Eep! I almost died…

19 November , 2018

Of fright!

If you know me, you know that I am not scared of spiders. I am terrified of them!

So just imagine how traumatic it was for me when I was putting out fresh towels yesterday, and one leaped out of my towel and ran up my arm. I almost shat myself.

As it is, I screamed in a fashion that not even I knew I had the vocal range for. Towels went flying everywhere and I did that weird karate-breakdance-run out of the bathroom. Everyone came running cause they thought there was an intruder or I was under attack.

I was under attack…and if it was an intruder I wouldn’t have screamed…I would have punched them in the face.

Still not over it. Bloody traumatic!

Other than something bad happening to my people, this was my worst nightmare!

And to think, it must have been lurking in our linen closet for at least 2 weeks. Waiting to pounce! I feel so violated! Hahaha. No really…


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