Find your voice my pink terrorist

29 May , 2021

I can’t actually believe we’ve been dealing with this shit AGAIN.

For moooooonths now Nicola has been at the mercy (or believed herself to be so) of a bully. This kid was previously a friend, and wormed his way into her close circle…only to have her repeatedly booted out. The first time was when he was targeting one of the other girls and she stood up to him. Suddenly they all turned on her, even the one who was in trouble before.

He would then take great delight in passing her on the playground sitting alone, and mock her for not having any friends and apparently being a socially awkward freak who reads and only has books for friends.

I can’t tell you how many tears I’ve shouldered from my kind hearted and faultlessly loyal kid over this. I have very much dreamt in high definition of facing this little snot nose myself, but I can’t. Firstly, it wouldn’t be a fair fight. And secondly, if Nicola doesn’t learn how to show some teeth, he will just be replaced by the next bully in short order.

So Thursday night we had the chat again. I told her, stop letting this little shit push you around. Tell him you don’t take orders from him and if he can’t stand being around you, then he should leave. Andy told her to knock his teeth out (boys sometimes have a much simpler way of dealing with things haha). Anyway, we both agreed that she should do what feels appropriate to her, and if there’s consequences we’ll back her 100%, but she needed to do something.

And she did! 😁 She told him he was a sniveling little bitch who couldn’t do anything for himself, and he was free to fuck off for all she cared, but she wasn’t going to dance to his tune any more.

I would have maybe gone with a different wording, but I fully endorse the sentiment. She said he wound his neck in quickly after that…long may it last. Peace has been restored to the land.

This is an extremely difficult age, when everyone is flexing whatever power they think they’re growing into. In my opinion this is especially hard for girls, they are all going through a process of finding their inner bitch. Part of growing up I guess, definitely much harder to see someone go through it without being able to help, than going through it yourself.

Also, a gift. In hard times, which are inevitable, you really get to see who’s in your corner. Fair weather friends versus your actual tribe. Not fun, but definitely valuable.

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  1. Well done to her! (But, ugh, kids really can be the meanest!)

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