Hindsight is 20/20

23 April , 2018

I shared my blog address with someone new recently, and you know after about 12 years of blogging you sort of forget all the stuff that you’ve put “out there”. (May the force be with anyone who has the tenacity to sift through 12 years of my rambling anyway!)

I thought I better coast through and remind myself as well, of all the things I wrote (well I got through about 4 years before I wanted to give myself a mental shake).

How do you guys stomach it?! All I ever bloody write about is how tired I am!

Sorry, hahaha – apparently I’ve been f-ing exhausted for a very long time. No more okay? 😉



  1. Love that you are REAL!! None of this mumbo jumbo “life is so perfect” nonsense.

    • Thanks Nats! That mean a lot. Maybe I should just do something not to be so bloody tired all the time though, imagine all the shenanigans I could get up to if I was energised! 😉

      I’m considering a Vit B shot or something. Sleep is obviously getting me nowehere.

  2. Naaaaaah …. I miss the good old days of heart felt blogs . And the little Miss gave us lots of good laughs

    • Awe, thank you my friend. I miss it too. I am definitely busy finding my voice again.

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