There’s a hint of goodbye in every get together now

13 May , 2019

On Saturday we did an Emmarentia Ducky Day with the family. My mom’s foot is sore, so she opted out.

I so desperately needed this to be honest. I’ve been telling Andy for weeks now that I need some big trees to recharge. Just one weekend of no bloody shops. It’s not his fault either, just so you know. When you run out of bread or whatever, you kind of just need to go. And whereas I run around all week working my behind off, he’s more or less stranded without me there – so even though I might feel like curling into a ball and pretending to be dead, he’s itching to see other humans and get where he needs to go.

Anyhoo, we went. It was amazing! And the trees in their autumn finery was the perfect back drop for some beautiful photos!

On Sunday we did mother’s day at my folks. You can see that the clock is ticking on Riaan and Karen’s departure. She got quite emotional a couple of times during the day about it. Still many tears ahead I think, from everyone.

I got spoiled beyond belief from Nicola and Andy for mom’s day. I really didn’t expect it. The hugs and the kisses are really the spoils I’m after, and of course the homemade cards. I got all that and then some!


All of us…except my mom.img-20190511-wa0023146094761279504859.jpg

We raced twigs and leaves down this little stream. img-20190511-wa00185749524865007646835.jpg


Spiggy and I…


I don’t know who took the time to back this circle of logs, but it was just perfect for more photos!


Some trees don’t want to be hugged…




Riaan and Karen…


Someone also went to a lot of effort to pack this maze with seeds and straw…


Brother bear and me…


My dad and the two hooligans…


What even is this, and who made it? Very interesting…


These two…lots of love between these cousins…


Mother’s day with my mom…




  1. You need to take us along next time!!! It looks amazing! Where is it? Hope your mom’s foot is better? Where is your brother going to? Did I miss it in an earlier post?

    • It’s not far from where we are. Do you know where Emmarentia dam is? On the Louw Geldenhuys Street side, there’s a teeny tiny parking lot where you can go in for free. Truly stunning! My brother and SIL are headed to New Zealand soon. In the next 3 or 4 months soon, maybe even quicker.

  2. So sad! Try not to think about it too much but still be intentional about choosing time with them over nonsense (as you already do).

    • I think we’re all approaching it this way.

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