Salt Rock Family Vacation 2018

15 January , 2018

We usually do a Ballito trip, but this year we tried out neighbouring Salt Rock instead. 

Honestly, we missed the walk way, and the beach at Salt Rock has a fierce current that you need to battle if you want to swim…but the place is beautiful and peaceful. 

We rested, we laughed, we swam, we shopped, we ate like kings…we drove to better beaches. We built sand castels, we saw dolphins, monkeys and many many guinea pigs. We did both the road trip down and back up in team colours!

Believe it or not, even I managed to sleep late-ish! It was an amazing vacation. And afternoon naps every day! (I really miss those naps today).

We took a boat load of photos! These are my favourites. Brace yourself and I hope you have uncapped internet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Family…you don’t get to pick them, but sometimes you get blessed with the best anyway.

Stop taking photos of me mom…

One very cranky ostrich!

Stretches with Oupa.

Can you see how bloody tired I was?!

Visit from our cuzzy Andrรฉ and his Tanya.

Santorini Salt Rock sports a smallish gym…also marked as a whale watching deck! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Look at that beautiful moody sky and the stunning colours!

Let me tell you…I had to hold on to my fearless Nicola for dear life on this beach! She described it nicely, “Die see gebruik my soos ‘n besem!”.

Love, love, LOVE this photo!

Rainy day…every vacation needs one. Off to Flag Animal Farm. Well worth it, seriously. This was our first time there, but I can easily see it becoming a regular stop for us.

This photo doesn’t do this chicken’s funky haistyle justice.

Salt Rock rock pools on someone’s recommendation. Won’t be doing that again. We found it dirty and sort of icky.

Haha, ons the LAST day we discover the proper almost olympic size tidal pool right outside our complex. Can you believe it?! 

Full of sea urchins though, so we probably missed out on some injuries too and the way things have been going,the patient would probably end up being me! ๐Ÿ˜‰



  1. Hey we got engaged there, if you go through the hole in the rocks to your right of the olympic size pool there’s a little cliff there, we got engaged on top of that. We usually stay in the turquoise of the place you stayed in, the sea is rough there in that section but the beach on Thompsons Bay (where the massive sea pool is) is not too bad. Did you guys climb the rocks to get to that salt pool, was it to the right of the complex? That is mainly for fish sighting when the tide comes in, not suitable for swimming, the massive one in Thompsons bay is pretty cool early morning as it gets clean water in the late afternoon and there was usually lots of fish in there too that you could snorkel to see. That place will always hold a special place in my heart โค

    • Hi Nats, It really is a beautiful and special place. What a great place to get engaged! We went to see that pool on the right you’re talking about but decided it would be too risky to take the kids up there. It looks like there used to be stairs, but it’s a rock climbing access thing now. We stayed in a red unit in Parissa, so pretty far away from the main gate but very close to the rough beach.

  2. I love all the pictures :)The team colours was a really good idea – whose was it?

    Good luck for school tomorrow xxx

    • Thanks Marcia! Team colours was my mom’s idea. It started a few years ago where she and my dad often ended up wearing the same colours for road trips by accident. It became a little family joke, and then a family tradition. It works well actually, I’m pretty sure this tradition is here to stay. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. It was a awesome holiday. Made special by each and everyone.
    Can hardly wait for the next one.

    • These family vacations really are very special. Thank you for always making them possible.

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