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A little push

28 August , 2019


So I got retrenched yesterday (wrapping up end of September). It was a bit of a surprise to say the least. I am not even all that angry (most of the time), he ran out of money and it is what it is I guess.

At the time I was fairly distraught obviously, as luck would have it I was stranded in the stupid CBD and had to wait for Andy to come pick me up. I must have been quite a sight standing there, bawling my eyes out, because 3 homeless people came to check if I was okay and offered me everything from water to cigarettes. It was a kind gesture that I greatly appreciated yesterday…even though I did not actually take anything. Perspective, right?!

Feeling a little bit shell shocked still today, but the devastation has abated. To be honest, I was thinking of dusting off my CV in any event less than a week ago. Guess the universe thought I needed a bit of a shove in the right direction. Thanks universe…no really.

Onwards and upwards.

It was quite an emotional day for all of us yesterday. Andy and his dad have not been on speaking terms for the last year, and they met up for lunch and olive branches yesterday for the first time since last year July.

I wish I could have been there to support Andy, but from all accounts it went well and my father-in-law is very excited to meet Nicola and myself. I have actually met him, once, for like five minutes last year.

I’m happy for Andy that they’ve managed to work this out and that they can keep in touch with new ground rules now.

What a week! And this was only Tuesday…buckle up, like I said in my previous post.




Asthma…and other bits and pieces

26 August , 2019

What a week! What a weekend! I’m so tired I can hardly remember my own name. Seriously, I need a mental health day. I may actually need a few of them in a row.

It is all sorts of crazy at work currently. I run around like a blue arsed fly every day trying to get to everything. Mostly I manage to do it too, but I feel about 2 crisises away from a proper burn out. In my wildest dreams I never thought working with art could be this action packed.

Working with corporate art collections requires hair on your teeth. There is always at least one more person who feels like they should have had a say in things, or been able to add another layer of paperwork. It’s the job though, and just acting like you own the place will get you quite far if not all the way.

Then this weekend…haha *supreme blush*…Nicola sort of walked in on us, uhm, “having cake” as someone on the radio called it the other day. Obviously we didn’t see her. She woke up and heard me making funny noises, breathing funny apparently, and thought I might need an asthma pump! I almost needed one when she told me about it the next day. Anyhoo, she’s convinced herself it was a bad dream, and we’re going with it.

Saturday morning she wanted to talk about it again a bit. So she said, why would anyone want to do it?! Decided I might as well answer that question then, since she asked it. So I said because it’s fun, and don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t, but the real magic happens when it’s between two people who love each other. Then we launched into a very basic discussion on STDs as well. She took it all in her stride and when I asked her if she had any questions, she wanted to know what it meant to scissor (she heard it somewhere and wasn’t sure). I feel like we might be next leveling this, but if that’s what she wants to talk about then we’ll go there. We are keeping the lines of communication open even when uncomfortable.

There are many ways to look at this whole situation, and if I could have planned this before I would have probably preferred her not walking in on us, but I do like that she feels comfortable enough to ask us questions.

We’ve obviously strongly suggested that she doesn’t discuss this at school or anywhere else, but it looks like we might have been a bit late with that suggestion as she’s already mentioned it to a few friends at school, telling them about her strange dream. This is my no comment face, haha. Oops…I can’t breathe. 😉

For the rest of the weekend that didn’t involve hectic personal questions, I had a bit of a wish list of things I wanted to do. I managed to hit most of those but yesterday I was completely man down and feeling very sorry for myself.  I had tummy cramps, or kidney cramps, or some sort of cramps and I was in PAIN. Also, I was a complete basket case, and bawling my eyes out for nothing all the time. Really not a pleasure to be around, even for myself.

I slept most of the day, don’t really feel much better today to be honest. I’m still in pain and even my ribs hurt. I feel pretty sorry for myself, so don’t worry – I have that covered. I don’t actually know what’s wrong with me, but I do not feel well.

This is going to be another buckle up week…no rest for the wicked. 😉

Now for a brief photo recap:


My dad’s “Granidillas”, should start sprouting by this week.


One chaos episode of the last week. A photographer needed to come take high definition photos of selected artworks. We, and by we I mean me, had to find a spot for him to put up a temporary studio, organise access, and get all the selected works pulled from their respective spots photographed and returned after.

This is not a small task in case you were wondering.

And if I had any illusions about taking up photography as a money making side gig, this has totally cured me of that notion. It took them three hours to set up the first shot, and then about 40 minutes per artwork after that. I don’t have the patience.


My one and only smoke break of the day landed me outside where I came across this weirdness. Call of nature?


Another fun thing to do is to churn large artworks. This particular one needed to make it’s way back down to the storeroom, only thing is that at about 4 meters in length it’s too long to fit in a lift or go round the stairwell so we pranced it around the outside of the building and even at some points through access controls through the palisades.

Nerve wracking!


Thursday was pop up exhibition time again.

These events are always good fun, and usually our involvement is mostly to get the touch screen updated. For this round that came with its own bag of head aches, because for some reason the recent software update that was pushed through caused the PC to time out, not great for a touch screen, and it changed the default browser to something on which the offline website doesn’t work, also not great.

Many many many IT interactions and a lot of time later it was sorted.


This cheeky bird is out to get me, haha. Whenever we work from J’s home office these birds wait for me to come outside and then they pelt me with these super sticky seed pods.

Naughty little shits…


Woot! I finally managed to beat Andy at Monopoly! 😀


One of my checklist things for the weekend was either to go somewhere green or to go ice skating. Sadly, we haven’t had our first rains yet, so everything is brown, but we had a great time in any event.

I definitely need more outside.


Andy asked if I would shave his hair, but Nicola desperately wanted to give it a bash too. So we let her take first run on it and I just came round after to even it out.

How was your weekend?


Where I beat myself up, for everything

16 August , 2019

You know how some people blame storm and throw other people under the bus when things go wrong?

Yeah…I’m not like that. I am a blame magnet. Not even to other people. I see something that could have a blame tail, and I yank that sucker closer and wrap it around myself like a scarf. A choking scarf. Or I use it as a whip. Anyhoo, I take it. I take it all.

It’s a very bad habit of mine. I can’t help myself really. The best way I can explain it is to say that in the back of my mind I figure, if there’s something I could have done better or differently, then I have control over the situation. I am the cause, sort of, not the victim. It is much more comfortable being the villain than the victim. Sort of. Sometimes.

Right…back to my recent self beating.

If you want to make a grand statement that is so far over the top it just barely has one tenuous string tied to reality, but not enough that you could recognise it for the real deal, you might say I almost killed Andy this week by failing.

If you unpacked that after the WTF?! moment, you might say I did no such thing. Neither the failing or the killing, in fact that is what Andy said when I mentioned it. (Yes, thank goodness, he’s still alive!). He made me promise I wouldn’t say it again cause it’s not true. So I’m writing about it, to tell you I’m not saying it again, hahaha!

The facts:

  • Andy has an abscess in his tooth
  • It causes him A LOT of pain
  • Andy is not currently on medical aid
  • Andy suffers in silence, and doesn’t let on how much pain he’s really in – I get that, I do it too
  • Andy drank A LOT of pain killers to keep up appearances and sanity
  • The pain killer burnt the lining of Andy’s stomach to the point where it could have been fatal
  • Andy passed out on the kitchen floor during the night and when I woke up he told me he was having trouble breathing
  • I first aided breathing issue with an asthma pump, not actually sure if that was a good idea but it didn’t hurt so probably okay
  • Through all this Nicola was begging Andy to please not die!
  • Got Andy to a doctor, even though he was adamant that he didn’t need one, because when you can’t breathe walking it off is not an option really
  • Doctor, very kindly, like a God-sent really, only charged for one of the two visits, none of the injections needed, and treated it as if it was the middle of the range things that could be wrong as opposed to the top end which involves diagnostic scans (G-Scope of many thousand of Rands) and or an operation (I’m not even thinking about the cost of this one, I’m assuming since no one mentioned it it’s fuck-off expensive)
  • Doc is now happy with Andy’s progress, and has prescribed no spicy food, no pain meds, no energy drinks, no coffee, and no acidic things for the next month, along with lots of antibiotics and stomach acid inhibitors – a.k.a Andy is on meds and baby food for the next month
  • Everything is okay and we can all breathe again

The Me beating myself up version:

  • Andy’s not on medical aid because I, as the current main breadwinner, can’t afford it. If I could only put Nicola on medical aid, I wouldn’t be on it either
  • Andy drank a boat load of painkillers without me even noticing, because I have my head stuck up my dinges and I didn’t notice how bad he felt
  • I slept right though Andy passing out! I mean really, this constitutes an emergency and I snooze through the whole event, I am useless in a crisis!
  • The appropriate response when someone tells you they can’t breathe is to rush them to hospital, not hand them a asthma pump!
  • I did not remain calm through any of this. I was a complete basket case.

Okay, so we all live to fight another day.

Apparently this is not my fault, so I’ll let it go, but it sucks when all you want to do is take care of your people and you just can’t.

Side note: Do you think 41 is too early for menopause? I am mighty emotional lately, and I’m looking for a reason. I’ve checked the other symptoms out, I don’t seem to have any of them.


Protected: Seeing spots

9 July , 2019

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This past week, and a story about a green budgie

4 June , 2019

Winter is here, sort of. Only in the mornings really. We’re still hitting 20’C plus during the day. I feel like maybe I’ve said this before, but in a few short weeks on the 21st it will be the longest night! Theoretically, after that it’s supposed to be downhill to spring.

Of course the cold usually only comes after that and doesn’t worry too much about when we think it should be spring.


Friday night we decided on a board games night with Nicola. She picked a name out of a hat and we went with it. Andy kicked our asses! I got held up in jail for the first three rounds and by the time I got out I was faaaaaaar behind in property acquisitions!

This might be the first time ever that Nicola has not cheated at Monopoly, hahaha!


Saturday was monthly grocery shopping day. I dread it each month.

Food in general has become insanely expensive, so we were delighted a month or so ago when Simone’told us about EconoFoods in Honeydew. Seriously, if you’re anywhere close to this go check it out, you’ll love it forever. Opposite them is Honeydew Fruit and Veg, and what EconoFoods is to meat and cheese, they are to fresh fruit and vegetables.

We filled up the entire boot for just over R1000, and having tried it last month as well I can say with certainty that the quality is good, it’s just packed for catering purposes.

The three little bags of PnP goods (toiletries, coffee etc) cost more than the rest of the boot, believe it or not.


My dad gave us some sampler cheese made by a colleague of his. He’s been punting yogurt for a couple of months now, which is divine so we were curious about the cheese. A real treat!


Now, about that budgie…

The budgie story started a couple of years ago, with my mom’s birthday. She didn’t want to say what she’d like for her birthday,  so I asked Nicola what she thought Ouma might want. She said a budgie!

My mom very definitely did not want a budgie…

So now, when my folks don’t want to say what they’d like I always threaten them with budgies, and sometimes I start sending them pics of budgies on whatsapp a couple of weeks in advance for extra measure.

This year, my dad got a green budgie for his birthday.

He’s retiring at the end of June from the company where he’s worked his entire life. Their rules, not his choice. And after experiencing how much healthier he feels on the CBD oil, which was originally intended to help my mom with her ears (which she has since stopped taking, and refuses to start again), he has now become an agent for the oil.

My dad is on a roll with this. Last year he babied a plant, harvested this year and is busy producing his own oil as well, and he’s already sold to a few health shops for the company where he works now.

So we decided to get him a few varieties of seeds to try his hand at. These are specifically high CBD content, and a few E-books on how to get the most out of your crop.

In a million years I would never have guessed that my dad would be growing his own cannabis and selling CBD oil, but here we are. And honestly, you can actually see how much better he’s doing now that he’s using the oil! He’s never in pain anymore, he sleeps and he’s more energetic than he’s been in probably 20 years.

I’m also trying the oil now. It’s less than a week into this, but I’ll let you know how it goes. Apparently it’s a bit like homeopathic meds though, you only start seeing the results after a month or two.

What I’m hoping to get out of this is to not feel tired all the time, and just generally to feel a bit more well. I’ve been hit by one after another mysterious illness lately, and I think I could just do with a proper reboot of my immune system. I am feeling a whole lot more chill and less anxious than last week this time.


Birthday boy with all his budgies…


Oh…and I found this stashed next to our front door at home. Eeeuw!

Do you think someone is trying to witch our house? There is no natural way that I’m aware of for a lizard to lose a foot with such a straight cut, have it burnt…and then if the lizard didn’t do it himself, why would someone go through the effort of maiming an animal like this to stash this foot next to our front door?

I don’t like it.

Anyhoo, it’s haunting the bin now. Yuck.