
3.What is your ultimate favourite “me” thing to do? Switch my phone off and go sit and watch “my” waterfall at the botanical gardens for a day. Also ice skating, love that! Not that I’m very good at it.
4.What is your favourite item of clothing? My boots
5.If you were offered an extreme makeover, would you do it – if not, why? If so, what would you change about your appearance? No I wouldn’t, I like my bits and bobs where they nature put them. If I want to change something I just do it. Clothing make over maybe, cause there are plenty of things I’d buy if I had the money. Make up make over hell no! Won one once and the silly girl made me look like I had a face painted on and two spiders instead of eyes! I have long lashes already, mascara really doesn’t go well on me especially LOTS of it.
6.Summer or Winter? Why? Neither…I like spring and autumn, the other two are too extreme for me.
7.Have you ever met someone famous? Who and when? Mmm…not that I recall. Couple of rally drivers, does that count? We used to do time keeping on the rallies long ago. Oooh, and someone once tried to impress me by introducing me to some or another rugby player but it was a bit wasted on me since I don’t watch sport at all.  
8.What is your most cherished item? My camera phone, my most cherished person is of course Nicola!
9.What is your greatest fear? That someone hurts or kills any of the people that are precious to me. Or that one of them gets really ill and I have to watch them suffer without being able to do anything about it.
10.What motivates or inspires you? I am motivated by recognition and respect (and the lure of adventure), and I find people who take a knock and refuse to stay down inspirational.
11.How many pairs of shoes do you own!? 2 sets of boots, 2 sets of slippers, 2 sets of ice skates, a set of hiking boots, a set of safety shoes, 6 pairs of high heel shoes, 4 pairs of sandals, 4 pairs of flip flops, one set of running shoes, one set of just tekkies…24? More or less, there might be more in my car. I love shoes.

And now my 11 people:

  1. Marcia
  2. Julia
  3. Angel
  4. Cat
  5. Jenty
  6. Tamara
  7. Phillygirl
  8. Rubyletters
  9. Arkwife
  10. Rebecca 
  11. adesolaf (in the comments if you don’t have your own blog is fine)

And my 11 questions:

  1. What is your favourite desert?
  2. Who is the person you miss most? (dead or alive)
  3. What is the last thing that made you laugh (hard belly laugh…not a giggle)
  4. Are you left handed or right handed?
  5. What is your favourite quote of all time?
  6. How long does it take you in the morning from getting up to go?
  7. They say everyone has at least one book/novel in them. If you ever got round to writing yours, what would it be about?
  8. What do you consider comfort food?
  9. What are you wearing today?
  10. How much do you spend a month on groceries? (include take out and restaurants)
  11. Where is your happy place?



Have you ever?

17 February , 2012

This meme pinched from Wenchy. play along if you feel like it. 😉


Please play along – place an X by all the things you’ve done. :)
Shot a gun X 
Gone on a blind date X   
Skipped school X
Saw someone die X
Visited America 
Visited Mauritius  
Visited Europe 
Visited Australia 
Visited Sun City  X
Visited Cape Town. X
Been to  Victoria Falls   
Been to court.  X
Been lost  X
Travelled to the opposite side of the country (by car!) X
Visited Pretoria X
Swam in the Ocean X
Cried yourself to sleep X 
Played cops and robbers X
Played cowboys and Indians X 
Recently coloured with crayons X
Travelled by train  X
Sang Karaoke X
Sang a solo or duet in church X (yes, but very badly)  
Paid for a meal with coins only X
Made prank phone calls X
Laughed until some beverage came out of your nose X 
Caught a snowflake on your tongue 
Had children  X (child)
Had a pet   X
Been skinny-dipping outdoors  X
Been fishing X
Been boating  X
Been downhill skiing & made it down the hill without falling 
Been water skiing
Been camping in a trailer X
Been camping in a tent  X
Flown in a small 4-seater airplane X
Flown in a helicopter X
Flown in a hot air balloon X
Walked on a glacier
Driven a motorcycle/been a passenger  X
Been bungee-jumping
Gone to a drive-in movie X
Done something that could have killed you-but didn’t X  
Done something that you will regret for the rest of your life  X
Met Nelson Mandela 
Visited Asia
Rode an elephant  (no, but I have been sneezed on my one)
Eaten biscuits or cake for dinner and ice cream for breakfast: X
Been on TV
Stolen any traffic signs  
Stolen any traffic cones
Been in a car accident X
Donated blood X
Played bowls (old man’s marbles)

Hope everyone is having a good Friday so far. Have a great weekend!