Words of wisdom – Home Affairs Edition

29 May , 2019

Yesterday, Spiggy and I got to spend some quality time at Home Affairs. I took a day’s leave to attend a friend’s funeral, and we decided to “pop” in while we had a bit of time to see if our marriage has been registered at last. There is A BOAT LOAD of paperwork that’s all in limbo waiting for this little thing to happen.

Happy days! It finally was registered! We got to stand in many many queues and shared laughs with many many people also enjoying the day out in the stuffy Births, Deaths and Marriages waiting line.

One very worked up lady was trying to get some sort of proof that she was now classified as a widow, 19 months after her husband passed away. Her pension payments are quite dependent on it. Anyhoo, once she realised that Andy was German she was delighted and rattled off quite a bit at a super fast pace. I can’t speak it (yet), but I can understand a fair amount (when people aren’t going at a mile a minute – then I only catch keywords here and there).

She was at some point talking about Germany and she said (I double checked this with Andy of course): Es gibt kein schlechtes wetter nur unangemessenes bekleidungsangebot, which means There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

I like this. A lot.

I think it can be applied to many things other than the weather too. Words to live by really.

One comment

  1. that is indeed a great coat and I guess can be adapted to almost every situation

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