A little push

28 August , 2019


So I got retrenched yesterday (wrapping up end of September). It was a bit of a surprise to say the least. I am not even all that angry (most of the time), he ran out of money and it is what it is I guess.

At the time I was fairly distraught obviously, as luck would have it I was stranded in the stupid CBD and had to wait for Andy to come pick me up. I must have been quite a sight standing there, bawling my eyes out, because 3 homeless people came to check if I was okay and offered me everything from water to cigarettes. It was a kind gesture that I greatly appreciated yesterday…even though I did not actually take anything. Perspective, right?!

Feeling a little bit shell shocked still today, but the devastation has abated. To be honest, I was thinking of dusting off my CV in any event less than a week ago. Guess the universe thought I needed a bit of a shove in the right direction. Thanks universe…no really.

Onwards and upwards.

It was quite an emotional day for all of us yesterday. Andy and his dad have not been on speaking terms for the last year, and they met up for lunch and olive branches yesterday for the first time since last year July.

I wish I could have been there to support Andy, but from all accounts it went well and my father-in-law is very excited to meet Nicola and myself. I have actually met him, once, for like five minutes last year.

I’m happy for Andy that they’ve managed to work this out and that they can keep in touch with new ground rules now.

What a week! And this was only Tuesday…buckle up, like I said in my previous post.




  1. Eish – sterkte met die werk soekery

  2. oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. That sucks big time.


    • Thanks Marcia xxx

  3. Sorry to hear that. Praying that something comes up for you soon xxx

    • Thank you Jodie

  4. Ag no man, I’m so sorry!! Maybe this door closing is the opportunity for something amazing happening for you xx

    • I really believe that xxx

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