And then?

4 October , 2018


Yesterday I went for that mammogram I told you about. In the week of having this situation hanging over my head my boob has just been acting stranger every day and taking my freaked-out-ness to previously unknown levels in the process!

I found the actual mammogram process the least painful/uncomfortable of everything I went through yesterday. If you haven’t been for one yet, don’t let pancake talk deter you…it’s not that bad at all.

Nothing odd found on the mammogram, and they followed it up with a sonar looking at everything breast and in particular at the area that was worrying me.

Not great news unfortunately. There was an unknown spot of something behind the nipple, about 2cm in diameter. This part was uncomfortable, but more due to this thing than the actual sonar obviously.

My stress levels were OFF THE CHARTS at this point and I was working my way through their supply of tissues.

The doc said next step was to try and asperate (this means sticking a needle in there and trying to draw out fluid). If it was an abscess then they’d do this and treat with antibiotics. If not then she would proceed to do a biopsy of whatever it was with a different tool.

The asperation attempt was insanely painful and completely unsuccesful. Not an abscess, no liquid. I grabbed the doctors wrists in reflex, which really made the nurse very jumpy.

More local anesthetic and then on to the biopsy part of this nightmare…

I should have the results back by Friday or latest Monday. The boob is SORE, not only from my mystery guest but also now the incision and the bruising. The medical staff at Millpark Radiology are amazing though, they really took good care of me and tried to keep me calm and sort of comfortable throughout the whole 2 hour ordeal.

Keep praying for me please, not sure for what other than some sort of easily sorted out result.


  1. I am very glad that you have seen a doctor and have already had the biopsy. I remember Melany saying that the biopsy was incredibly painful.

    I pray all is clear and that it is soon a forgotten nightmare.

    • Thanks Wenchy xxx
      I won’t lie…I’m scared spitless.

  2. […] you remember this? Haha, well it’s back. Fuck. Bigger and more painful than ever. In a matter of days it also […]

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