29 June , 2020

We received a letter from the school yesterday, only the Gr7s had restarted classroom education so far during lockdown, and one of those children had now tested positive for Covid-19. Eep! The school was deep cleaned again in a hurry yesterday and all Gr7s have been sent home to wait and see for the next two weeks again. Some of the other grades started today.

Nicola’s grade is supposed to start next week and we’ve applied for her to continue remote learning from home for the time being due to her Alpha Thalassemia Trait which makes her more susceptible to infections.

She is of course gutted and misses her friends terribly, but we said that we will only even consider letting her rejoin classmates if the school has not one single infection from now till end of August. We had an above average suspicion that this was mission impossible really, but I must say they are handling this fairly sensibly. I also don’t think this will be the last infection, and they probably won’t come one at a time either in the near future.

Nicola might be more upset about this infection than the poor infected child him/her-self. She was sobbing her heart out yesterday after we shared the news with her, saying she will probably NEVER be allowed to leave the house again. Understandably.

I suppose there are people who are keeping a tight lip around their kids about this chaos, but we have always been honest with Nicola and she needs to be aware in order to be careful. This thing isn’t going away any time soon, and although we would love for her to be able to spend time with her friends and teachers, it is also painfully obvious that we are not actually being paranoid in not letting her go.

How are your kids dealing with the apocalypse?


  1. Shame man, sorry that she’s so heartsore! Both boys are returning on Monday the 6th of July and excited to do so mostly to see their friends. Riley is not excited about the schoolwork at all. Wants to stay at home for longer – my lazy bum!!

    • I hope it goes well for them both. 🙂 Haha @schoolwork! Nicola has been doing the homework sent, but I have my doubts about how thoroughly though since it took 12 weeks before she opened a textbook. She’s been coasting along on the worksheets.

      • I’ve left Ethan to do his own thing mostly and he has seemed pretty capable as you’ve said about Nicola too. But I question how much he’s actually absorbed. Maths is a breeze but I basically made him Google Zulu 😑 As for Riley, being 5, I’ve had to monitor him more closely. I’ve taught him to read over lockdown which I’m most proud of!!!

      • Wow! That’s no small thing. Well done mama! You definitely have reason to be proud.

      • Thanks. I am very!!!!

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