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Poem Day : Hush

11 January , 2009



Poem Day : You built your peace on pieces

4 January , 2009

Ha! This is an exercise in non-self-sensorship by the way. Anyhoo…I’d love to stay and chat but it looks like all the family that were away for Christmas are popping in this weekend, so we’re entertaining. Also it’s my bud’s birthday today and if the family doesn’t leave too late I might pop in at the party in Melville later.

(I know Sundays here are traditionally ramble time, but honestly, unless you want to know about the 5 novels and 2 TV series that I kept myself busy with there’s not much to say).

Tomorrow it’s back to the salt mines for me…along with the majority of people in Johannesburg I think, traffic is going to be so awesome, I can hardly wait. 😐

Without further ado here is the poem. It’s pretty gloomy – sorry about that. I wrote it this morning between 2:00am and 3:00am. Apparently I am not a morning person. (Urgh! And I just saw I made a typo…it’s meant to say hopes, not hoped).

You built your peace on pieces


Poem Day : Just Passing 9?

19 December , 2008

Just Passing 9


Poem Day : Sui Generis

12 October , 2008

Sui Generis

Define : Sui generis


Poem Day : Way of the Warrior

7 August , 2008

Yeah…I know, it’s been a while huh? 😉

Anyhoo kids, I’m off to Johannesburg for my happy birthday on Friday (flying the coop Cape tonight straight after work), and I’m not sure how punctual my posting will be once I get there. I have much to tell and there will no doubt be photos too.