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Not a bed time story

12 December , 2017

So…I just finished reading this book:

And let me tell you, it is a tale of serious woes. 

Many moons ago I made a decision not to read newspapers or watch news anymore, because I just got myself worked up into a state about things that were out of my control. Instead I wanted to focus my mental energy on positive things and good stories. You know, like the saying goes…no news is good news.

Of course you can’t miss it completely since it’s just about everywhere, but I figured I’d take my news filtered through the eyes of people I know instead of the people who sell more papers if they can induce a panic. If something noteworthy happened I’d see it on fb, blogposts, twitter or lamp poles along the roads that I travel. 

Anyhoo, it looks like I haven’t missed much. Things have indeed gone as pear shaped as told by poles and people…the biggest thing I got from the book was firstly the grand scale of fuck ups, and secondly that it has not gone this way due to incompetence but rather by systematic malicious intent by a handful of people. I did not enjoy this book, but not because it was badly written. It was a story that turned my stomach. 

Karma, when you catch up with this lot…it’s going to be epic!

I do hope that a hero with above average integrity is waiting in the wings to inspire hearts and minds and kick off a journey of recovery for our tattered democracy, but he/she really needs to work on their timing.

Also, who knew there was still such a big demand for spies in an era where just about everything is out there in the open already? 


Friday wrap-up

20 April , 2012


I feel like I’ve been very quiet this week…probably because I spent every free minute reading instead of commenting or blogging? 😉

So, let me tell you about the book first I guess? I read MWF seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche this week. The story is about Rachel who moves to a new city after she got married and how she misses having a best friend around to do what best friends do. She embarks on a year-long search to find a new best friend. In her quest she decides to go on 52 friend dates during the year with women that she meet everywhere from cooking and improve classes, to friends of friends she gets introduced to, she joins a couple of online friend services, speed-friending, and even befriending a sales assistant and a waitress. More or less she just reaches out to almost everyone that crosses paths with her to see if they have BFF potential.

I have mixed feelings about this book. It was an easy read and surely everyone can identify with having to get out of your comfort zone sometimes and putting yourself “out there” even if it’s not necessarily on a friend making quest. I don’t really associate with her in how difficult it is in the start for her to make contact with new people and to start making new friends, it’s not something I have ever felt like I battled with at all – in fact at the beginning of the book I kept thinking that she’s definitely over thinking the whole process, a friendship needs a common interest or a funny story to spark it off and then the rest just kind of magically comes together over time, or not as the case may be.

 The other thing I got from reading the accounts of all her friend dates and the whole process she went through is that by that definition I might actually be a pretty rubbish friend myself! 😆 Maybe before Nicola I could imagine myself seeing at least one friend a week, or more sometimes (okay probably a lot more and often) but I don’t know how anyone would be able to fit that into their routine when they have children (or would want to) or even how the heck she managed to afford it! Almost all of her get-togethers entailed restaurants, sushi bars, classes that she had to pay to attend. Yip, definitely not in my budget.

So in conclusion I am very glad that the friends that I do have don’t expect me to rock up at restaurants all the time to see them because then I would see them even less! I am a bad friend, and it seems I don’t have the time or money to change it. I’ll have to get by somehow. 😉 The friend spreadsheet idea I’ve heard thrown around doesn’t seem so farfetched idea all of a sudden.

And…then on to a somewhat but not completely different topic. On my 34 list I have an item related to having a birthday party for myself this year. I haven’t had a proper birthday party for myself since 2008, and I thought it was probably time to change that. Ha! I started toying with the beginnings of a guest list this week…I now know why I’ve been avoiding it for so long. Realistically I can’t have a party for my 160 nearest and dearest, plus I won’t be able to get more than a Hi or Bye in with everyone anyway.

I seriously at that point thought about just blowing the whole thing off again and going away for a weekend instead. I’m still not completely convinced that that might not be the better option actually. The other idea I have is to limit myself to inviting 30 people. The rest of the 160 won’t be too impressed with me I imagine. So in that spirit I am not going to tell you if I’m having a party or not, and if I decide to have one and you crack the nod please treat it as a secret. 😉 No blogging, no facebooking, no even just telling your mother! Somehow I don’t think that’ll work either. That weekend away is looking better and better the more I think about it…

In other news this week:

  • Nicola’s eye infection is clearing up nicely. Not because of the antibiotics in case you were wondering. We’ve been using that, and then also washing her eyes with rooibos tea – it’s a miracle plant that. From now on I’m making sure I always have an extra box in the cupboard for sure.
  • We got her school photos this week and they came out lovely (I keep forgetting to scan one so I can show you, hopefully next week).
  • On Tuesday when we got them we popped round to my parents to show them and my dad was busy tinkering with the spare tire of my mother’s car (she had a flat that morning). When we pulled up he was busy winding down the jack and Nicola said, “Kyk wat het Oupa!” and I said, “Ek sien! Wat is dit?” she then said, “Ek weet nie, maar dis myne!” I laughed so hard I couldn’t get out of the car for a few minutes. She meant it too! It took some real convincing to let her NOT take it when we got out eventually.
  • Other than that, we’re planning a really quiet weekend. It’s end of the month salticrax around here and payday is still a week away. I am also completely ready to win the lotto now (except for actually having a ticket). I’ve had a dream this week and I know exactly where I would like to buy a house, and what kind of dog we’ll need to go with it, and car of course. 😉
  • It’s not the only dream I had this week. One night I dreamt the government stole Nicola and wanted to train her as a child spy. I had to bust her out and kick many asses. That was a much more unpleasant dream than the lotto one and I woke up pumped up and ready to punch someone in the face if they even looked at my daughter the wrong way. Grrrr! I think that poor girl who was abducted probably had something to do with part of my dream but I’m not too sure where the spy parts come from.

Anyhoo…suppose I’ve rambled on enough for one day. Hope you have a great weekend!


Tuesday 27/3

27 March , 2012

I think it’s time for Nicola to have another haircut? (I cut that fringe myself – you can probably tell)


Some things that made my day interesting yesterday:

  • I got dressed and bathed twice before going to work. This is because Nicola didn’t want to wear the clothes I wanted her to wear for school. She really wanted the dirty shirt from the laundry that’s one of her favourites instead. I put my foot down. We wrestled. I won. She started crying and stuck her hand down her throat to make herself sick (over the clothes I had just wrestled her into). We both got to clean up and get dressed again…plus I got to wash the floor. I’m not sure who won that round since she ended up wearing something neither of us had in mind to begin with. 😉
  • I’m on disc 3 of 8 of that book A million little pieces. It’s so emotional…wow. I bawled like a baby in the car listening to it.
  • When I got home I phoned Vodacom customer care about my network situation and got to speak to a very snippy young man. I warned him once that I wasn’t in the mood for his tone and the second time he made a snide comment I unleashed some wrath on him. My internet connection is working just fine again today, and someone else from there has already phoned me to check up on the problem and to apologise. Apparently it was a nationwide thing.
  • Nicola gets very jealous when I talk to other people. While I was having (or trying to have) a conversation with the rude one from Vodacom she first did a whole bunch of clothes tugging and moaning at me to try and get me off the phone and then (cleverly) resorted to a tactic that she knew for sure would get my attention. She took off her clothes and started going to the toilet herself…repeatedly! I thing she flushed about half a roll of paper down during the course of a 15 minute conversation. And of course I had to pause my lambasting of Vodacom-dude every so often to applaud her efforts both in the tinkle, whipe or flush phases of the process. I want you to just imagine that for a second. Something along these lines, (to the rude one)… moan moan complain throw in a few swear words ask to speak to a supervisor…(to the pink terrorist)…Ja, mamma sien jy’t ‘n toilet piepie gemaak – yay! baie mooi! +generous applause… (to the rude one)…why am I still talking to you, I thought I told you to put me through to someone who actually gives a damn?! Not my most favourite way to have a customer service related call, with the toilet flushing a thousand times in the background, but I guess it worked in the end. 😆
  • I did not sleep very well last night. I’ve been up more or less since 1:00am and I’m starting to feel the slump now. I don’t know why I didn’t sleep well. I fell asleep allright, woke up and one and couldn’t fall asleep again for some reason. *yawn* Must. Have. More. Coffee.

Week 23 : She’s a Mango!

6 September , 2009


According to Babycentre suishy looks more or less like this at 23 weeks, and she’s roughly 11 inches long (27,94cm) and about the size of a large mango (I don’t know where these people buy their fruit – that is a freakishly large mango!).

They say that she is becoming more and more aware of my movements, and recommend that I dance to entertain her. 😉 I don’t know about that but I have taken a dip in the pool and she seemed to like that just fine. Looks like we’ll get along great over this whale season then? They also say that this week she’s working on building blood vessels to her lungs to prepare for when she needs to start breathing and that her ears are picking up more and more about what’s happening in the wide open spaces outside. Sounds that she hears now should be familiar to her after she’s born. She must think I’m a bit of a loon in that case because I’ve been having long howling conversations with our husky, Diablo, through the kitchen window.

The kicking is magnificent – so far she really picks her times. My mom is dying to feel a kick but squishy only kicks when I’m in bed or in meetings so far. It really tickles! Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to keep a straight face in a client meeting when your daughter is dancing on your bladder.

Yesterday we bought a lovely cupboard for all squishy’s clothes and goodies. Initially I was looking for a compactum or a set of drawers that were the right height to change nappies on as well – but in the end we opted for something with a bit more storage space. It’s being delivered on Thursday and I can’t wait. I think I have twinges of nesting syndrome kicking in cause I’ve been giving my poor dad a really hard time about sanding down the crib and the nappy washing line and moving stuff around and and and…

Some symptoms of sharing my body with squishy that I’ve experienced this week are:

  • My left wrist hurts (apparently you can get carpal tunnel syndrome from being preggers – hoping that will clear up by itself when we become two).
  • I’ve had a little bit of swelling of my hands and feet, mostly when I had to stay in one position for more than an hour (I travelled to Nylstroom and back this week which equals about  5-6 hours in the car).
  • I’ve been a “little” bit cranky at times (that could just be me though?)
  • I’m fat (and constantly hungry! the books say I could just be thirsty – but I think they’re talking shit)
  • Stretch marks, or the beginnings of some anyway. I’m drinking loads of fluids and rubbing as many as three layers of lubrication all over to try and keep it to a minimum though. 😛
  • I am CRAAAAAVING watermelon and there are NONE available in the shops yet (as soon as I find one I intend eating it ASAP).
  • I have many more less glamorous side effects which I prefer not to talk about.

  The post office is on strike here at the moment, which is a bit of a bummer since I’m waiting for some books I ordered from with the gift voucher I got from Angel and Glugster for my birthday (you guys rock!). Patience has never really been my thing to be honest…*sulks* I want to read them now. Anyhoo, of the three books two are about babies and come highly recommended from all over.

  1. Secrets of the baby whisperer
  2. Babygym

The other one is a book not about babies, it’s a travel guide so I can start planning a holiday I guess? 😉

I’m also busy reading one of Denise’s books called Hey Baby!, it’s extremely informative and also funny. Actually some bits of it are really really funny if you don’t think too much about it. You should under no circumstances read this book before you’re pregnant – in some cases ignorance really is bliss.

I saw TGC’s brother at the shops yesterday and we had a lovely little chat. No atmosphere there – how could two brothers be so different? Anyway, not harping on that today – there is nesting to be done!

Hope you all have a kick-ass (or in my case bladder) week ahead. 🙂


Bring the rain (of text books)

13 January , 2009

I think I shaved at least two years off my life expectancy this morning with the way I woke up. 😦

I set my alarm for 05:15am, I only need to be up and about at 05:30 but I like to snooz a bit first. You know that very blissful state halfway between asleep and awake. So on my last snooz I rolled over facing the wall and snuggling with my duvet sleepy smile on my face when I was confronted with an eight legged demon crawling my wall right in front of my face. Practically in my bed with me!

Eeeeeeeep!!! 😐

To say I levitated out of bed would be a fair assesment. I switched on the light to get a clearer view and saw that to crown matters it was one of those little jumping spiders. I f-ing hate those, even more than the average spider which I am absolutely terrified of.

I want it dead. This is my territory, I’m more than happy to leave them alone outside – but when they come into my room they must be destroyed. But there is no way that I can get myself to get close enough to squash it, so I start launching heavy legal text books at it from accross the room instead. (It’sprobably a good thing that my dad’s not here – he’d laugh his ass of at me).

Advanced Family Law gave it a good bruising, but then it dissapeared behind the bed where the text books couldn’t reach. I am convinced that it’s lying there waiting for me even now, ready to pounce and bite me, the little bastard!

Where the hell am I going to sleep tonight?!

Ps! You need not point out to me that this is an irrational fear…I’ve heard it…I remain unmoved by reason in this regard. They are evil and all out to get me.


Every man for himself

31 December , 2007

Even before I moved I knew that living with vegetarians would be different. But I feel I have been grossly mislead as to what vegetarians actually eat. Except for the mushrooms in the mac & cheese of the first night here I have yet to lay eyes on a single vegetable.

It seems the staple diet of my two vegetarians consists mainly of toast and cookies, and it’s every man for himself instead of the typical family dinners that I am used to.

Okay…I guess I can live with that. Just needs some getting used to.

Now, make no mistake – I am not a vegetarian…not by any stretch of imagination. But I have undertaken that for the most part I’ll eat whatever they are eating and have meat when we go out for dinner or when I have other meat eater guests visiting. This seems to suit everyone just fine.

However, I can’t live on toast and cookies. And since I have no idea how to cook vegetarian it seems the time has come for investing in just such a cookbook. This is the one I selected:


Amazon gave it a really good review and from the description it seems like average food that you won’t need a list of ingredients as long as your arm to make, and which will hopefully taste good, be healthy and filling and contain no meat.

Wish me luck…this might be the acquisition of my very first new skill: I will learn to cook vegetarian. 😉

* We are apparently doing the big dinner (and vegetables) tonight it seems – I’m really looking forward to it! This does not however deter me from my mission at all. 😀



19 October , 2007


I’ve been a bit slow on the posting this week and I would like to like to apologise but I’m not going to – because it’s all due to exams! And if I’m going to apologise for that then I may as well wait till the end and do it once at the end. 😉

Anyhoo, plenty of little things have been happening that I have not been able to tell, so let’s play catch-up now?

Surely, one of the most shocking was the disappearance of MonoTone! Yes, you heard right…the cursed desk in the corner has claimed yet another victim. She was last seen (in yellow) a week ago. Since her vanishing plenty of scandals have managed to crawl out of the cupboard in her wake.

  • The first being that on the second day missing we decided to pull a record of all her phone calls (I don’t think she knew we could do this) to try and find out what happened to her or to get a contact number of her daughter or sister so that we could ask them if something happened to her perhaps. Instead, what we found was that in her last week she phoned 3 employment agencies and the last time she actively phoned clients to collect money was about three weeks ago. 
  • Me and Simma then launched a full-on investigation to see what she had been up to while working there and also discovered that she had f-ed up the cash book almost beyond recognition.
  • Some money also appears to be missing in cash payments made by clients that was never banked or recorded (and the substantial advance she took on her salary this month of course).
  • The company e-mail account that was using was meticulously cleaned out – but some guy (potential employer) had e-mailed her a map after she was last seen…so I suppose we could always go looking for her if we really wanted to.
  • She had told us that she owned a car but was afraid of driving and her son-in-law sent a driver to bring her to work and back every day. Imagine our surprise when a gentleman from Rose’s Taxis pitched up for the R2000 that she apparently owes him for transport.
  • Also, a police inspector dropped by – but would not say in connection with what. He phoned while Simma watched and mysteriously the phone got answered. I doubt if we will see her again – better she disappear now than in 6 months from now when Simma really started relying on her and spent months training her.

The next thing I can tell you about is that Truffle is in the states on some business for a month. In general the office is a quiet and productive place now, except that he has taken to texting us all at 4 in the morning when he wants to chat or feels that he has something important to announce from over there. I don’t really care because I sleep through it – but some of the other people walk in looking not so very impressed after such an announcement. I have been toying with waiting 6 hours before replying so that he could experience a message at more or less the same time he sends them. It’s a distinct possibility I tell you – don’t think I won’t! 😉 I’ll see how the spirit moves me when he next decides to make a early morning international announcement.

Wednesday (also exam day) was Wench’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Wench! Even though you were subjected to loads of WoW babbling by Dead I hope that you still enjoyed your evening and your day and that the year ahead holds only good things for you. 😀

In between all the normal day-to-day crisis and adventures I have also managed to spend some good quality time with previously neglected friends (that more or less includes everyone I know…sorry guys!). Good quality time usually in the form of dinners and lunches, and my latest thing is to take photos of happy couples cooking together. It’s just so cute! 😉

Here’s one with Tannie Ria and Oom Phillip over the weekend.And another of Esmerelda and Marco making pancakes last night after the big storm. I am really very impressed with the pancake flipping techniques that I got to observe. The food and the company was fantastic (as always – you guys ROCK!).

Copy of 141020071084 Copy of 181020071105

Oh, and I don’t know if I mentioned this or not – but my mother is in a magazine! Page 24 of the November Longevity magazine in connection with the gastic bypass surgery she had last year in October. I still do not support this type of surgery, but I do support my mother and the fact that it was her decision to make.

And lastly (for now) I am just about finished reading Bridget Jones’ Diary which I got from Freddy. It is much funnier than the movie. I sit and read it while answering the phones in the afternoon and sometimes I’m laughing so much that people come to investigate if I’ve finally lost it. Very funny! 😛

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