It’s that time of the year again

31 January , 2018

I think I have a mental block on this, because I always forget that beginning of the school year brings some form of family tree trauma.

And every year the questions come with more insight and less possibility of forgiveness.

TGC, your window of opportunity is closing rapidly now…and I haven’t done a thing to help it along except tell the truth.



  1. oh my word! Yes! I feel for you both xxxx

    • Thanks Marcia xxx

  2. Kan net dink hoe moeilik hierdie vir Nicola is. Sy wil so graag maar pa in haar lewe het en dan word sy elke keer teleurgestel,

    Baie sterkte. Gelukkig het sy jou pa en vir Riaan as ‘n manlike figuur in haar lewe.

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