Plan B…and loads of photos

12 October , 2019

I’ve been meaning to write this post all week, but it is surprising how busy you can make yourself, even when you are currently unemployed (a.k.a self employed haha).

Anyhoo, while in limbo we’re exploring all sorts of other ways to make a living. Some with greater success than others. One such article I came accross suggested starting your own YouTube channel. I don’t personally know of anyone whose made a success of this although I do know it’s theoretically possible.

I said to Andy maybe we should start a Bargain Hunting channel. He’s REALLY good at it, and does it anyway, with or without channel. And I’m sure just about everybody could benefit from saving a buck or two, so I feel good about putting it out there too.

So yeah, baby steps, we’ve started. Obviously our channel isn’t super sophisticated (yet), but we’ve got the first few videos up. At this point anyone in SA could benefit from it, but there are some shops that are more specific to our area obviously.

We’ve got three videos up on specials so far, and we’re very excited about some of the other topics we have in mind for next week and beyond! One of the requirements of YouTube is to have at least one video which is an hour long…grrr…when everything out there tells you people lose interest after about 3 minutes. Anyhoo, we’re playing around with the idea of showcasing urban farming, you know having fruit trees or vegetable gardens to supplement or completely supply your household needs. We even know one family who farms fish in blow up pools in their back garden for this. Pretty sure we could do an hour out of this if we’re a bit creative.

So if you want to participate and you have something going in your yard or on your balcony, let me know…I’ll come visit with a camera 😉

Now for photos…


The first time we’ve seen Andy’s dad in well over a year.

It is okay to cut out toxic people from your life. It’s also okay to re-engage them on your own terms if you want to.

So far it’s going really well actually. I’m glad Andy and his dad are in contact again, and my father-in-law has been really nice to me and Nicola too, even though he can’t remember our names and calls me sweetie.

He’s putting in a lot of effort, and it means a lot.


We went to go check out the Green Market in Melville at 27 Boxes (last Sunday of every month) to go say hi to our cousin who sells imported Dutch seeds there and so that my dad could interrogate everyone on their lab result certificates who produce CBD oils.

I spotted this T-shirt and thought it would be brilliant for my SIL as a gift as she is now in remission from Melanoma, and Nicola just HAD to have one too! Obviously she can’t wear it to school, more for the swear word than the cannabis leaf.

20191002_142814_092_01 (1)-01

Nicola asked us to take her for hearing tests and I spotted this little guy in the parking lot. So cute, and boy does he MOVE! Smaller than Nicola’s fingernails, which is why the photo is so super blurry. I had to take quite a few to even get one this good.

Really thinking hard about getting a proper camera when cash flow allows again.


I assume it’s a running club of sorts that are always painting messages on the road next to our bridge. I find them infinitely entertaining, just so you know.


My dad’s plantation.


His other plantation of tiny Avo trees. Once the rainy season kicks off he intends to release these into the green belt. In 7 years time they should provide ample Avos for any hungry pedestrians passing by.

I actually think this is such a great idea! We’ve spotted plenty of potplants which have been relocated to our green belt and now grow there wild. Sure, they’re not indigenous by any means, but neither are the Willow trees that City Parks planted there. At least the Avos will benefit someone down the line.

Imagine how cool it would be if all the City Parks had fruit trees and veggie gardens in them and people could just help themselves?


Nibbles, the little Houdini went on a rampage in the house and disappeared. Great consternation, we couldn’t find him and were knocking on everything to try and hear his hiss.

Nicola eventually crawled around and heard him inside a cupboard! Thankfully one with drawers that we could take apart easily enough to get to him.


These two cuzzies, so cute!


Some of my dad’s Proteas. Everything blooming at the moment, and really stunning!


This is not my photo, but I nicked it off my aunt’s Whatsapp profile. This is my Grandparents wedding photo.

You can see they clearly had no idea what was coming. I love seeing old photos of my grandmother, she really stayed the same pretty much throughout.

Is it odd, but I’ve really been thinking about both my grans a lot lately. I wish they were still around for a chat and a giggle, and I wonder what they would have thought about the state of the world today.


This crate is part of an artwork that we counted recently. I just really liked the look of this particular bit of it. This crate has seen THINGS. 😉

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