Every day magic

4 June , 2018

What a week, right? Okay maybe just for me…but definitely one to remember.

On Wednesday the guys who have been burying water pipes in the area for well over a year managed to take out a few apparently vital power supply lines and trip a sub station all in foul swoop and the entire area was plunged into darkness for two days.

It was cold, wet and annoying. Doubly so for me as where I live and work are both in the same area. I could have maybe just rolled with it, but I had some crucial deadlines that were missed, and I was CRANKY as hell! I don’t like missing deadlines (that is very gently stated).

Bright side: Bath by candle light wasn’t bad though…


Friday was our monthly operational meeting, always a barrel of laughs and just enough serious to be worth it. This time was no different. A very good meeting, even if you don’t enjoy meetings hahaha…

Colleagues, post meeting. See, all smiles? 😀

There are some very exciting projects in the pipeline.

Eventually after the power came on again, we baked cupcakes for Nicola to take to her playdate on Saturday. Yumm!

Playdate in question.

I’ve been encouraging this friendship for a while now. This kid is so calm and gentle, and also a bit of a loner like Nicola. When you talk to her she has a level of maturity that’s really quite remarkable. And a fierce defender of her friends.

I know it’s not really my choice who Nicola picks as friends, but I’m tickled pink that they seem to have taken a shine to each other.

I made this balloon animal. Just don’t ask me what it is. I was sort of just bending and tying together randomly, but it looked much better than the daisy I tried to make.

The girls also decorated ginger bread men. Well, to be honest…we all jumped in. It was a lot of fun!

Nicola, really into her tuna mayo…

Later on Saturday, Reghardt organised himself a sleep over at our place. He’s been craving some social time since he spent all week at home and had another small operation on Wednesday for his ears.

What a little comedian this one! He reminds me of my brother so much, they are definitely cut from the same cloth.

Oh, see how utterly exhausted I am here. More on that maybe in a next post.

Tablet junkie…


Sunday was my Dad’s birthday, and as usual Nicola designed his cake with my mom. They went for a postcard this time, and she insisted that everyone’s names had to be one it – even the dogs!

My cousin surprised us with a quick visit just before lunch, and her first words to him were, “I’m so sorry, we didn’t know you were coming so I didn’t put your name on the cake!” Mwahaha, so sweet!

Our awesome neighbours…Sean, and…

Carrie, and…


How has this past week treated you?



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